Servant Leadership


name the Father the Son the Holy Spirit
one God amen do you guys hear me hello
hello hello hello hello hello okay
alright today we're gonna focus on
something that you may think is not
applicable to you but is really
applicable to all of us okay
no it's on okay good magic you guys a
bit slow today what's going on all right
some things that we think are not
applicable to us but this one is really
really applicable so I want you just to
give it a chance before you say ah this
is not for me okay
is that a fair deal so we're gonna talk
about something wow that's louder we're
gonna talk about something that we may
not think it's applicable to us but it's
definitely if we just pray about it you
know the topic there says servant
leadership sometimes we hear talks about
leadership and we say okay that's not
for me but servant leadership is a bit
different than just being a leader and
of course every one of us if you like it
or not is a leader in some way or
another at work or at home or at church
or somewhere but what I want to share
with you just after you know praying and
reading on this topic servant leadership
is a bit different and I want you to
understand what I'm talking about
the best example that I can think of
from the world is when you go to a
restaurant and you have a waiter and
what's your expectation of the waiter
your expectation from the waiter at the
restaurant is what this guy better bring
me some breadstick
right now and and have it on the table
how come the guy didn't bring the waters
yet the water should be on the table by
now right
does he know I have kids doesn't this
guy can't they bring crayons for the
kids something to keep my kids busy
because they're screaming and having
like an attack here you know and we have
and after a while we're saying how come
he's not filling up my drink and after a
while he's saying how come he's not
smiling and we have such a high
expectation we have such a high
expectation for a waiter at the
restaurant we're pretty critical I'm
sure you are just like me well guess
what what I want to say too today in
life you are the waiter I know it
doesn't sound good right you're the one
and I am the one that has to figure out
how to serve the person next to me and
wash his feet and make sure he or she is
okay if you're in a marriage to make
sure your spouse is okay or your
children or if you're at work if you're
in church the same thing so what I want
you to understand today and I want you
to start to get into your mind and your
heart is the servant leadership
mentality like a waiter who is there to
serve others and like I said you might
say well this is not for me I'm here
just for people to serve me
I go to church for people to serve me at
home my wife or my husband should serve
me at the restaurant they should serve
me and if that's the mentality then then
you're not going to grow in this life
with Christ but I want you to have a
different thought today how to be a
servant leader you're the one that needs
to put on a smile you're the one who
needs to find out the person next to you
if they need something stay with me and
we'll get into more what that means the
verses that I want you to know to share
is is Colossians chapter 1 and I'm gonna
start from verse 24 to 29 okay so if you
wanna if you have your Bibles or
whatever the verse is I'm gonna share to
you about how to be a servant leader
it's from Colossians chapter 1 from 24
to 29 and we're at 24 at first the first
thing is
it says I now rejoice I now rejoice in
my sufferings and fill up my flesh what
is lacking in deflections of Christ for
the sake of his body which is the church
okay I'm just checking out all the
powerpoints try to remember everything
so the first question I have for you
guys is this number one to be a servant
for someone else it's important to ask
yourself are you willing to pay the
in verse 24 it's clear that there has to
be some kind of uncomfortable situation
for someone else let me go further by
saying one of my favorite verses in the
Bible about being a servant is in st.
