You Reap What You Sow

 Sermon given on New Year's Eve of 2015.


or ignore the province and the holy
spirit when uh... so we are in between susan one
anthony finished last week the season elijah and uh... next week of one and truisms
must use uh... something squander stay with you on the state uh... uh... above abolished if or and uh... self but uh... and disturbingly so which instructor six reverses seven to ten version six fifty seven to ten do not need to see that is not what or whatever and then says that he will
also be for he says to his flash what at the
flash week corruption but he says to the spirit of this to
every everlasting life and let us not grow weary of are doing
good warranty season we shall be if we do know this part therefore as we have opportunity this
debate all especially to those who are at the household thank you uh... passage starts with an interesting christopher's do not be deceived dot is not marked business sets the tone for this part sources saying that we cannot forgot nobody can fall weekend for in for your and i can pretend that i'm the best
person in the world and i i do all kinds of put things uh... one person i take it for him soon with all of us you know this from the the the parable
of that the example of the lord christ gave about the fantasy and the
tax code if a_c_ stood and and started the
nominating how good he is and how amazing is and how he prayed as much as
this much that that still the tax collector said pop and and at that school after one hour
and he was justified that's what the bible tells no matter how good we think we are no matter the things we do dot is not mark let's you about that than expression
this is where for crystal reaction the second part of the service and understand this is where we're going to
focus most of it for whatever immense loads that he will also re for hijos souls to his flesh well of the flash report option but he
was so as to the spirit well if the spirit reap everlasting life this is a very a simple xx and this is of interest that actually is not anything crazy world it's must uh... the world there's consequences to good thing
stands about things if you'll you know go out and commits from you're going to go to prison if your go out you know someone with a copy of the
present if you'll this consequences it products you study hard gonna get it would be if you don't study harder united uh... if u work hard at work it promoted if uh... you know or mentioned for so the work that out one of the hardest things up of the
bible but i think it's one that we we we need to
think about and we need to consider feeling if we think about this first before every action i think it's going to make a difference
in our lives use different action analyze will change if this is versus seven india versa god is not marked for whatever amount so
that he will also be if this works brings you joy then you're on the right if this first scares you we need to read finally life disputes
life everything for me it's there if it doesn't if it brings you to agree what does this was was about or one of got scared space headphone it has cost us guys just got is is going to courting to all words and and we say this and let it goth unlimited in every used on them is unlimited in his very eyes he and his
life in all this stuff now the problem happens when we focus and we fig one character about extreme some people focus on god's trust anythg it someone will enormous does something wrong during the
day you will see a life in sync that day bilby you know who constantly thinking god is going to punish that has been about thought about that
is gonna punch summers gotshall's distrust mcardle simmers the other extreme is still in school seeing artist lemurs i was merciful that means i could do it
over a month life is good and that the motherland but this disbursed also dismissed also that god is just goddess perfectly distrust and that he will reward people according
to the eighties according to what they saw you want can twenty uh... employment and a half put it in the ground discomforts sonico there's no way sinking with with this that damn sixteen extreme about that uh... merciful we think that okay
he put the that the right hand the fund across he forgave functions from but the thing is that these people
repented tool printed and it took a bit late sixty s even if it was a short uh... were not saying that that is just and numbers
here styles have to be balanced and stan uh... just a few merciful is also just and uh... let me of the twelfth wij we did not uh... before arabic bait the the first full phrase and the
whitney says behold i stand before that just
jobs to fight and she can cause a problem in
many things now this event does this whitney this
part of that is incident because at the end of weary
him aids and the world and we think about that we bring that to
us dot when i think about the end of my life i have to think about behold i stand before first jij uh... it's coming he tells me that whatever you still that
you will also i think even seton and generally everyday life back at work
or whatever but people say you can report you sell this is a very important so the first
thing here three things the first thing weapons but i think is the character of god's
sheer is a character of just and we have to be careful them
understand and justice in both directions in the
good and the bat like justice in that if i struggle
destroyed amendment adult life sin i will that work for them and by the financial amplified don't
panic but i think it lately i will be punished for that the second uh... point is that that war or the punishments here is usually income or of the scene use
him as a youth matthew seven too on decent matthew seventeen just inches first or what you can actually detached my
here with the measure you you use will be
measured act we will you ordered or according to the same measure that we've
