Pornography: The Relentless Enemy

 War on Pornography


when I welcome everybody this morning
hope everyone is having a wonderful
morning today so as you guys all know
that we started something called a path
to holiness a war against pornography
and we've been announcing every week I'm
not gonna talk too much about it but
today mark my brother is actually going
to give us a presentation about the
seriousness of this war and how we need
to fight it today's talk is not to cause
you guilt because I know and God knows
how much some of us are weak against
this war and so the today's message not
to cause you guilt but to give you
awareness and to give your homes
awareness that we could rise and be able
to face this and and to be convicted
about this challenge that we're facing
in our day and age so I'm gonna invite
mark up here and here is the clicker can
the can the back people get us the iPad
for the speaker
good morning so I want to thank you for
coming out and being willing to endure a
talk on this topic I know this topic
makes a lot of people uncomfortable but
I'll tell you I've had a passion for
this topic for the last several years
and it's been on my mind a lot and if
you ever had to deal with high school or
college youth you know this problem
keeps coming up one of the youth was
telling me at a retreat you know we were
just talking and he was very open to
share that he had this problem with
pornography and like oh yeah I've heard
about this he says but it's different
now because in our day and age you had
to somehow have enough courage or have a
connection to someone above the age of
18 to go and somehow get a magazine he
says but now pornography follows me
everywhere I go it's in my pocket it's
on my phone and I can't escape it it
became very real to me that like we
didn't have that growing up but after
talking to youth after youth after youth
it was almost a universal problem so I
had the fortunate experience to go to a
conference on pornography it was a
four-day conference and I was stunned by
what I learned and I wanted to share
some of that with you and I just want to
congratulate this church I think it's
amazing may God bless this church and
all the efforts to continue to deal with
this problem because it's hardly
discussed in depth in any churches at
that conference they were telling us it
was an American you know Protestant
evangelical conference just about
pornography they said of all the
churches in America evangelical 7% of
churches have any type of program to
deal with this issue seven percent now
if you were to look at extrapolate that
towards the Orthodox churches and
you were to extract seven from that 7%
is roughly how many Orthodox churches
are dealing with it none so this is our
chance to begin so I don't know if you a
lot of you know this but in 2016
Utah declared pornography a public
health crisis now I want to understand
what a public health crisis is like the
flu epidemic that affects lots of people
and could be deleterious to people's
lives people can die from it
Ebola is a public health crisis a state
government said the effects of
pornography are so devastating on our
entire state we're warning everyone that
this could be very harmful they're not
the only state Florida is not too far
off they're about to do the same thing
but you know it's not just a society
issue what you have to understand is
this is a war on church but it's a
different kind of war now we as Coptic
people we take pride in the fact that
the church has been Ward against through
persecution for centuries and that type
of war made us stronger there are also
wars that sometimes occur in terms of
heresies but by the grace of our fathers
and the defenders of the faith we've
been able to deal with those we haven't
had an answer for this one this one has
been devastating and I want you to know
that it's been a war on every single
church that I'm aware of now I will be
honest if you are a church in the middle
of a jungle in some place where there's
no internet you
may not have this problem everyone else
does and the war is relentless the
people that it's going after is going
after children at the age of five and
six is going after youth and adults but
it's also going after married people
it's going after deacons and servants
and priests it's trying to attack
everyone there's no one that is exempt
and the sad thing is is that the wounds
from this war are sadly weakening the
church it's really affecting so many
people that they feel like what can I do
in the church when this is my problem
the reality is is that it's a public
crisis it's a church crisis but from so
many of us it's a personal crisis I
don't know how many of you will admit to
this but this might be the biggest
problem in your life that you have not
been able to overcome for a year five
years ten years some of you as long as
you know and you just said I've given up
I can't do anything I've tried so much
and I don't think there's any way I can
