Seek God Whole Heartedly


today we have a special uh... blessing here for you guys is that uh...
mister marketed to needs no introduction as mark visitor here but one of the
members of our family here is this your for this weekend so is
going to give us that started pretty two days ago spool you have heard many times because below listener woman an affair
said whereas readings felt this is such a sad
situation for a really good person don't you agree and here's a guy who goes to church quite often he fast two times a week he gives his ties religiously of everything that he owns he even fraser on the corners of the streets here is are really good man and he missed the opportunity of a
lifetime ke sath in the president's of the holy one for a whole eating and what he received from that
experience maybe just a little condemnation but nothing more he had no greater opportunity and he let it go by what could he have had what could he have had if he took advantage of this opportunity he could have had with no i have seen
norton here heard nor entered into the heart of anyone the things that god is desiring to give to those who love him he couldn't have missed out on anything
greater salvation rejection and something that jesus
christ calls abundant life it was right next to him but he missed out could you imagine being and a house with the son of god and receiving nothing does that sound familiar where people come to the house of god maybe once a week now i know you guys are very faithful
people's maybe two times a week three times a week and do you get changed everytime how many times as you enter into prayer
with the holy one and come out no different how many times have you confess your
sins and feel nothing how do you have partake in of the body and blood up of the one who
gives life and go back at a vista rich the same what amidst opportunity what a missed opportunity to be so close
to christ entries massing what's the problem what's the problem is it that god is arming anymore to change the life of the pharisees n_c_i_ mabel because a few minutes after sitting with
him someone with much greater since all prostitutes comes in and her life is completely changed the gospel of last week chrysler into an
individual's houses ekeus and what happened zaki is was changed is it because god is enabled never is it because god is unwilling karoon ga via i'm willing to change someone who asks never when christ all this parable he
says there were two people they couldn't pay back their debt and the person who for gave them for
game then it was he is joy his desire is for not a single one to be
lost his desire is to give new life to everyone that every single one should
come to the knowledge of the truth for such a desire he left that have been
of heavens and came to the current and bora humiliating death because of his desire to change each
person's life that he comes in contact with it's not because god is on evil and it's not because god is unwilling
the problem with not being changed is not with god the problem with not being changed was in the pharisees the problem of not being changed is on us what was his problem and what was our problem he wasn't seeking christ as he should when you came to church this morning what were you looking for did you expect anything to happen when you're bored taken the body and
blood of christ you come into the house it was the angels are bowing and further the holy one did you expect
anything you may be might be disappointed you expected if
you're a good servant of the few good stories and you would laugh and you
would go out and you would feel like wow he was good hansen how sad what was this pharisees thinking why didn't the ferry cv steam because he felt his goodness he's i'm not so bad and if you look at when affairs he prays
indicating he says i think you've got so much but i come to this house all the time i think you've got so much i'm not like a lot like an adult ur about a prostitute i'm not like a tax collector i'm not one of those evil people i mean i fast i break and i thank you so
much i'm really pretty good and i do allot for you how many of us feel like we do a lot for god i've come to church
all the time i read his bible i give money to the
poor and mostly honors on my taxes you know ike i'd amadee can i teach sunday school are involved in
one of the ministries in church r_a_f_ so much for clients so good and i'm glad to be just sitting here
with them when he prays he says that is not attitude that gets you chain unfortunately because he saw his own goodness he never saw jesus christ cds and i feel so sad and i say this about myself if i truly understood degrees given to me right here him his body and blood diwan underestimate what he is giving to me do i think that he has given me the
greatest give that could change anyone i don't care how good you think you are
now i don't care if you're the one that spring at the altar or you're the one
giving the sermon i don't care who you are anyone could be made better and the father say the highest point you
can't go beyond this don't you believe this could make you
better you should be act every time in the presence of crack in the presence of christ we don't see him as the faithful one we don't see him as the father wanting to he listen we don't see him as the good
position we don't see him the one who bears across stretches out his hands he says come to
me adults means u in such a different way i will make a
review of new creation anyone think of that come in here today could you imagine person going through the greatest expert in cancer in
the entire world and you've got to be a office and you enjoy looking at the magazines
in the waiting room and you're going to say i'm so thankful i've got good vision i've got most of my
teeth and my feet usually get me where i need to go i know there's like a true centimeter
tumor in my pain creates that ninety-nine point nine percent in the is
so good me and what in opportunity to ignore the true centimeter cancer in
the pancreas that kills then there's another patient that comes