you kissed whether that be this is in the context
of judging others but it also pleasanton sickening he's a good example she is someone who left his family left everybody annual basic odd up to the point of view of of being about the kill herself you'll break result of that their word of that zi became the father of fathers he was called the first first patriot he with him yeah words he he's the father whom he's the father when god describes himself he says i'm
the god of hebron ga describes himself as on the ground as someone who will play lived your life eighty delightful begins in the life of
of of measuring were offering a measurement that is acceptable before i go it simplistic engine was a great re let's take it lake take the negative part jacob had a brother we missed you he's lost all of them was kind of life and chuckled thought that okay well i
deserve really deep that lets them that would so i'll be blessed by my father and he
checked his dad and we know the store into tibet and giving him the best s
heat sick what kind of sand was deception mean or fraud and abuse and then after that usually fatal events
his all will welcomed him with open arms and said com
work for me spend time with me you need anything yes when i get my eyes and rachel ticket you'll want seven years for me you reach ritual semis and my solicitors not is beautiful and there was a little like conceived a while and if you can imagine the there was no sunglasses in not uh... no glasses no lance's and that's that so imagine someone else lucy well not very beautiful i believe that uh... imagination seven years faster gets married and then he goes into it then based on a law lo and behold well the how common manuscript mementos and will be work for forty
seven warriors and argued which is the first one that meant so made her first name reach fourteen years think jacob c district what kind of an
old sky assistance fema used he checked his that deduction than at the store with his son to he loved chills because he was regionals
son joseph was kind of issue with a little bit of eric so he
would he would tell his brothers how better
how how much better two years maestro that's brothers they like him it about the
killing instead also and they tricked their dad untold and
you know got some life animal uh... used his colorful shirt and trick into thinking dick take appear again into thinking that his sandals is favorites and if you will die too much c the be was that he probably won't too much says team manager you use it will be right back to you and excelled risk that he's doing this was jacobs i think jack it punished tuscon we'll talk about the mother examples
they've we all know that uh... the the famous
story with the lady in husband aren't happy associated details what were the two
things uh... david committed to the store murder come about first monitor son oscar of of adultery was born number two so long some one point long thought he was david conn old it was not a very good
father stuff from home thought that way uh... and jeannie on at the scene so he committed adultery with all needed some poultry and perhaps alone dot also he was killed despite the fact that
is that for gave you peter so and again this is the evidence last thing that we're not this is not an evil guy this guy that
got to the bottom that he is a he's a he's a man who putting two x to gods own
heart split by singletary used right back them of the story there's a family and their grandfather was living with
the fam so it was like father the mother and grandfather demanded get together for dinner it all have touched my stridently
likening stuff and then and they had a dog the date the dog was getting out of a like a plastic ball there are times dinner time comes that would be that that the doctors washes it he puts it in front of his grandfather
from his father that gramophone in sometimes the sun has the father said that he might want to you you'd last date uh... pleated plastic bolta to grandpa overall he and let's try it except well sunday granddaddy is is isn't will his handshakes and and while hitting him me dropped a plea completely on the ground
it's broke service the sunday times what he says which you keep was can give it to you when you're the measure that you will use remittance
bhakti singh this is the same kind of wish so two things we sense of who said that the character of god discussing is the
correct the problem that justices rate but they warn of a
punishment is usually of this team carmen scheme there downward or punishment is not necessarily going
to be on the reward where the punishment is not
coming necessarily beyond we ke evil people all the time tool that have constables don't have to insist or sickness or
don't have any issues in their lives and we wonder how is god allowing these people to be
successful the happy dot says don't worry about the punishment will take place the time
that uh... room for punishment with it time for punishment doesn't expire me when we passed some people could get the punishment here on earth we saw with jacob and we've uh... with david but some will get it in elsewhere if they don't uh... in in in in afterlife if they don't repentant examples the story of glitch which man
and lasts guy no compassion deployed who would back for food had all kinds of boys and adults were
licking and all kinds of free it said he had no compassion when he went to happen went today heats he would long for them the touch of of as lessons fertilizers at the just you know what his when his fingers
perhaps because them into action pollution whilst richmond is the same
way he's he all while he was working on all he cared
about was sewing firstly thing this was back to the president says where he was chosen as flush will
require option will reap of the flushed corruption but he was so status kids will of the
spirit uh... read list does not want the