Paul and gave his like resume in 2nd
Corinthians 11 it says like this just
follow with me I know you know this very
well says are they ministers of Christ
servants I speak as a fool I am more in
Labor's more abundant in stripes above
measure in prisons more frequently in
deaths often this is what it means to
serve others everyone I'm not talking
about the servants of the church I'm
talking about every single person in
your marriage at work in the church
everyone has to have this qualification
as a Christian from the Jews five times
I received 40 stripes minus one a little
bit of hard time there three times I was
beaten with rods once I was stoned three
times I was shipwrecked a night in a day
I've been in deep in journeys often in
perils of waters and perils of robbers
impairs my own catchment and perils of
the Gentiles in perils in the city in
perils in the wilderness in perils in
the sea in perils perils among false
brethren in weariness and toil and
sleeplessness often how many times when
you don't get enough sleep and hunger
and thirst or when you're hungry in fact
things often in cold and nakedness
besides the other things what comes upon
me daily my deep concern for all the
churches st. Paul had the mind that I
don't care what I'm gonna go through or
what I have to do but I'm gonna serve my
wife or my husband or that person at
work or that person at church the
problem with us is where that guy or
girl inside the restaurant saying waiter
do this and abouna do this and so-and-so
do that we're looking for someone to
serve us our husbands our wives or our
priests or whatever what I'm trying to
say today to you is I want you to erase
that mentality and I want you to think
how you can pay the price and be
uncomfortable for someone else I'm gonna
give you some examples okay how to be
uncomfortable for someone else okay
and most times we like to sit back in
our chair and let people serve us no
that's not how to pay the price that's
not that's not what the Lord is telling
us today I always share stories with you
from Africa and I'm sure for the pole
has shared in the past stories from
Africa but there's one story I can never
forget I don't know if I told you or not
but one time Bishop Paul took us to a
deep deep and I think I told you some
similar stories place in Congo it's
called my Suika and I can tell you right
now one of the most uncomfortable
missions I've ever taken was to go into
the bush bush bush deep Bush of Congo
and the place called my Suika and go
through 24 hours of rough road there's
no roads actually 24 hours of going in
that way somewhere and just go through
the trees and whatever and by the time
you're done you feel almost dead I can't
compare myself to st. Paul in second
Corinthians but at the end of it we
found thousands and thousands of people
rejoicing and ready to follow God and I
think sometimes we're not willing to pay
the price to be uncomfortable to go out
of our way
why can I just serve people in America
or what can I just hurt people in Lusaka
in my church or like sometimes we have
to go out of our way you and me have to
go out of our way to make somebody
comfortable but I have to be
uncomfortable I have to suffer and I
have to pay the price and st. Paul's
list is no list that you will ever have
but it's a list that we need to make our
own list
hmm John 15 verse 20 says they
persecuted me and they will persecute
you remember the word that I said to you
look at this part very carefully a
servant is not greater than his master
if they persecuted me they will also
persecute you if they kept my word they
will keep yours also I'm not even
talking about persecution that's the
ultimate way to serve someone else is
that you get like even hurt or killed
for you for serving someone else I'm
just saying if if our master our Lord
Jesus Christ did what he did why
shouldn't I and the greatest example you
know of serving or is when he washed his
disciples feet he said how can he do
that here's the problem I was speaking
to a point about this I said most of us
think that servant leadership is only
for the leaders and servants of the
church that is completely wrong you who
are here should be a servant leader and
number one you should be willing to be
paying the price and being uncomfortable
for that that's number one okay are you
with me that I lose you what's number
one you gotta be willing to pay the
price don't machine alright you guys
here hello okay good you guys are with
me it's just making sure so that's
number one number two have the mind of
Christ what's number two go ahead
number two is have what's number one pay
the price number two what's the mind of
Christ Philippians chapter 2
first one to five says by the way when
we read verses can you put yourself in
the verse okay don't say okay of the
verses up there and it's almost the same
way we just our feet are up our coffees
in our hand okay just let the verse come
no think about it put yourself in there
and say how can I apply this
okay so there has to be every one of us
being on being a waiter for someone else
serving someone else and number two yet
to have the mind of Christ therefore
let's go to the verses therefore if
there's any consolation in Christ if any
comfort of love if any fellowship of the
Spirit if any affection of mercy listen
to this now fulfill my joy by being
like-minded having the same love being
one Accord of one mind let nothing
pay attention let nothing be done
through selfish ambition I know a lot of
us have that selfishness in our
marriages at work in our church we talk
about that a second selfish ambition or
conceit but in lowliness of mind let
each esteem others better than himself
let each of you look out not for his own
interest but interest of others here's
the last part verse 5 let this mind be
in you which was also in Christ Jesus
