Remembering Your First Love - Part 6



today we did hear my brother might better half uh... whose name is in part to my
biggest and he is going to discontents picked as the investor campaign good morning first of all that was weird amesbury sherry s on the better rather uh... i wanted to think again the
priests of this church for inviting me this is my east coast family an angel a
being here amongst you guys there's always a lot of the energy a lot
of inspiration i get from being here with you you guys are going through a series and
this is it's like a marriage counseling session it's been there appear ite i think everyone of us has been in one
of those relationships where at one point your life this relationship with
your obsessing thought it was like your greatest motivation it
was yours source of greatest joy those of you are married ur you know you might be thinking back you know i
remember those days when we were engaged in everything was while i'm like the
those were the days and overtime things change a little situations happen hair is growing we don't want it to hair
is falling out where you don't want it to you and you know waster getting
bigger you know it emotions are common in going jobs are
getting more stressful you have less time to do things and evans more stressful
and then probably the biggest issue is that like kids have been i mean kids cannot be understated what happens
to relationship once kids who happen and i'm not too good kid everyone has at one kid like what you
see them unlike your with your spousal ikaw mike dot judges love you so much ads are not the other one the second child yet my little brother was one of those
it was it was the one that what you see joe you employ tether out your herrity
wrote why do we get together why why do we do this there's all kinds of stresses and then
there's seven days you wake up in the morning you look at the person laying the bed
next to say you know what i love you so much prior love you so much mag i feel like we're missing something i'd
feel like there should be more right now i know that you were the love of my life
but right now are not feeling it and i want to restore it and it becomes
your greatest desire to get back into that relationship that you want to to be your obsessing thought your
greatest motivation your greatest joy segoe despair pedido de counseling kind of what you guys have been doing
here anybody's talked about what it was like
to meet price at the wedding banquet in church u_s_ talked about humility u_s_ talked
about obedience and you talked about last week we talked about surrender those are all amazing today were to talk
about the most logical next step from all of those you know you're going through obedience in humility and surrender and the next logical step is is comfortable up it's the kind of love we just going to sit around you don't really have to do much is
going to relax and yours like or enough you just you just know that your love it's a very calming and soothing state
right you know in that we desire in our relationships
that's what we want to relationship with god and without others we just want to know that you love them and they love you and without you making any effort you don't have to say a word you don't
have to lift a finger you don't have to swatted drop you dislike that's comparable of that's right that's
what we want right i do wish that was what a good i was
asking me to talk about i wish she was as we talk about
comparable up reese's mark the next topic is a kind of talking to give to a
visitor who you know is gonna come once and leave and they don't like you it's okay but i
can give that up we're going to talk about suffering as account i got about suffering when you can tell they are going to talk
about like this salt sacrifices of the tickets or the genealogy baba diamine i
thought about suffering here y i'm gonna talk about comparable up so i want to talk about comparable up
pega next line burnt out of a comparable up as around talk about ever was here a
couple of rain how comfortable are you with being uncomfortable for the
one you love how comfortable r_u_ being uncomfortable for the one you love now we're going to talk about
comfortable love but there really is an article and you know why he you know why it's
not our goal comparable love is sometimes the kind of love that we
want to give but is not the glove that you want to receive rain because of how i describe it how do you feel after coming home after
a hard day you had a terrible day at work your boss
is all over your neck and you've got more projects muted driving home and it turned out it
was the snow day you're stuck in traffic for hours you finally get home you walk through the door
houses amassed the kids are strangling each other the dog even though no or
like a kid did no no you're not sure which one and like there's no point in the oven
and you come home when you walk in your spouse is like lying on the lazy
boy in the sand pajamas and a warm comfortable rolled with the
fireplace mariah carey in the background just got lined one rise their eyes i i i mean spouse could be
male or female and uh... steady drink attorney and in the an
umbrella non-american has a bad connotation he's close like mint leaves
are never and and you come in and she's like you know i love you so much i
really really love you you know and since you're up you just
put the food in the oven and get the table ready but i what i love you so
much i love you so much and thank you so much
for going to work and getting us food and taking care of the kids and visit my
parents i love you i love you so much and don't forget to put the kids to bed you love me to write that's what comparable of his and is
that the kind of lub that anne one desired do you think the hollywood is racing to make a movie about that actually they do but it's a mockery it's a mockery it sounds rediculous because that relationship is definitely