richmond and the result was overworked and this report the and worked with him out of
commission will be parents ond amounts of the seeds you plant and give you expressed quarantine nine
three first corinthians nine six was clinton resettlement itself no greater being
from working first meetings and fixed could've but and maybe a second but anyway since it
is a lot size he was sold steering committee will also be spirit and he also sit down to fully for also second since uh... no what this is telling us that if you saw a little she put a little bit of a seat get a little bit of fruit you put a lot of scheme you know this applies to both the reward and the
negative sense and that that uh... deposit applies to my prayer if i so a little
prayer my prayer is just a minute or even five pedestal spent a lot of duty was going to be much much different from a prayer that is immersed in the house press s sirs stp when it's done out of convenes first
service it is them using applied comfrey giving up my the reward is going to be there he was so staring glee you reach skin few so bountifully melissa reprint sticks from quickest would like to said
now that i know that all of this amazing stuff about the
reaping the fruits and undersold first thing that we shouldn't do is examined missiles and this is from
gelation six four seemed chapter earlier says let each one examined his own what to make it easy and examined two things nixon and the fruit dancing in my life for the life of the people around me lemon examine the the the seeds davenport two things examined the food industry
sometimes when examined the seeds because i have
my old idea but my life acronym is so to look at it evaluate nancy how is how are the fruits of mind repeating well from repeal of the meeting and it's not
a said the peace but maybe i'm not putting maybe i'm not putting its people from that meeting forgiveness if people
don't forgive him maybe i'm not forgetting bcz think about this apply this to any you see a common theme of of of something that is ideas
bathroom in your life check and see maybe this is a result of betty there's no unity in my fame the behind them if there is no fruit in my service maybe uncle warm and i need to get v reevaluate my life and re-energize thank any anything in your life if you've seen this scene that is that
there's something wrong just moved from does bathroom mindtree situation maybe the sources that second application because the way from
eve obviously very very basic like we said we've seen the examples of jacob and and
and david his so neglect i will reconnect placed my family ministry too to to anything if i still he tripped i will reap he tripped friday if i so weakening i will beat me isola evidence before will treat me and it's still applies and again they come sing this is not and shattering message left a message that we don't think about
often group tells her parents' lives where she's
going which is coming seen being wendy children brighter it does she think that trade than her friend who helped recover for the law will not like scene with the boy watches athens or the person lol flirts with others while being married his you're gonna have to look there too mean goddess merciful and goddess full
of grace and sometimes these things happen nine times out of fight faisal requirments will be free for you from and god will protect and your children from the world even if it's a dangerous
world and even if it's about third application that we have here is
from first time because that therefore as we have
opportunity letters to would to all if someone realizes the importance of this verse if anyone of us here realizes the importance of this place we will reap what we saw you will try and find have the chain to do with the same missile defense
systems therefore as we have the opportunity to
take advantage of every single opportune that has been with dole an example of that is that that uh... dunleavy from their life story of the with the
one that he he went to when she ran out of she was
almost out of flour and oil uh... but she gave steven before to give them she she took
out a proponents and she gives you know that he was a minute it's like restoring we've gone through
and when citizens to if you think about the
hurricane last who everybody was like saving food and and people are buying
blanket buying things like crazy from the supermarket benefits if i see
someone that has something that i want to look at it from his hand and is the fact that part crystal but here the system that was about to
die of hunger and she gave their food to someone else to give a
child's someone else and because of that you never know she did good with or her power play another sport but there was a this dispositive school on usually people there wendy planned for the if its planned uh... what the gravest sentencing c so one of these villages and cities was
trying to explain so they said we're going to move the
groups to to further so they started digging out that uh... degraded that the other marxism
everything usually when after the first after while you know with these days the that boxes become lighter because this decade and all that remains in some
votes when there were two boxes that were very
very happy so the the people decided to open the
contents of this these news treasury in the first time so the open and there were to husband inouye completely not the case not even one here perfect and i'm going to happen heard about this toxins you know i'm truly in some of it cns india in the history of the church
that you can come and when he so these people were indicate so there was a relative uh... of of of
those two companies don't told the story he said that these two and have a very interesting got married hands never have children little after they got married the woman haddon certain elements that
she was paralyzed from the neck she could not be so the husband spent twenty years of his