escape it it's led to people to have
depression despair hopelessness you know
I want you to look at this picture this
picture really amazes me I really don't
know how the photographer was able to
clothe a wolf in lambs costume it's
amazing and how to gather this family of
sheep around a wolf the photographer is
amazing and he got them all to put their
game face on at the same time for the
picture it's amazing picture the
photographer could do that but the
reality of it is is that you have to
look for a second to see that there
really is a wolf in sheep's clothing
I don't know if and many who have pet
sheep it's not my favorite animal I mean
this is probably the ugliest family of
sheep I've ever seen but you might let a
sheep into your house would you ever let
a wolf into your house would you ever
let me just come and just run around
your house around your kids you'd say
that would be one of the most idiotic
things someone could do to let a wolf
because you know the destruction it's
gonna cause to let it come into your
house and around your kids because the
destruction you were told would happen
yet pornography we allow into our house
and around our kids and we don't think
about it twice sometimes yet the
destruction could be much much worse and
yet it comes sometimes in the form of
something that may not seem so bad now
I'm going to share with you like my area
of expertise I did intense training took
me five years to learn this this is you
know a PET CT I want you to know now
just listen to me because I know this
all those black spots are abnormal I
just sew a pet-ct it shows where there
are lesions that are metabolically
active so it could be cancer the
likelihood is if you see this it's
cancer right so but I want you to know
and this is my expertise if you look at
the left hand you probably can't see it
from where you are that pinky has a
little bit of increased activity that
means there's arthritis there you know
what is sad to me how would you feel if
you got the report back from your doctor
and this was the CT and they said oh
we're really going to address your
arthritis and I know it sounds
see the issue here is that someone is
going to die from something and no one
is addressing it the reality is is that
there are so many people spiritually
dying in our churches so many youth so
many adults and yet we haven't really
addressed the issue for so long and yet
it's the main issue it's ridiculous not
to address the thing that is suffocating
so many people not outside
but in this room so this is an amazing
quote and it always sparks my interest
all that is necessary for the triumph of
evil is that good men do nothing how
long will we sit back and not do
anything against this problem which is
crushing the church now I'm gonna try
and quote a smart guy here I fear the
day that technology will surpass our
human interaction the world will have a
generation of idiots clearly he's not
talking about us there must be like
another generation that's going to come
along maybe not idiots
but maybe pray like we're a generation
of pray Satan is looking around saying
who he can devour and the reality is is
that Internet has changed the world
you know when the internet came out I
don't know what year Internet came out
1998 1998 so less than 20 years within
six months of the
coming out within six months there were
fourteen million websites for
pornography then by 2012 there's over a
billion websites that's enough for every
person in America to have three or four
pornography websites just for themselves
now I know many of you feel like you're
accomplished and you've seen a lot you
think you've probably seen everything
but I just want you to know that if you
were to try to look at all the
pornography pages
you better get a head start it would
take you about 11,000 years and this is
without bathroom breaks so I don't know
how long it would really take you but it
would take you a long time like it is
everywhere it is all over the Internet
if you think about how many times you
look on the internet in a day did you
know that one out of every four searches
on the Internet is for pornography one
out of every four that one-third of
everything that's downloaded from the
Internet is pornography there are two
point five billion pornographic emails
daily how many people are on this planet
about seven billion I don't know if all
of them have emails there's a good
chance that if not today tomorrow you're
on the path it's everywhere it's coming
right at your monitor and the reality is
is that our society is hooked on porn
we're so hooked on porn I'm going to
give you some statistics now these are
from some website that you know they did
research whatever I don't know how they
collected their data I don't know any of
that but these are people that have
- usage 18 to 30 year-olds 79% are
looking at pornography at least once a
31 to 49 year olds is about two-thirds
of meals once a month could mean at