missing something it's not the love that you desire but i
wonder is that the kind of love that we are giving to god that we are giving comfortable love what is comfortable love comfortable love is the love it it happens when it's convenient yeah i'll go to church if our schedule is clear all pray if there's time if if there's a
comfortable place like if i can only bad under the covers they've got to be the
best you know and and just it's got to be when it doesn't bother me
too much dribble other it's usually pretty cold it's not very affectionate it usually
kanda beloved focuses on me but what did you do for me to make me feel comfortable it receives more than it gives any usually donate now comfortable love usually will die out unless the situation is aware the other person
in the relationship they're real time alone none of us are in stock inspired by
stories of comparable love these are not the stories that make
movies about nothing and stories there make books out of
these on touch our hearts what touches our hearts is uncomfortable la it is uncomfortable love i'm going to call it suffering love suffering love is a difference between prince charming and homer simpson right you want to die their individual
is willing to give everything for you be shivers and just go out of the way for
you and i think that's what we want in our relationship with god or at least what god wants a relationship with us i want you to think about marriage for those of you were married or going
to get married there's this wonderful man mentality right now marriage is not all about comfort it's not all about sitting in the
jacuzzi every day of the weekend and nice sunny place marriage it is is suffering marriage is suffering don't let anyone
tell you anything different pressing them a better way but marriage is suffering and i'll tell you why i don't know a single couple now they're very happy about it a single
couple that hasn't seen suffering in marriage and for this reason to love is to suffer to love used to suffer let's look at what the bible says about
it you look at the best chapter written
about love anywhere anywheres first-graders check a thirteen and after saint paul says you can have
all these other things but if you don't have login nothing he says what is love
he goes in these sentences what is love these is love suffers long and it's kind love this patient or love suffers long he wanted to know right off the bat what
is love love is he's suffering look at this for god is not i'm just a forget your
work and your ladybird of love which you have shown towards his name
you've ministered to the same to do minister why are they use the word labor what'd they say you know something like
too and just your work your effort when they call it labor is that
something that anyone desires all i'm going to wake up and to go to labor
today know what is excited about lee reliever
sounds like like suffering but this is the way the
bible describes it love require suffering injure and just a quote
someone very famous theologian woody allen says to love it is to suffer to avoid suffering if you are bored
suffering then you don't get into love but then you suffer from not being in
love therefore just realize for love is to suffer and i think you guys you've going to hate me i know but its ok cuz i'm on here once
then years in havana paul but none of us like to hear that love is about suffering but you think about it and when you were in their relationship
with the one you love i think you are all willing to suffer like you are willing in a very rainy day
to give the other person your jacket to run through puddles and get totally
stoked you would bring the car around so that like the person wouldn't have to
get one drop of rain on their hair so their hair
wouldn't jump out and he's presley's that they make horror movies out of like you did everything light the
beginning of you'd be willing to sit and watch like a one-hour show by martha
stewart on how to make asparagus in a slow cooker with a lesson less flavor and more
nutrition rather than watching the n_b_a_ finals
used to make those sacrifices you would go to a restaurant that you know you
would hate for their say you were willing to suffer in all your relationships that you really cared about you suffered you did it was almost crazy la it was suffering lot i had to be honest you think about it what is it that really drew you to
christ what is it that drew you to christ was it that he has a great teachings or that there's great stories in the old
testament what drew you to christ is it not that he suffered for you on the cross i mean would you love them as much if he didn't suffer for you and why did he suffer and had he done enough already i mean yet part of the red sea he could
feed two million people know what time is with men ending give them water me heat save them from the lion's den he could
save them from the fiery furnace like had he done enough why did he suffered because he wanted to show he wanted to show how much he loved so
he chose to show it through suffering the most and may zing images of love i've ever seen involve suffering when you think about it you know there's
a church in texas where they have a heart for orphans almost everyone in the church adopted orphans michael that's nice itna just adopt healthy orphans some of them chose furry children who with disabilities well it's amazing to just bring the were
orphaned your homes lots of fun but to bring three children with
disabilities into your home is that that's giving nothing but going to that medical doctors all the time and bills
and suffering in crying in boy you know they're going to slow you down you're
not going to live what you want me right really want to show la i'm not worried
about the suffering but i want to show low you've got people that are like concentration camps and like they give
their last piece of bread to someone else their stories about people that would be
