The Resurrected Mind

The resurrection is the most significant event for any Christian. As we live our life, how can we have the mind of the resurrection, that focuses on the heavenly more than the earthly?


thank you but i know what you're
thinking whenever i come i'd traveled all the way across the country to come
to be seated here father anthony and i didn't get that chance either so i'm
sorry you know we're going through the fifty
days and we're just about just past halfway and it's very interesting i can remember the last time i heard
someone say crystals anniston christ is risen we're not even halfway through this
season and our greeting christ is risen isn't being said we just saying at the end of communion
resurrection is my song resurrection is my life are refolding ourselves i mean are we just saying that poor and
appear to be something that we are saying not for fifty days but everyday of the entire year resurrection
in christ is risen but it's adams mean and it might be one of the side of
things to god's heart because the greatest event in history was that he rose from the dead and it's not more important for anyone
to other then on secretions you benefit from it more than anyone the
greatest event and yet regrettably i think we neglected it is the greatest reason for us to be
joyful and i think we're talking about it
enough i would imagine during his efforts the defense should be running and
jumping and high-fiving and where barely making it across the
man's inevitably kansas and and it's hard work in the first century for a christian it couldn't be that way the resurrection in the first century it
had to be on your mind it had to be your main reason for
becoming a christian or at least for continuing to be a christian he see they were challenged to every
single day everyday accretion was challenged and she recanted because their mind she
died continued following this jesus christ person 'cause if i do they might put me in prison 'cause they did it to other christians
and when they put me in present they might come and plunder my goods and
brought my house i might have nothing when i come out and that's the only if i come out those are a big challenges why should i continue following this
jesus christ if it might cost me everything is only one reason and that's the resurrection because without it it does it make sense
it's nonsense to continue being a christian if it's not for the sake of be the
resurrection of christ and yours that you should continue
otherwise sinkhole says your pitiful your pitiful you should be eating drinking and being
married which we might be doing in the holy
thirty days but maybe for everything but you should consider something else if it's not for the resurrection basi they had a resurrection on their
minds it was in their hearts the resurrection is what defined a
christian policy that again 'cause that's
important the mind of the resurrection dip find who you were in the first century if you didn't have it then you probably
weren't a christian i want to ask you today what defines your life what mind of thinking defines your choice of actions is it the mind of the resurrection well let's talk about the resurrected
mine what is or resurrected mine this verse in first collage in answering questions
three one three five this is just general answers if then you were raised with christ if you truly have been resurrected seeking those things which are above
work prices sitting at the right hand of god set your mind the resurrected mine on things above not on things on the earth for you died and your life it is it's hidden with christ in god he says when christ was our life appears
and you also look at your attempt in glory that glory is one of the most important
words of this whole thing 'cause it occurs over and over and then he says the mind of the resurrection requires putting to death members which earner resurrected mine what his resurrection in means raise up raise up elevated above what elevated above deeper deliberate how high ascending to there have been not focusing on death but anticipating the resurrection requires according to death i've seen so that you could experience that new life in order to describe the resurrected
mind i'm going to use the book a first peter i discovered it during lent not but it
was my first time that it struck me in a way i kept waiting it over and over and the
past two months i've read about seven or eight times it's of five chapters it takes fifteen
minutes to read you guys could probably played in the
car drive time you get home you have heard the whole thing listened to it over to over because i realize the mind of the resurrection is in this
epistle and i would recommend that when you read
it don't read a chapter by chapter just do a one time read the whole thing in one sitting you will see that saint peter is talking about certain things that
over and over this book it's a book of encouragement saint peter wrote in the sixties the real sixties about important cause you see it was an encouraging book
because it wasn't so popular to be a christians i mention in the year sixty
four eighty in rome rome burn down in those crazy emperors particularly
nero was so upset is i'd have to blame someone i'm gonna blame the christians and i'm going to use them as torches to
light the streets aroma tonight a massive persecution against christians it was the worst at this time that they
had been before to saint peter wanted to encourage them you see rome was in a land of freedom of
religion like it is today in america it was a land of severe religious
discrimination not like we are used to or even that we people might be
experiencing in other parts of the world they had tremendous suffering and they had to ask themselves should i
continue and saint peters says i want to give you a hope want to give you hope in one thing you
should continue for one reason and that's the resurrection we're going to understand allot of
things in the book a first peter but from the very beginning inverse one he says peter an apostle of jesus christ
to the pilgrims from the very beginning this is the resurrected mine to the pilgrims no i don't know what you think about
when you hear the word pilgrims other then turkey and funny costumes r_u_ insulted by this when you set