least once a month could mean anywhere
from one time to a million times it's at
least once a month how many are looking
at it several times a week several times
a week this is a big problem this is not
like a casual oh I accidentally I mean
if you're accidentally doing the same
thing several times a week we have other
issues to discuss again it's not just
the 18 to 30 year olds but the 50 to 60
year olds 25% now of all American men
they say about 64% are looking at it at
least once a month and the statistics
they acquired were of Christians and
non-christians and the statistics were
almost the same for Christians and
non-christians this is a problem that is
very much in the church now this didn't
specifically do a survey on the Coptic
people I know that it might be a little
bit different 41% of evangelical
Christian men admit to being addicted
addicted not just like oh yeah I've seen
41% admit now these are the ones who
admit to being it addicted to
pornography and the church leaders the
pastor's it's about they say almost 50
they say when there's like a pastors
conference in a city the hotels make a
ton of money on the pornography channels
when there's a pastors conference
you're saying oh that's terrible you
wanna know why include that statistic
because these church leaders are trying
to be godly they're the ones that are
trying to lead others I'm sure they're
praying I'm sure they're reading their
Bible I'm sure they're doing their best
to fight it it attacks all people
regardless of your spiritual level if
you read the father's I mean the monks
at the highest level were fought for
years so is it just a male problem when
I was growing up it was no women seem to
care about that in our day but times are
changing we're advancing we're talking
about equality among men and women right
so if you look at the 18 to 30 year olds
what was it for males 79 men are still
sorry women don't be jealous but that's
once a month but if you look at several
times a week you're talking like
addiction 21 percent of 18 to 30 year
olds now I want to highlight one number
because to me this is the most important
number if you look at the 52 68 year old
women 0% are looking at it more than
once a week the holy people in the
church are the taters they are the ones
who have overcome this problem we depend
on their prayers and their righteousness
so just focus on that and don't ever
deny them but one-third of all visitors
to websites are female one-third so that
means two-thirds so half as many as the
men but one-third are female now I know
that's interesting to some but what's
actually very startling
is that our kids are just one
mouse-click away like you think about
how how many times does it take a kid to
click I mean that's like an automatic it
could have happened accidentally one
click away from seeing something
devastating actually they did some
studies that 37% of three to four year
olds almost 1/3 to four year olds they
know to how to use an iPad one third of
them and almost all six to seven year
olds know how to access the Internet
parents do this all the time to give
them an iPad in the back of the car
while you're on a long ride the
Department of Education said three to
nine year olds two-thirds of them are
online and 35% are reported to have gone
to pornography sites one-third of three
to nine year olds have gone to
pornography sites why because they're
given access not by a thief by a robber
or a stranger but by their parents now
the statistics are different on this but
the average age of Internet exposure to
pornography is anywhere from 9 to 11
years old now to put that in perspective
that's third and fourth and fifth
graders that's the average age of
exposure but that means many younger are
also being exposed now I realize we're
in a Coptic Church we're a very
righteous Bunch
we're very ascetic we fast we pray we
come to liturgy so 91 percent of first
time exposure 91% 9 out of 10 kids their
first time exposure by a teen was
accidental doing what activities as
research for a school project what do we
as Coptic parents do tell our
kids they better get the best grade and
they better do the best project and they
better search whatever they can because
they have to get A's they have to be
number one in their class like all their
parents were right we're way above
average right Copts at work
we're not 90 percent is were there to
say 95 percent but do you believe it's
accidental I have a friend her
six-year-old likes minecraft which is a
video game that kids play and I'm sure
lots of us grew up on minecraft he was
looking at minecraft characters on the
internet on YouTube and after several of
them a pornographic one was showing up
my friend's dad he's a senior Egyptian
dad you know in his 60s 70s and God
blessed them he loves cat and dog videos
I mean who doesn't right so he's looking
at cat and dog videos and number 5 is
two naked women with a cat and a dog no
no dogs probably just cats but it