in like prisons in communist countries it was just amazing they they get fed nothing they get fed
like colored water and they said if we could count five deems it would be a
good day but one day a week they would give bread one day a week to get a slice of bread it's amazing how much they love god because sometimes actually every tenth time they would give that slice of bread for one of the new prisoners who wasn't
used to it could you imagine getting bubble of
colored water and five beans everyday you get one slice of bread one so we can
every tenth a week you give it away it's a crazy kind of may zing on meeting suffering low that's the kind of love that you admire and i don't think you admire love where there's no suffering there's a story of a lady who had a
daughter daughter is very beautiful grew up your teenage years is getting all kinds
of you know offers from guys in know the wife this or the mama stunned i
mean i think you should slow down or never unlike you know i think your beauty is going
your header diverges like you're just saying that because you're
not pretty she's what do you mean so that that scar
on your face like that's going to get up pretty good you understand me she says you know your honor stand it
anymore this car i got a long time ago see when you were young you're playing a new it started a fire an order to save you i had to reach and
grab you but during that i had dick get a bird to my face the reason why i'm not pretty anymore is because i loved you how do you think that daughter looked at her mom every day after that she said that's car reminds me that you love me isn't the same for christ crisis i've inscribed young upon my hand inscribed in apollo my hand when he looks at his hand what is he saying he sees you when you look at his hand
what you see you see his nails saint paul when he talks about christ he says this i love god he damaged his love for me how did he demonstrated while we were
sinners he died for me i've been crucified with christ is no
other i live but christ lives in me and the life i now live i live by faith in
the son of god he got but you're right there arlen mylife and faith in the son of god
braces who loved me he got to stop their recessed when i think about price i
think that the one who loved me and the one who who died for me i don't want you to ever forget that
what drew you to god in the beginning was his suffering when you look at a picture of the cross
it's almost like looking at a picture of your wedding day your most cherished picture feel like
while this reminds me of why i love you christ chose to have a scar just like that mom it's a myth that love is all about comforting
convenience love is about suffering and when you want to go back to your
first love i really want you to remember this what role fig god's suffering play in
bringing you in a relationship with god what sacrifices we are you willing to make early in your
relationship for christ when you were willing to suffer for him suffering love sees the either firsts win an opportunity arises to do something
for the other convenient love thinks about self for those of you have kids exhausted your you know you're has bows to sit next in the couch you're exhausted ending some terrible
aroma comes into the room you know that your child has done enough and you're looking at your spouse
thinking whose turn is it i know i did the last one but you did
for veer or you say you know what you know that
you're tired i see your your needs right now family going do that for you suffering love sees the other person
first come come for a love ask the question is it the right time for me to obey god is is the easiest way for me to obey god how hard will it be for me to obey god july who really want to do it do i want
to do it cordoba love ask questions about me but you know what real suffering loggers and ask questions
with me in it it uses the word u it looks at the other person first u_s_ courses like is that what you wish god how would you like me to do it when do you want it how much do you want i think every relationship to your
inayat these questions were asked by someone towards you you would love
the tremendously and if you ask these questions towards the one that you love don't you
think they would love you so much more back that you're thinking of them first
suffering love forget self suffering love thinks about others you ever had to go to the e_r_ was
someone stay up all night when i was in school in graduate school
we had this crazy game this crazy leaguers call the wall the wall reaction play volleyball on a
racquetball court it's it's so much fun but our team had to play game on the night before our
anatomy final so we had one player team who's really
bright and he would stay knowing that night
before the final go play a math fun the rest of us are cramer's but we have to gain a mr paul night
lamina studied well the guy that's it thing pig goes all out his jumper rollover
hits was his ankle it looks bad so summer team has to taken to the e_r_ law then that you are there's like two
hundred people videos people coughing and sneezing in crying he's in that year was other guys been
like treated or ever radu i got a final tomorrow in anatomy
and if the guys are comin with our final and i i don't to do you know you should
go home and like it but the guys like i can leave
without u_n_ he's like you know you go home so now and the guy
that has the final tomorrow he's like their six inches of snow tomorrow in
michigan in like what is he doing he says you know what i'll figure it out i'm here for you don't worry about me i'm here for you suffering love thinks about the other
person first so i one ask you this when god asks you for something are your westerns about questions about
his request or they're more about your wishes on you think about that you want to
restore that love ask yourself am i looking at god first remind looking
at me next one suffering loved sees suffering for