writing this book to you he's calling you a pilgrim actually i think that word is indispensable i think saint peter that he's reminding
me of this mind other pilgrim just understand what a pilgrim is we
know what pilgrimages are pilgrimages when people go and religious
journeys first some type of a spiritual game all right so pilgrim goes to a place they pass
through a certain place and yet their goal is to have done something there but they're all cynical is to return
home so he was writing this epistle to first-century christians of jewish
and gentile background he says you guys are pilgrims you're only going to be here for a little while you're going back home you're going back to happen i wish that we could development this
mentality i wish if you guys could begin to think as
pilgrims we save in the liturgy all the time we who are soldiers on this birthday and he mentions pilgrims and so journeying several times
now those of us we love this great nation of america and a lot of our parents left a lot to
come to america because they wanted their family to grow
a lot in america this is where they wanted all their generations you know what as great as this nation is america is not your final destination because your true citizenship is in heaven though never forget that your not ending although i feel like a lot of us really are
trying to make this our final destination our final home organ pretty comfortable here so much that a lot of us never want to
leave this pilgrimage in america and i can tell this in the medical profession we are so trying to keep people here that if you are on the brink of going
back home welcome we do we can put it to bring your throat so
you could breathe longer your brain doesn't have to take a brief we can give you a new lungs we can put
you on dialysis we can change your liver your heart your eyes and if you need it
by hair transplant as well we could keep you going on mister
baldwin just a hold of on although you might be
desiring at that time should you ever get to that stage to go and yet for some reason there's a lot of people fighting not to
go back home i want to use an example vacations we all of the cations right let's say you hypothetical situation
let's say you're going to some beautiful destination like the caribbean right you're going to go to the
caribbean you're going to get their you're going
to see up beautiful ocean you going to be in the hotel one of you
i'd love this place i think i'm going to build my own
swimming pool and i noticed archive guarding here and i'm gonna start buying beautiful art
for the hotel room and you have a toaster right because not
all terms commuters i needs hosur and you start acquiring things and then it's over right what is something you
never buy on vacation a bottle of ketchup you never by a bottle of ketchup it
takes three to four years with the really avid french five years to go
through a bottle of ketchup it doesn't make sense you're going to leave it behind you don't shock for bowling balls on
vacation they're going to what you do know that
they're going to hinder you when you're going to a place temporarily you just want to get through it you want to pass by and i don't know if you guys ever had
these vacations but you're like his vacation was nice but mean i can't wait till i get back home 'cause that's where i find rest that's where i know that i'm really
happy that's the mentality of a pilgrim esta mentality of going back home you tend not to exhaust yourself on
vacation for things that you can't fully get satisfaction out-of things that you can't take it with you you just want to get by but then i want to ask you what are you investing your lives in ask yourself your day-to-day living what are you
investing your lives in beautiful homes nice cars retirement plans those things are important and they're
necessary and it's not wrong to acquire those things but how much are you investing in heaven it doesn't make sense to go and invest
time on a vacation that you're not going to
fully enjoy baat how much are you investing in heaven and that's what our resurrected mind
games and that's the mind of a pilgrim i have met a lot of christians with the
mentality of upheld them is this idea of the tents life you know they talk about ten life in the
old testament abraham used to live in tents and they would get their tents move from one date place
to another and when they went one place to another you know what they didn't
build deep foundation though we're going to be here for a week everyone get
yourselves out where to put a huge slab so they are tempting land here when i we see have kids camp and we went
to you know this lake in in california and
it's the hottest place on earth and it was so hot we had this thing
called humidity you guys i think you guys have heard
about it and we put up twenty five times it was
exhausting right then we went to the lake in week during the while we're
there it was a massive lightning thunder storm
drain and like the boats were about to display
right back onto the land right wrist ankle linoleum we get back and what happened twenty-four the tense looks great but some of the kids went back to their
tent and realized that there was a hole in their tent so their tent became the swimming pool
tent with the beach and he had no idea had
water had everything they were like i can't believe it you give us the worst yet anzac man really bad pertinent but you
know what son we're going home in two days so k this tent it's going to be done with then you know back to a more permanent place can you make it through two days and yet
we have mister mark i calculated through i can make it through this ted if it gets beaten down i don't mind so i know where i'm going home and we warm clean and it's going to be much better what you worry about what do you worry about when you're on
vacation home and we forgot the blue chips i need my blue shoes and i won the case
and to go with michael all green neon handsome picture like i
need the blue shirt you know what you might have to just where black you know that you might have to wear cn it's ok you know do you worry about
getting a stain on the carpet in your hotel room how these this is not my house right one of the things that we usually do