the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ is the
mind to be a servant for all to put
others higher than themselves at home if
you're married it's kind of hard to
admit that really we have selfishness in
there and that we want them or your
spouse to serve like I'm that way when I
get home I want Delia to give me this
and do this I'm that way but I should
change to have the mind of Christ I
should be willing to pay the price and I
should have the mind of Christ to serve
someone else in just in case you forgot
I'm not sure if the verse is there just
in case you forgot mark 10 verse 44
sorry I'm looking it says here for even
the son of man did not come to be what
what did he did not come to be served
but to serve and give his life a ransom
for many this is a mind this is the mind
okay if you didn't get it that way let
me give it to another way let me give it
to you in comparison
I hope you can see that there's a
comparison of what normally we do and
then compared to what we should do okay
can you guys see that nicely what we'd
usually do as a servant in my house
where I'm serving my family or I'm
serving at work or in the community or
at church usually we have the servant
mindset of power influence make things
happen no nonsense no regrets
top-down usually we want people to serve
us and we're on top if you want to admit
it or not in the family or in your
church or wherever this is the mentality
that most people have but the right way
is it up until the other way so the
other way
yeah the other way is what the mind of
Christ and by the way this list I have a
very hard time with that list for me
personally let me read it to you
compassion humility gentleness
generosity patient servanthood and
bottom-up I serve others not I want
others to serve me
I know it's hard I look at the list I'm
not sure if I have any one of those do
you that's what it means to be a servant
leader in your church in your homes even
at work or when you're with your friends
it's a different mentality and it puts
yourself really last let me keep going
so you guys can get what I'm trying to
say and by the way this is the view that
all of us should have the clergy
especially I'm the whole first one to be
at blame for not being a good servant
leader I may be a leader but sometimes
I'm gonna tell you some of my stories in
Zambia but sometimes I don't feel I'm a
good servant leader now I'll explain why
in a second but to give you an example
there was a story of a commander and a
military they were fixing the barracks
because they was destroyed through war
so he was commanding
his troops to fix the barracks to make
sure it's ready for the next like fight
so he was shouting go here move it there
and they bring that over here and then a
guy on a horse came in this is in the
olden days right he came out a horse he
said who are you I'm the commander so
why aren't you helping them fix the the
barracks he's on the commander I'm
supposed to tell him what to do was give
him the orders so the guy in the horse
gets off the horse he goes over there
and he starts fixing and helping them
fix the barracks to get ready for the
next like war that they have to face
then when the guy on the horse was done
he came to the guy maybe heard the story
it's a true story he came to the
commander and a commander asked him who
are you and why are you helping them so
the guy in the horse turns to the guy
and says you're the commander but I'm
the commander-in-chief George Washington
the guy was shocked how can the
president commander go and help I don't
know what kind of mentality you have
your servant are you just a leader
you're just a person in the home that's
been given authority or a person at
church is given Authority your person at
work that's been given authority and we
just use it in the wrong way our
friendships may be that way too maybe
you expect your friends always to give
you isn't that true how come my friend
is not doing that for me and how come my
friend is not doing then we said no he's
not a good friend but why are we looking
at them to do that for us when we're not
willing to pay the price and be
uncomfortable we're not willing to have
the mind of Christ the mind of Christ
and I consider it like a servant
leadership versus commando leadership or
a worldly leadership I'll explain that
more later so there it is
servant leadership how is that related
to me see here okay there it is number
three the problem why we're not willing
to be a servant and wash people's feet
is because we don't know why we should
do that why should I be serving others
I'm not a servant of the church I'm not
so and so but look at this in Colossians
chapter 1 verse 28 the verses I gave you
earlier says listen carefully him we
preach warning every man and teaching
every man in all wisdom that we may
present every man perfect in Christ
Jesus this is why we do it want every
person around us to be perfect
to grow up and then we say okay but look
around there's not many good leaders we
start to complain about the leaders
around us or our husbands or wives
around us look what it says in
Philippians 1:18 what then only that in
every way whether in pretence or in
truth Christ is preached and this I
rejoice yes or Joy's this is you know
what this is saying who cares on what
that person in front of you is doing you
still serve them who cares if they're
doing it in a pronoun like a bad way or
not in good intentions sometimes we look
at our church leaders and say why is he
doing that or what's going on with this
person what is because we should forget
that and we should remember the big
picture that Christ is preached that God
is changing people and stop looking at
people to complain about them and
looking at people in your house or at
your work or at church to complain about