doesn't matter right like it happens I
have a confession I have an addiction to
ESPN I love looking up basketball
statistics I need to know who won who
scored and if Lonzo ball will ever have
any potential so I'm on ESPN almost all
the time
for sports but as I'm looking for sports
on the bottom of the screen there are
options would you like to go to door
number two which will probably take you
to hell they don't advertise this is a
pornographic site but they say would you
like to see you know basketball stars
wives I don't know do i I mean I like
them playing maybe they should deserve a
beautiful don't look I have no idea
what's there but don't it's there on
almost every website you can find
something that's trying to lead you into
9 90% you see that 90% of 8 to 16 year
olds have viewed Prague Rafi now a lot
of us are saying not my kids
it can't happen to them our house is
protected god bless you for protecting
your house and that is the right thing
to do what are the chances that all your
kids friends houses are protected what
about all your kids friends cousins
houses your kids friends neighbors
houses that could easily share from one
person to another at school on the
playground in the neighborhood it can
happen to anyone you can't protect your
kids in every situation so now I'm
telling you your kids will be exposed
and forget your kids almost everybody I
know almost everybody I know has been
exposed does this surprise anyone I'm
gonna tell you a story of a Coptic
family you know they were trying to
reward their kids for doing well in
school it's okay if you get good grades
you know you're gonna give you a great
reward so the kid perform really well
and the parents are okay your reward is
you get to have stripper in your room
every night for the next month what kind
of family would do that that just sounds
horrible it happens I'll be honest
actually happens in this church yeah
right here because they gave a child a
cell phone as a reward that was
unrestricted and they said here you go
now the kid may not Sita is just a phone
but maybe they found the strippers every
night and the parents gave it to them as
a reward
it's a terrible reward for a good
behavior and it sounds ridiculous that
someone would just allow strippers in
their kids rooms but that's what we have
done I'm going to be personal now
I was my parents had two kids I was the
good kid growing up I just I just want
you to know that I mean I was like the
valedictorian in my junior high when I
went to church I used to wear that ugly
brown sticky sweater like that was me
I was obedient to them I was like a good
student that was I was the good kid I
that's just the honest truth when I was
in eighth grade that good kids spent the
night at his friend's house and his
friend had an older cousin who bought a
Playboy magazine and showed it to me I
am a PB I'm a priest brother I'm not a
PK I'm a priest brother I was exposed is
it surprising that the guy speaking to
you was exposed you know what in the
last two weeks I spoke to someone
yesterday who said yeah when I was seven
year old there's a female I was exposed
I spoke to another guy the other day who
said yeah when I was 12 years old in our
apartment building I was exposed I spoke
to someone outside five minutes ago I
said yeah when we were 12 years old we
didn't know and we were exposed that was
before the age of Internet had I been
born in the age of Internet I have no
doubt I would have been lost I would be
a sex addict I have no doubt about it
that first time you see it you're not
sure it startles you it develops
curiosity and shame and guilt but
excitement and you don't know what to do
with it and I'll tell you something you
can't forget it did you know that the
way your brain works is that your brain
releases the chemicals that attaches
memory to events and our speaker at the
conference this week and I don't want to
but he said I can remember the very
first picture I bet a lot of us can now
the reason I mentioned that don't judge
a wounded soldier if someone was exposed
when they were younger was it their
fault if they were attacked and they did
not have the self-control at the age of
12 or 14 or 17 or whenever if the attack
on them was a surprise even if the
attack was strong if it was very heavy
if it was constant and they did whatever
they could they lived in a priest house
or they went to the monasteries they did
their prayers and yet they were attached
heavily and yet they couldn't escape and
they couldn't overcome and do you want
to look at them as a horrible person
they were wounded if someone catches a
cold do you judge them so they just
caught it it's not exactly the same but
it's very similar that once you're
exposed you can't necessarily fight at
that first time especially if you
haven't been prepared so what do you do
when someone is wounded you don't judge
them you drag them to safety you put
them in a safe environment you accept
them as limited you accept them as they