worry about a scratch on the car a state in our carpet a tear in the clothes close to the
things that we worry about from around the kitchen we're going to make it through so don't worry too much and i gotta tell
you know and i feel bad about this but the longer this thought those because you're getting too your final destination right every breath you breathe but
there's another one your that much closer to you going home its passing by you're getting
there and just wish that we had this mindset of going home when i read this verse by saint paul mn
with pins it my mind's he says i'm hard pressed between the two
i don't know eyes have the desire to depart and be with crimes uh... i want to go back home when was the last time one of you said i can't wait for a kid to heaven x you know if god to take me no i'd be excited you think of him mark near you you're crazy acrimony i'm only thirty five you know i'm only twenty eight you don't
go home now that's that's where you belong that's why god created you he intends
you to be there from the beginning in the time you meet the christian with that desire to depart and i'm not
saying find a way to get there but i'm saying your mind changes while you're here and it's the right kind of mine to him so there's a statement saying when
you're on the cat what enrolled do is the romans two what you know you don't don't when in rome don't do is the romans do
do was the heavenly citizens to come because that's who you are and saint
peter and his book says you pilgrims i'd that u_s_ soldiers and pilgrims i'd
beds you abstain from flesh the lust which war
against the sole i'm begging you you're just here for a while don't don't just
blended you're here in america just go off the way that everybody else does
let's say you have to go visit and island where they're practicing
cannibalism how do you are going to be planning on having brain putting right at the end not read brain putting
right you're not going to just participate in
everything they do and saint peters says five u when in rome or one in america or went on your
pilgrimage don't just blending in saint pierre talk so much about
living holy about living holy next thing that you're going to find if
you read saint peter is that our resurrected mine is much more concerned about the
incorruptible then the corrupt ipl when you go read
the book look for all the times he mentions in
these five chapters incorruptible or corrupt people what what is corrupt ipl i came up with his definition things
that lose their original beauty or decrease in value they change in a drastic way for the
worst they become defile spoiled or even fade
away and has a very ltd life span were supposed to choose the
incorruptible over this the corrupt ipl i lives away from home in college for a
couple of years and we had a ritual on sunday evenings it was it was a
wonderful meyer room and i would carpool down there our moms and cooked all those great food
for us on sunday nights an average on sunday night was to go
there free trader before entering a new foolish to take
out all the other food that was green they did not start off
green right so we removed all that had become corrupted it was disgusting i'd change baby diapers now and sometimes i wonder if those things
that have corrupted our fridge might have been worse than some of
things were changing it corrupted what is disgusting who wants corrupt herbal if i could sell hw things are going to
corrupt i love the craft a bill i got a bunch of things i could tell you but no one really wants the corrupt ipl what kind of things are corrupted what
will be for a i get into this well no let's talk about this saint peter in this epistle on several occasions in
the short pichle he talks about things they're comfortable like gold and silver he talks about knowing that you were not
redeemed with corrupt ipl things you have redeemed with silver or gold the genuineness of your face being much
more precious than gold that parishes silver and gold which we oftentimes it
art exchanging individual firm on top
monetary that fades away but what else could be
corrupted this car is a gorgeous car in its real resolution
in the blurry not so much but it's a nice car you could spend a lot of my belt lot of
honey people would like to whom this car how did you install the bottom of it if you driven in the midwest this is
what happens to all cars it's rust that beautiful car ross sony internet were looking for homes and we came across this without you know
what that's a nice look at home i'd want a
mine doing that but we looked inside termites termites it looks nice on the outside
but you know what this class is like three this wasn't too i don't want this all right so and i think that corrupts soap and did
not go to taking pictures all right so what you missed the head you're looking at his picture saying
wait a minute some things change and you're right i'd have a confession some
things have changed his this picture was taken til now i'm losing a little hair and mikell s alzheimer rather than i
don't know things are going to change but you know what sometimes bodies bodies are profitable former mister universe i think nineteen
eighty three years something right this this happens locate the things that we spend all our
time in acquiring the nice car that ross the home the team by termites and yes unfortunately wrinkles wrinkles both talks i don't know what amount of poison you
could put in your face that will change this right that's not going to go away how many of us live to make our bodies so nice and yet you
want noah saint peter says you guys are concerned about the outward he talks about a different type believe it or not cars homes great bodies gourmet food
stock portfolios and even iphones are corrupt evolved you know that because what generation are you in right
now third well guess what fourth-generation is two months away
you're going to go crazy at every time i get a ride phone it loses its value is no longer what i
want spot it was how did you like to buy a person
originally phone now piece of junk because it was corrupt ipl it lost its
beauty well what is the incorruptible the incorruptible it's something that