life serving bathing her making their food helping a blow to the bathroom everything anything that you can imagine with some was paralyzed something else have twenty years later experts have a problem of inside and he starts losing his sight one day
he wakes up but he lost so now we have a book house with a paralyzed one from the neck down
line who's going to several out of god's mercy today that the guy lost his sight is the same day that he is wife started walking and she says for the rest of her life and half the day that i have god allow
at twenty years after they die got him out body got put them has in in the same level
has scenes right-wing you beat because question forests is what restoring ste what whistling you find if i think this mysteriously i
will try to find every opportunity every poor person on the street everytime personal who was down or
depressed wants to talk to me i think to myself oh i have a headache
right now don't want to do with the spurs because they're going to be talking for
half an hour they're not gonna political everything widest every hi date think about the scissors everyday globalism with first months of let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart sometimes we do but it feels like a failed sometimes i'll forgive some but they'll continue to be mean thing sometimes i willl served and said unser and the kids much and i'll start giving dancing this there is no field in doing good is never failure this is what the response sizzlers no group not grow weary while
doing good for into season we shall be if we do not lose heart so if you're doing good great keep up keep doing good if you are not moving you evaluating
your lives and feel at that there's not that fruit start thinking about sowing the right things there is sometimes i pray feel nothing and a few more comfort sometimes i read the bible my getting
nothing for sustaining goes there will be fruit you will reap got things if you do not
grow weary disputes will grow thing you mean but there will be there will be windy we have to have informant uses justices throughout the body use this morning we have to have a farmer's mentality when it comes to us neutralizing arsons farmers mentality is not c five minutes later ministry montana farmers mentality means equidistant i weighed on it forever neighboring scrutiny i mean nasty immediate from my life
right now but i will see planned to put this in perspective and they are miss came here about maybe an affable he gave us a and theme of this error was that are very short life compared draws a clearer picture of a return so no matter how you no matter how much
do you think time goes by what would trying to do but was
traveling finding nothing is a very very short time and whatever we're doing good is trying to via picture by return so if we're doing good it's it's its began everlasting life back to the first for heat was so as to this clash will off the flash corruption but he was sort of the spirit beloved this spirit repairs and lasting
life to not lose heart keep it in perspective if this passage gives you joy great keep up what you're doing if this passage scares you even a little bit then it's time to review valuing sets in your life examined about things and stop them and start working on and putting between our challenge this is an end of a cop
tequilla warna palm sunday give us a great time dot
cleaning the inside he finally being cleaning inside wells whatever we change is not going to
be sustained sandoval coptic here the views of the
church even today i think it was about me reaping building trust and interest rates wentworth conviction extreme challenge for us all here is examine and analyze examiner fruits came in arsonists and see there's good fruit them on the right
track dinners bat from women see because maybe this from list is that is coming from a back seat i pray that you guys all spent some time to spend some time this
past from gelation six spent some time with the servers put it
in front of you do something with put it put post-it notes on on this network do whatever it takes
think about this vista for every action eighty and believe me in your life will change
because you will think one of my sewing right now and my sewing for everlasting life or my cell selling here for struck i hope that we can investments such as
the kids usually as we see that this crazy stuff going on
this earth quakes hair kings all kinds stuff we need to be thinking about a third weaponry soloing for whistling for everlasting life whistling for him repeated confirmed uh... uh... and named the fathers than the hardest thing
that a man idea father we thank you lord we thank
you lord for bringing us live together tonight but thank you vote for allowing us to that this message a message of of examining themselves and saying well
we're selling what and what we're reaping return we
will re and stability please give us some of the
police to to keep this first in front of us all the time nor do i trust the night leaving and i
believe in you ability to changes dispatch from
nine lives and for selling that since then i trust that you can clean the inside of
us so that you can give us some life in and
we can become new creation use of the cold uh... inequalities we want to be new forty-ones new year and sympathies most everyone here standing before you
and all those who are not able to me and she was too please less church myself of the simpson
permanently in the book one of one of the means everybody lord that works for the political leanings
all the students home of coordinators and all those viva fidel review uni and still distal which is discussed for them for sessions i wasn't mean
racist remarks he means was in most states from the prelim
thankfully i've found within her uh... anything making them come that will be them insistently such as fast as effective those kids
persons units completion deliver something repressions uh... and picking