what they're not doing but just remember
the big picture who cares if they had
bad intentions who cares if they did it
the wrong way remember the big picture
remember the goal sometimes you forget
the goal so we complain about
everything that people do around us what
I'm trying to say is when you know the
goal you'll spend less time criticizing
others and less time complaining about
others and more time serving others I
think if you were to measure measure
yourself for a second how much time you
spend complaining about somebody in your
home or a friend or someone at church we
spend too much time and I'm the first to
be guilty this is ambien just spent too
much time complaining about everybody
around instead of serving them this is
the mind of Christ this is the big
picture why we're doing it why are we
Christians here we might lose that goal
of helping people become perfect and to
grow and that's what verse 28 says in
Colossians I don't know about you but
since I've been a priest all I've heard
is this I'm just gonna share with you
some of the things that I face so maybe
you understand what I'm talking about
people in the congregation would say I
want a church that has good hem class
and Deacon class I want a church that
does pre servants okay no problem I want
a church with a good Bible study and
good sermons on Sunday okay okay okay I
want a church that has a sports ministry
okay I want a church that has a good
children's ministry I want a church that
sells a good Egyptian food I want a
church that has good servants and a good
priest who can do all those things in
all languages while standing on one foot
and visiting 15 houses at the same time
look guys maybe I'm sharing something
personal but I want you to take a look
at that for a second
all of us say I want stop saying that
saying what you will do to help your
priest or your church
or your family or your colleagues or
whatever we got to change the mentality
of waiting for people to serve me go and
serve them and this is something
personal for me so I hope that makes
some sense so we need a new approach a
new approach now you try to take a look
at those that list need to be less
concerned on what I get out of it but
what I what can put into it okay that
make sense less concerned of what I can
get out of my marriage or out of that
person or that friendship or that church
you get my point and what I can put into
it less concerned with our rights and
more concerned with our responsibility
you know what that means
have you ever said this before that's
not fair that's not fair I deserve that
or I should get that we're more
concerned about our rights and our
responsibilities I know it makes does
that make sense let's be less focused on
that that's concerned about me and my
and mind and encourage and build not be
so critical and I'm the first one to be
so critical now here's the problem we're
so busy with so many distractions in the
palm of our hands right we're so busy
with these distractions of posting
things liking something tweeting
something that we don't even know how to
like people we can like something on
Facebook we don't have how like people
and like in real life like when we're
face-to-face we don't even know how to
serve and like someone I think that's
what I pray we can start to change I
think the world has gotten worse and how
we deal with each other we can be in the
same room and texting each other I think
that we've lost that personal connection
with each other so I challenge you and I
challenge myself to remember the big
picture and to be willing to pay the
price and to have the mind of Christ and
to start to build relationships around
me by doing my part
doing my part to serve someone around me
maybe it's the old school relationship
you know I'm old school maybe we need to
go back to old school again and start
serving one another and like you one
another and building relationships with
one another and don't ever say I'm
waiting for that person to do something
for me
remember I said earlier the approach not
your rights not waiting for someone but
you start number one who remembers are
you willing to pay the guys whispering
doesn't mean I'm all like I'm so old I
came here less number one are you
willing to pay the price number two you
have to have the mind of and number
three need to remember the big picture
why why am I in church you're asked that
question why am I married don't okay
don't ask that one too much okay sorry
about listed one that one but you get my
ask yourself why and remember there's a
big picture number for last but not
least is that we need to rely on his
power rely on his power what I mean by
that is in verse 29 29 says to this end
I also labor striving according to his
working which works in me mightily it's
his power working on us what I mean by
that is don't try to wake up tomorrow
and say let me like do something for my
wife or husband it's really coming from
him and you know you know this already
it's really coming from him it's his
working working in me st. Paul never
forgot where his strength came from
I pray you can be a good servant leader
every one of you should be a servant
leader this is not an optional thing
it's the cleaning tables and doing the
dirty work
let me tell you another story when I
first went to Africa twelve
years ago I was coming from this church
and I was coming from all these ideas
that we had here that we were we were
doing in the church very successfully so
I thought I was some bigshot priest
missionary going to Zambia so when I was
ordained I went to Zambia the first few
months let me do this we do this in our
church at st. mark TZ and we did let me
do this we did this I honestly
everything I did came crashing down
didn't work actually to be honest with
you for the first three years of service
in Zambia it was terrible