value never decreases it's a beauty never fades it does not spoil and it's it's hannah and some things that are really nice
that are incredible saint peter says this you were begun sleep again through the resurrection of christ to an
inheritance what does he said incorruptible under filed and that is
not fade away if i could sell you anything i don't
think i could sell you anything biggest incorruptible under filed and it
is not fade away on this earth i couldn't find a single thing on this
earth that will not yours about diamonds right diamonds are
forever they might be for ever antalya ladies they might turn yellow they might possibly lose their shine they might possibly fall down the
bathroom sink right so they can be damaged lost whatever it makes more sense he says you were
born again not of portable see but incorruptible you have a new life that
is incorruptible and he says i love this that he's writing this to the wives to
the women don't let your door maybe merely outward arranging the hair wearing gold does hair can fall out and
turn gray so i've heard wearing gold or putting on fine apparel rather let it be the hidden person the
hard with incorruptible ladies those of you who are single like to be
married that incorruptible beauty is the
greatest thing that you could have and you will find the greatest husband you spend your time on the incorruptible you're going to be a happy person and he
finally says in the chief chef refuse you will receive the clown of glory that
does not it just makes sense christians are more concerned with the
incorruptible than the corrupt ipl i have a daughter who has a bunny she's had this bunny for three years it is the most disgusting bony ever she would put it in ur mail and just chew one it night engage we're growing at out of the ears right i
didn't know this somebody's could have here wax but this one did it was so disgusting that we had to cut
the ears off it now looks like a chemo bunny and she would not until now he still
wants the chemo bunny it is just that we're so embarrassed that the beautiful barney has become so corrupted exit giulianna
and we went and bought bunny after but we've got a nice clean but small bodies
white button big but it's sunny but he's talking buddies she didn't want to exchange kindling for any better bunny it sounds rediculous but how many of us are not willing to
exchange the corrupt verbal for the incorruptible min he talks about this is another part
of the the mind of the resurrection is the
fiery trial he talks about it after you times he says and you'll see who says our resurrected mine accepts an
end to rs suffering a resident of mind accepts indoors
suffering as in going through fire to be made more pure again were on a pilgrimage trying to
become better so that when we return home we're more pleasing having gotten rid of those stains and
having a greater shine in the cold as virtue he says in this you greatly redrawing ps he says rejoice even for a little while if you've been
greeted by various trials at the gym you a set of your face being
much more pressure singled out parishes though it is tested by fire may be found
appraise honor and glory the revelation of jesus christ he says rejoice even though you're going through trials because eventually you're going to
praise honor and glory the revelation jesus christ the goal of the pilgrimage having burned off those things that are
impure in the choir did cutie through virtues so we can reap presented to christ this book talks about suffering in every chapter christ suffered christ suffered for us we are going to suffer awareness of
river christ suffering is that everywhere in this
book and it might be depressing and you know what suffering is depressing if it doesn't have hope it really saddens me that they're a lot of people to go
through this life without hope when you suffer without hope it is the
worst but you've all heard of stories of people like in concentration camps undergoing miserable suffering giving away their last piece of bread
but why would you give away your last piece of bread you're suffering as it is so i've got hoping something better the only thing that gets you through
suffering is a living hope nada dead hope now there are dead hopes and they're letting hopes and example of
a dead hope washington wizards were right now getting to the second
round of playoffs what are the chances you hopeful washing it was his fans that
they're going to make it to the finance unless by some miraculous way that fourteen maybe no thirty two
teams get disqualified and they happened to make it in then they could win but other than that
it isn't untenable solomon's call the hope are pointless belief in something that
is impossible saint peter didn't have to call it of living hope you can you said you have
a whole pieces no it's a living hope it's living because christ rose and this
is your hope and i love this he says blessed be the garden part of our lord
jesus christ who according to his abundant mercy has begun his again to a
living hope through the resurrection of jesus christ through the dead and that to an inheritance incorruptible
donde father does not fade away so this you you're living hopeful is
this incorruptible and he returns that is under foul-up it away and guess what it's reserved for you in heaven reserved for you you don't have to worry it's already being kept for you do you
know that god chose you he prepared the home for u he can't wait
for you to go back and he's holding your name is on that door how sad is he going to be if you never
take advantage of the resurrection okay great there's a beautiful place god
reserving about how many get there uses but don't worry because you're being protected by the
power of god and i don't know if i get there on my own eases don't worry because you're gonna be captured by the
power of god to obtain this think that is reserved in
heaven forty those incorruptible on the file that will not fade away man that's a great hope that is a great help if i could give you
an anything today when i was a high school teachers if i
could give my kids anything it was one thing that i really wanted to give them it was home you guys have that hope in this most amazing thing i couldn't