others as joy this is the important one because when i said we're going to talk about
sovereigns like army and we really have to talk about suffering i hate suffering but you know what true love does c suffering is as bad words for the one you love it so
whole different story bring you though have been married to
someone and it they were in their pregnant
stages they got cravings and it didn't matter what time of the
day no matter what the weather like outside i need it was an ice cream alright ok ability because i spent okay
now i need bean burritos and ice cream okay b what all did you be reorganized
in ok nineteen sushi and ice cream they need start at any time ecn finishing stop asking for things vigo or that you have when seeing your uncomfortable very
vulnerable very emotional life devour pickles and ice cream like you know it was totally worth it anytime you want anything sweetie i would love to do that for you to see
the joy that you have when devouring that i don't even see that is a problem it's
joy for me to do for you you ever felt that crusted he says it says in hebrews looking then to jesus the author and finish your birthdays
hope for the joy that was set before him in jordan the crops despite is english amy he sat down at the right hand in front
of god why did you do the cross it was for joy you excited about during the cross i
know i'm excited about the suffering i was excited about the joy for you my joy was you to see you lifted up from said
my joy will be when i see you still in the king of god's receiving the glorious
inheritance might george don't care what it cost me i will do anything to see you happy right anne there's sometimes where you
will go to grace stands for someone you love i would give you my eyes i would give you my eyes okay setting up about the verses there he was excited about suffering he was willing to endure it for the sake
of how happy would be let me ask you this do you ever do
anything for god with joy when you do something there's a fast
there's a prayer meeting there's a liturgy do you ever do things for god of
joy what makes god happen you obey his commandments there's the lady at work you know the
grumpy one has the glasses and looks down at you maritime you passed by i
guess he says by the way you're late i'm gonna dr k was going to want to do be nice to her be kinder they're being kind to her
makes him happy you ever love someone you don't really want to love because
you know it'll make dot happy how about timing but i mean giving excited to throw money into the
offering played me like you know what whatever it costs god i'm gonna give you
whatever how excited are you to give god money
because you know i'm sure a lot of us there was a time where you wanted to splurge you wanted to splurge on the one you
love elect i don't care what it costs give me the best pair of socks for this
person almond two colors you know just whatever
i will do it just give me the best ones i will spare no expense you know what god loves a cheerful giver god loves cheerful giver if someone does something for you the one that you're suppose lena
relationship with but they do it and they're upset about
it and there meaning you know i'd just i want to do this but here you
here you go they like you know what i don't want any more i don't want you keep it for yourself but when you do individually like while you must love me so much because you're
willing to do anything for me i want you to ask yourself what do you think you could do to put a
smile on god face what do you think you do grudgingly that you could do is more joy for his
sick think about that long and hard you're going to make him so happy when you do something that you normally
don't want to do when you always do a grumpy with a grumpy face we do with a smile orgy identify something next thing suffering love sees no cost as too big same paul is right near the chretien's
and he says this if we could save this towards god that would be amazing i will very gladly spending and be spent for your sick i'm willing to give what i have but in the end i'm willing to give
myself completely there's no cost to big for
you but the next verse saint paul was talking to some people and you know
one of the guys sees a vision of the holy spirit to
whoever's belt this is going to like suffer and this is saint paul's response he
says this he says that i go about in the spiritual into jerusalem not knowing the things
that will happen to me there except for the holy spirit justifies inet every
city saying chains in tribulations await me he says but none of this moves me nor do i count my life due to myself so that i may finish my race with joy and the ministry which i received like you're telling me that i'm going to suffer tribulations and change
everywhere i go that doesn't bother me i don't care i want to finish my race i want to show my love to the one hai lasting same paul says this what things were gains in the desired
count of loss indeed i calld all things for the axe
loss for the excellence of the knowledge of prices my lord for whom i suffered the loss of all
things and i can't then as rubbish but i am i gain the one i love saint paul and all these is is saying i will expended anything for you when god asks you to give something never say well you really want to go all the way over
there remains a lot near it that song back in
the day i would walk five hundred miles and i
would walk five hundred more just to be with you that's like at tremendous cost then when god asks us to go and talk to
that person i joined go all the way over there you want your minute too tired a little
bit more unlike how much i mean it let me see if i can really
afford to give you this god this is too precious to me god says really i want to see how much you're going to do for me he says the rich young ruler i want to keep the commandments back
okay he's as i can do that don't kill i don't
kill he says don't go down to look at our