nothing was going right nothing was
moving I was looking at an empty church
and saying God what am i doing I'm in
the wrong place and then these kind of
verses came to me saying I'm just trying
to do it all myself to be a servant and
to wash feed and to be like to be last
all these things you've learned all the
timing in the church you've learned all
those things I'm not telling you
anything new but the problem is we never
really practiced them in our homes
that's why marriages are breaking that's
why it work we get into fights that's
why friendships are breaking that's why
in church there's so many problems in
all churches around the world that's why
because I was never really relying on
his working working in me and after
three years I finally got the hint from
God and then he started to get better
but it's his power working and me
mightily working in you you think you
can't save your marriage well because
you're trying to do it go be a servant
in your marriage go be a servant in this
stop saying Church give me this why
aren't you doing this why is this
ministry in this ministry stop talking
about those things and you get down and
start washing people's feet one person
at a time okay so I know how it feels to
fail in this number four relying on his
let me give you a secret when you look
at your church for example and you're
not happy can I tell you a secret you
can't change that only God can relying
on his power only he can make you to be
humph remember that list humble and
patient and kind by look at listen okay
I don't have any other only God can make
you that sensitive only God can give you
wisdom only God can give you a love for
that unlovable person right
rely on his power okay so here's some
things we're almost done okay few more
minutes that will be done here's the
thing you can either lead by power or by
serving you can emphasize the task or
the profit or the result or the action
that you need to do you can emphasize
I'm good at that emphasizing the tasks
that's my weakness or I can focus on
other people more important than the
task even by the way at home sometimes
we focus on honey do this one two three
four five you're telling your honey to
do that but you forgot about the honey
right you forgot about the person there
in front of you right so you can say
only the strong survive or you can say
the strong help others to survive you
can focus like I said earlier your
rights or your responsibility you can
intimidate people through your Authority
in your position husbands you can do
that in your marriages you can say
submit to me you can use your authority
but you'll get where as a priest I try
to use my authority many times got
nowhere God is looking for servant
leaders I pray today you are servant
leader don't complain about your spouse
or your kids
or your priest or your church or your
friendships don't complain about them
just be a servant
do your part I'll tell you a funny
foolish example of something I'm doing
or I did this I'm here for one month in
our home as a family believe it or not I
know you may not believe this but I
started cooking breakfast for the family
probably the first time my life I made
eggs give me a big hand please come on
come on all right thank you and guess
what even a bigger miracle happen
they actually tasted pretty good though
big hand again big hand again yeah so
here's the problem with that every
morning when my family wakes up they
said oh boo no you make great eggs
please make some more every morning
every day and I say okay and for the
first time and I don't know how many
I've been married 13 years but I've
never maybe one time before but I've
never really made breakfast for the
family I know it sounds like a foolish
example but it feels good that I can
serve my wife my children and even I
think uncles and aunts Eddie my brother
someone that was good right so there was
it's nice to serve and I can sound the
priest let me sit on the couch you guys
serve me I can do that I've done that
so right up when we do this some time so
maybe just me so I think that I know
what the foolish example even I started
spending more time with the kids and
trying to give relief to Dalia it's a
way to surf in the home you know even
try to spend more time with her what I'm
trying to say is whatever whatever state
you're in if you're married or not
married if you're at work or at church
or whatever look for ways pray for ways
that you can be a servant leader don't
look for ways that people should do
something for you it's a fair
worldly mentality you are now a servant
leader do the dirty work yes I do
laundry you have to do it I don't have
to give you examples go and look for a
way to help around the house and I think
the problem with this speech is that my
wife is probably listening and she's
probably gonna ask me for more things so
that's why I don't know she here I hope
she's not here she's here okay so I have
to do more servant leadership things you
can see how excited I am about that
but just to remind you in conclusion the
four things number one say together are
you willing to pay the price it's gonna
be hard it's gonna be uncomfortable it's
gonna be like I don't want to do that
number two you have to have the mind of
Christ that's what he did
we're not doing something away from the
Bible we're doing what he did he came to
serve not to be served number three you
have to see the big picture what's the
goal in the church to save souls at home
to save my family whatever see that when
you see the big picture you'll never
complain about the small things and
number four maybe the most important is
rely on his power you can't do whatever
you're gonna do without relying on his
power pray for opportunities to be a
servant leader today in your home in
your church wherever you go and glory be
to God forever amen