promise you anything better other thing is i'm almost done here suffering proceeds eternal glory and that's why their enable to endure it
you're going through suffering it's really hard answers but you're going to happen eternal glory be loath to do not think it's strange
concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing
happens you it's gonna happen you're gonna suffer it's going to be tough but rejoice to the extent that you partake of christ
sufferings that when his glory is revealed you may also be glad with exceeding joy it's amazing i don't know how many times
i've seen verses where suffering is followed by you can indoor suffering if you have a
living hope nephew no that you're going to have
glory than the last thing resurrected mind values the precious the precious i read this book it's five chapters in
six places doesn't mention the word precious what is precious to you as a christian one is the most precious thing to u what is the one
thing but if i were to take away from you it would be the worst thing i could
do was awake thinking if you took everything away just leave this one
thing alone what it's precious to u ido but not a
precious metal like gold or silver that can fade away or parish but he says in first peer to seven to those who
believe christ is the precious one he says you were not redeemed by gold or silver
but you were redeemed by he says his precious blog and as a result you have become precious to him the whole mind of the resurrection it becomes more apparent and saint peter wrote this crisis precious to peter before the
crucifixion but then when he denied him and he felt
like there was no hope in christ came to him have a whole i have a place reserved for you how much more precious did christ become so that when peter talked about christ
he couldn't help but call him precious if you ever been a long distance
relationship and made it through congradulations god
to bless her but it's the hardest thing when you can't see the person that is so
precious to for a long time you can't wait to get it on the plane you may not
sleep the night before until you are united to
the one who is considered precious to you the resurrected mein kampf weight be
united to the precious last verse this verse saint defy the law regarding your hearts
and always be ready everyone of you should always be ready
to give a defense for everyone who asks you a reason for the whole that is in this was told to the first-century
christians uh... excuse me sir but i'm going to put
you in fire right now u_n_ change your mind why why you holding on this crisis be prepared simply car post this holy man when he was at the sixers something as
well as came in and said your soul why won't you let him go he says belong to christ since i was young and
he's never done me any wrong nye could never let him go now let him who is precious to you take place in your mind you need to know
why you were christian you need to know why you have this whole you need to have reminded the resurrection may not be glorified in our lives now
and forever and purplepwnguin with so we thank mike wants again and you know marks words to us here
today i told you guys last week we're going to
start a new series today and actually told rabin started last
week originally we postpone well really i don't start next week ok
really aren't pittsburgh next week and the series is called extreme
christianity actually marks topic here that he just
share with us is a perfect introduction because the whole point of series is how we can take the events of the resurrection which was as much of the most important
that and all of mankind help it can transform our lives and and
what mark shared with us today is that the resurrection in a lab itself is a life transforming events as long as
we are lower mine to be transformed back so if we can work on his mind of christ
we work on this resurrected mind that mark spoke about we'll see you next week
beginning next week how it can take shape in our lives are relationships and
or whatever then maybe we can start to say some of
those beautiful verses like saint pete wilson okay so again thank you very much
mark bd always a pleasure to have you let stand
up her preference in the name of the father and son in the
holy spirit one god amen lord we thank you for this living hope
that you have given to us inside you lord no matter what what happens in our
life for no matter what what we have outside waiting for us lord we know that we have something really
special waiting for us inside you thank you that but you don't just leave
us alone and that no matter all the best of the we may see on a
daily basis load you always give us hope with something better and something that is incorruptible on
something that lasts forever well you give us yourself and you give us your resurrection and
you give us everything that you have love you make a
sin here it is at the same promises and ands or we're not worthy of these
things that we don't understand why you give them to us we thank you for them to stay and he prayed to help us to have this resurrected mine so we can live a new life beginning
today lord beginning today that we can begin
delivered up a new way of looking at our problems in a new way of looking at a
circumstances and the way looking at everything outside their that we can
live the way the early church where the apostles glade saint peter live lord and
the way he viewed everything thank you lord for these these words
that attached are our hearts today give special blessing to mark and
two man seen their family for always ministering to you and always always serving you from from coast to
coast bless each and every single person
that's gathered here before you this day bless them by your holy name we ask this in the name of our lord
jesus christ beginner session some prayers of all
your saints fierce marzi pray thankfully our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name making didn't come
they will be john on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and
forgive us our trespass is as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead
us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one through christ jesus our lord mine is
the kingdom the power and glory for every man go on peace may the peace of
god be with you all