commit adultery don't steal is that okay i can do that is is going so all that
you have and give to the poor what does he say no way you've asked too much for me are you telling about that you've asked too much for me because it
is cycle said this fo before they says to you i want to do your quiet i'm like
ok i want to be kind of work okay i want to deny judging hard ok i'll try i want you to carry across role unitary across what happened to you and in quiet time
and praying and reading my bible in coming to lighten life meeting like i thought that was good enough rain how much are you willing to spend for my say are you willing to carry across i mean it doesn't mean much to date to
us like a big did back then because i wonder if christ was telling them i
want to be carrier cross all they saw someone carrying their crops being with us being humiliated being shame suffocating to death increases i want you to do that for me is if you
don't carry your cross you cannot be my disciple and then he said you know we've given
all you know there sometimes people tell
their world ones up i would die for you what have you told god that you'd be
willing to do for him what would you want to be told by the
you'd be willing to do for him so i want you to think when you compare god your possessions your comfort your popularity what would you spend three relationship
with god what would you spend i know i'm going to be in here last thing suffering love suffers with the father suffering love sees the one they love suffering and
chooses to suffer with them nothing brings to people together like suffering together near isi a spouse going on a diet and the other spouses you-know-what i'm
going to go on the same night as you you receive one spouse has cancer going to go through chemotherapy
and they're going to lose all their hair to the other spells shapes their head one of the most inspiring you to videos
i've seen a missile the other day in hiring i love this story but it's a story of a father and son for the sundance is that that we run a
marathon with me it's a sure oh an american with you so they train together and they run a
marathon and then is is that we have another marathon with
me z asher all run a marathon with uses dead will you run the i do the iron man
triathlon with me do this is the ironman triathlon is it's a two mile swim it's a hundred mile bike ride finish to buy a marathon dad will you do that with me zshare son and will that's amazing you don't know the whole story see his son is developmentally disabled in a
wheelchair when you asked him to do this he says dad are you willing to suffer with me and train and pull me on a boat in the water then carrie meek and drag me on your
bike and then push me for twenty six miles apple winding
mountain are you willing to suffer that would
mean uses sure son when you see this on youtube it isn't unbelievable you
know while they suffered together and that is the greatest love i've ever
seen one of our friends they add the husband lost a job in the wife was a
working for seven months they had no income they're worried in you know what
they said you know and i was the best of the month of our life everyday we were together we were suffering but we did it together
we lifted each other out the bible says this rejoice with those who rejoice with those hui how callous would it be if you didn't we prayer spells his
family member that passed away everything about that the one you love something really breaks their heart and you don't mourn with them now it is part of the best time for me
to tell a joke like i'd need to share their burden i wonder forever going to wonder what
cry sleeps four we ever going to weep for what price
before here ask god what burdens your heart he says this in first peter rejoice vic said that you partake of
christ suffering rejoiced when you share in his suffering find it joy when you partake in the cross you guys over to buy the restrict hamel he was in the end i love the cross and he had this prayer in this
contemplation and he used to pray to god make a meanie like simon the siren that i might carry your cross with you and lift your burdens that prayer does jess melts my heart dear god i want to be the one that carries your
cross unless your burden or whereas christ suffering now where do you think crisis every how could you suffer with christ very easy there's many that are hungry that need to be feathers may thurs to
the need to be given something to drink there's a lot
of will only people that need to be visited a lot of naked people not only physically socially emotionally that need to be covered there's a lot of people in prison that
need to be liberated you want to suffer with christ suffer
with the poorest of the poor and lift his burdening do something the talk a lot to talk about is
voluntary suffering is a type of suffering you do out of your heart sometimes suffering comes to you you guys will discuss this in your small
groups or is run things really quick what is suffering do this for things he
approves my love for god god want to see how much you love the
see how much you're willing to do for him it says in this really rejoiced now
put a lot of maybe you've been greed by various trials that the generous of your face being
much more precious thing border parishes though it is tested though it is being put on the test by fire baby found to praise honor and glory your various trials are a test
for you god wants to see how much you really love him some of us you're saying what could i
possibly do for a god sometime god puts you in a situation they may not seem pleasing some people get into a difficult
situation like an illness a loss of a job in a cigar where are you you left me and god's like this is your chance to show you how much you really love me and trust me don't sees suffering is a bad thing nust next thing is suffering is used by god for good but that his verse when he has tried to