in says and in such pain this cancer is in my adding to my lungs
in my brain i'm suffering i can't breathe change i need you to heal me i am not leaving
and i know there is no one in else that can do this i'm coming to you and i a m begging you
need to change and heal i have nowhere else to look taking advantage of the best opportunity why don't we change why don't we change every time the
presence of jesus christ enter confessions in front of his body we're just not looking for it we only have a few since we have a few
since they're not so bad would you have no more to centimeter
came to your pancreas because if you do is come suck the life
entity if you can or certain scenes they suck the life out of you it's all said to be sitting right next
to the greatest position of our bodies
souls and spirits and to receive no healing if you never feel the need for a savior then you're done will you ever abdic courage to admit you need to see here we ever have the courage nasty what is the risk for admitting that you knew change what is the risk what was the sinner woman's risk what was her wrist she had such need for change what an attitude she had she had this
purchasing sorry i'm going to risk she wouldn't say i'm going to wait till
jesus christ comes out at this house by no means in the city and there is this house now i'm going to wait here moment comes
i'm going to grad she's i'm going to run through these
doors and i know the moment i go into this
verities housing doesn't unclean woman people get her out of here tester out of
here she's going to go to the holy one what
could he have dug he could have just so that can't come here you go she had a lot of risk in doing what she did what risk do you have and in meeting you were scenes what risks you have absolutely nine you have no risk and admitting to god that you need your
help because you know for his designer nice to hear to forgive you i'm going to tell you a story which i'm
sure you've heard number of times but nothing tells me how willing parties there is a father who lived in the
midwest with his son and they have this beautiful yard and
orchard apple trees tons of treason the father had a son they did everything together the father
lobbyists and some of his father and son start like his father what like his
father left but they were inseparable until the boy was in his teenage years
and he did a scene against his father and he felt terrible so he just ran away and we got to where he was going he felt
miserable uses i did something so bad over my dead
all ever take me back i'm going to call him say gad i know that i've done a great thing
against you and i i don't know if you're ever going to
want me back i'm going to be riding the train that goes through our yard
everyday if u if you want me back just taiwan towel two one three and all combat all know that you are but
if not don't worry and arrived in the yard and you'll never see me again
anyhow not before his dad could say anything so we woke up in the morning he was so nervous he got on the train and he was fidgety
you can see it is getting closer he saw the house is becoming familiar and his
telling a story to the man next to him and they can look i don't think i can
look you look and so the man looked and then started to cry please as i know you want me back i know
we were talking about and they've menses no you look in the
boy looks and he sees that on arab every single branch of ab every single tree there is a white tile hanging with what joy father would receive him
no matter what his son had when you have a gone that is so willing and still evil what risk as you have and
going into the one who wants to you have the greatest thing to gain the
only thing you risk is buying not allowing yourself to be broken and now to receive healing by the one who was
broken for you you have the greatest thing to lose unlimited loss for permitting don't fool yourself don't fool yourself and don't think that
no matter who you are you can pay it off your debt everyone who's had a loss for fun everest had n judgment against an
individual that kills then in your mind you settle our you've been dishonest
you've been angry about hating your heart what would you do to pay off that
debt what could you do how many good deeds could you do to pay off that manoa crisis they had absolutely nothing to pay off the debt no matter how good the first he was he
could do nothing to pay off what he'd done 'cause if you send in one
yousendit in nepal you can do anything you can't hide you can't anything and the desperation increases the
desperation is increases you have terminal illness you have and un payable debt you can pay in the presence of someone
who is so willing and so able to change you and you have no risk to seek your own i want to be like this woman i wish everyone here would allow themselves to be broken
enough and have the same sense of producing if she didn't go shahian seed past herself she just threw herself at the feet of christ for his mercy and what did she receive unbelievable says your has saved to your faith in my ability and my desire to heal you go your way will never may be the same the greatest change because she said i
need you i need you no-one elsa but you i don't
need another sermon i don't need another but i don't need eileen lied to you today and a prayer errors you're gonna see o'connor who is great an eternal you're going to beg for mercy and you're going to and what is going to
say cleanses from everyday violent everythin
every evil every hypocrisy that should be you praying i beg you i'm hearing your house and i don't want to leave the way if i came in i know that you can change even me because you are a fire able to consume
every scene you are a light disabled castle every
darkness you are resurrection life even to raise
the dead and you are the lamb of god who came to carry my scenes i'm casting myself on you today dear lord because and needs you allow yourself to be broken for the one who is a broken for u today may god be glorified in your life and
change your life everytime you come into his presence known for her man