are but what you do is you help them I
promise you whether it be the person
next to you or in your row or behind you
there are so many wounded soldiers right
here and no one has acknowledged them
no one has accepted them no one has said
let me lead you to safety
you know what we've said that's not
allowed to be mentioned I don't want to
hear it that's despicable
infil it should never be even don't talk
to the kids don't talk to the youth and
yet they're all wounded and we don't
want to help them I know this might be
out of the ordinary but I want you to
just take a moment where does it close
our eyes just for a few moments for
those of us who are wounded have been
wounded think about how you've thought
of them or what you think of them but
pray for mercy pray for grace pray for
compassion close your eyes now just
think about how sad it is that the
attack has been so strong
the reality is is that pornography is
minimalized by society and most people
if you ask them under the age of 25 well
what is porn did you know that a fully
nude still picture fully nude picture
only half of them are even considering
it pornography like its if it's not
pornography then is it fine art I don't
know but they're clearly not seeing it
as something wrong if it's a sex scene
in a story in a movie only 31 percent of
them even see it as pornography 22
percent of Millennials think that
pornography is good that it's a good
thing to have it that's almost one out
of four Millennials eight percent
doesn't think it's very good it's almost
like we should be getting it like we
should be giving it to everyone it's
like the next vitamin and the way
Millennials think did you know that 56
percent of them think it's extremely
immoral to not recycle now I know that's
bad but pornography 32 percent thought
it was bad it's more immoral to recycle
I mean that just shows that society
thinks it's really not an issue so
that's why when one of the high school
kids I was talking to he was going to
interview at university UCLA he says
yeah they showed us the library and the
kids in the library are watching porn
there wasn't any closed doors it was
just you do a research project on you
watch porn it was okay that's how
normalized it's in our society now
there's on the bottom there's Game of
Thrones and every time I mentioned this
I always make a few people sad I'm okay
with that
Game of Thrones I never seen it but I
was listened to ESPN radio and they now
just kept talking about Game of Thrones
and then he kept winning award after
award I was like what is this then
someone told me it's actually not so
I said well I wrote into one question is
the Game of Thrones porn Google dr.
Google told me an article comes up game
of throne is pornography say what that
one of the stars is an ex-prostitute I
mean you want to know how she got the
job she sent in her portfolio they were
hired because of how they looked naked
that is a show that apparently is
pornography with a great story and
that's why it wins awards and couples
are watching it together sitting yeah
yeah we weren't scheming of course what
do you have any idea what that could be
doing to your spouse you might be
interested in the story they may believe
there's a story but oh we got a watch so
every episode of course it saddens me
and if I tell you it's porn
sorry HBO is gonna be upset at me I
wouldn't watch it especially with a
spouse but even on your own don't watch
and don't be fooled because now what
you've done is you've normalized porn if
I told you you're watching porn like oh
my gosh I'm gonna stop why did someone
have to tell you that naked people
running around I don't know if they ride
a horses or whatever but like why why is
that not seen as pornography why does
someone have to tell you because you've
accepted it you've justified it
you've normalized it god help us so how
does pornography affect us I'm going to
just do this quote it says with the
advent of the computer the delivery
system for this addictive stimulus has
become nearly resistance free it's as
though we have devised a form of heroin
a hundred times more powerful than
before a drug hundred times more
powerful than Harriton heroin usable and
the privacy of one's own home and where
does it get injected into your brain
could you imagine injecting the most
powerful drug into your brain through
your eyes it's now available in
unlimited supply it's actually very free
there's a self-replicating distribution
network called the internet and is
glorified as art people get Emmy Awards
for this and it's protected by the
now pornography how it affects your
brain is that we have a reward center in
our brain our body does that to
encourage certain behaviors like eating
because if you don't eat there's a good
chance you're gonna die so the body
rewards you for eating which is good
your body wants you to have offspring so
it rewards you for sex now there are
some people believe that it also is