me i shall come fourth as gold you know it's kind of like building up
your immunity you have to be exposed to the illness
before your body comes up with a defense against it sometimes god allows you to
go through something fighting a line in a bear like david had
to do before he could fight goliath sometimes you have to iming i know the david killed land the bear
but humus about hurt some somewhat famous over a little bit guide use it to teach you something for
you to be a better person or for some very good joseph gets sent to egypt as a prisoner
he's in the home he's like of part of our tickets accused return some hindu he
spends more time in prison like evil is a miserable life and in the end when everything that is
all done his brother's comeback and they're like we're so sorry and joseph
says what you meant it for evil all that suffering humans of reva but
god meant it for good i remember when i had a brain tumor
about three-and-a-half years ago macomb and that's not good you would think not it was amazing the couples in our church that week said it i appreciated my spouse more that we
could ever have before people were praying god bless them for me more than they've ever panic i don't remember praying like that
although in my brother and my wife i always say mark took one for the team there was good that came out of
something like that suffering is achi insted prove your love the guy that
there's a chance to be used to buy a god and it increases your love forgot saint paul says this version it drives
me crazy crucial separatist from love of christ shall tribulation distressed
persecution famine making this para sort that suffering he says nothing is going
to separate i am persuaded either death nor life nor angels nor principalities
nor powers nor things president of things to come nor height nor depth nor any other
creating joby abled separatist from the love of god how'd you get there how you get their will i've been through some trials in i realize it through my trials if i'm going to suffer it's for derive made the decision i'm going to do
this for him and so i'm going to bear everything and it will show me how precious decries is to me because if he's not
precious what i'm going to do i'm going to let go but when you indoor more and more for
his sake you'll be like you know what there is nothing that will separate me from christ last one suffering is always rewarded by god here on earth definitely and have been even more the sufferings of this world
uses you can even compare sufferings of this
world with the glory that you're going to
receive suffering is a difficult topic but it's a beautiful one every loving relationship that you love their suffering i want you to just change your mentality show your love to god don't be cooped up in a box and say you know i
love god i love gotta love god i hope you do stuff for me i love you dot i
think you god god wants you to have the kind of love that is willing to sweat for him when was last time you've been tired for
god he wanted to have the love that is
willing to bleed for him where it says you have not yet resistant
to bloodshed again seeing he wanted to have the love that's willing to shed a
tear for him he wants that love thick doesn't count the cost is being too big
he was the kind of luck that just gives in gives because if you remember when you look at
his love and you look at his scar you look at how much he suffered you're saying dear god is there anything
more i can do i promise you if you are willing to suffer for god and you will find in joyful you will go back to your first love i pray that you continue to go through
this series of marriage counseling and finding your first love through this you become a more purified and some bond that will never be broken anything god bless us all many of the father the son the holy
spirit one god email our dear lord jesus christ no one who loved us and died for us i thank you so much that use spared is nothing you gave yourself completely for us and other times where i forget i'd take
it for granted but dear lord your love you are suffering love has inspired me i hope it is inspired all of us it's your suffering that drew me to you
do the lord but i know that you would die again just
for me if you had to but i know you're suffering was enough i think your lord my praise you and
glorify your lord i realize i have been wanting to suffer for you
recently have been wanting to live a comparable christian india haven't
wander sweat or shed a tear or shut a drop of
blood for you like you did for me there dot i pray that you would
encourage our spirits pagers or that you would help us to find a joy in taking up
across with u high pray that you would give us the opportunity to be like simon
this irene under the weight of the cross carrying it with you dear lord looking
at your face in seeing your love pouring out i prayed your lower that although our
relationships were not once what they would be type regular or that you would
be patient and that you would restore them again high-paid your lower that you would
renew all those emotions although all the commitments on the desires for
each other i prayed your lord i just pray that you would form the bond that will
never be broken by anything less this group lecture spirit always go
with a nastier lord and encourages and draws closer and closer to you past all
this in your precious named for the sake five-year precious blood which could
never be free gotten intercession saint mary's same jon saint mark in our sincerest your
master as we your beloved children crying into one voice saying our father who art in heaven how would
be dying name that kingdom come though i will be done on earth as it is in heaven it is standard daily bread and forgive
us our trust passes as we forgive those who trespass against
us lee does not contain soon but for the
rest of the evil one through christ jesus our lord provide is
a kingdom the power of the glory forever you know