triggered by Coptic hymns I have not
figured that out yet I'm not sure that
it does but that could be biased but
what happens is this reward it's amazing
imagine what it's like when you eat like
the best salted caramel vanilla ice
cream with you're like oh my gosh it's
amazing feels great and the sexual
experience is great feels wonderful it's
God's gift but what about when it's done
in the wrong context what happens when
it's over stimulated how many of you are
able to eat only one Oreo cookie at a
time you can't as our parents like I see
I don't know how abundant cherry do this
book okay you can have one mmm
I could not eat one mmm maybe as a child
I was given one M&M but now there's no
bag too big of of M&Ms do you buy the
family size for yourself right so what
happens is you reward yourself more and
more because the same amount of stimulus
doesn't produce the same amount of
so with pornography what happens you get
the stimulus you get the rewards your
body says do it again so then you look
at it again after time they've done MRIs
where they see that the reward center
actually gets smaller it gets smaller
with time so now in order to stimulate
that small stimulus that small reward
center you need more and more but it has
to change we're now looking at still
photos doesn't excite you maybe now it
has to be violent porn maybe it has to
be same-gender porn then it goes - god
forbid child pornography you know people
do not wake up saying I'm gonna look at
child pornography you want to know what
happens they start off one place their
brain becomes so desensitized to the
type of porn
it gets worse and worse and worse till
it becomes I need something more to
stimulate me so they end up at child
pornography violent pornography same-sex
pornography did you know that child
pornography is a federal crime that if
you were to get there the FBI documents
it you get a screenshot that says the
FBI has documented this behavior they
show up at your door and they arrest you
you go to you go to jail not ever
intending to go there but ending up
there because the way there was an
addiction that never was dealt with they
did a study of a thousand individuals
that said sex addiction is more
difficult to overcome than drugs and
alcohol more difficult than drugs and
alcohol because the highest reward in
your brain is from sex
thing that you don't always realize is
that for drugs and alcohol you have to
go get the chemical with pornography and
sex addiction where is the chemical it's
already inside it's not far from you it
goes with you everywhere the image that
was attached to a memory it's there your
body realizes that anytime you need that
stimulus you can do it anytime anywhere
fantasy just fantasizing you don't even
have to see an image you can just
fantasize where you're sitting and be
stimulated and of course after prolonged
use you know what you're so dependent on
it that for you to feel normal I don't
know what normal is for a lot of you but
normal that you have to watch
pornography just to get to your base
level and then when it's combined with
masturbation the stimulus is way
overloaded I'm not going to talk about
all the effects and I know I've been
talking for quite a bit now and I'm not
going to talk forever although it
deserves a lot more and I apologize I'm
not going to get into all the therapies
and treatments but it definitely needs
to be discussed but I'm gonna just talk
about a few effects on heart and
behavior relationship with others
deteriorates why because you go to be
isolated you do this thing on your own
in your own room you have to be alone
and so it creates these barriers and in
general because of the shame and the
guilt you want to be alone you may not
feel comfortable you're not used to
interacting with real people you're used
interacting with pictures and so all of
a sudden the relationships around you
they say like a father will easily
become detached from their kids because
they don't want to see their kids as
what they're addicted to and so they're
like I need to separate
and that terrible that a father may not
want to be around their kids it's an
escape from reality and this is critical
in today's world we're always looking
for an escape an escape could be another
Facebook feed about what someone ate
last night and just something that like
excite something I need to just clear my
mind we are always looking for an escape
from the stress at work or the stress at
home or the traffic or whatever and so I
need to we don't deal with it we're
always looking for a way out and so you
end up looking at this fantasy world and
it's such a there's a whole story about
this but like when you look at
pornography and if the women appear that
they're smiling or whatever do you know
how many of them have to take drugs
before they do those pictures you moan
you know how many of them are suicidal
and depressed and now you can like oh
what's the fantasy today I want blonde
today I want half my age
tomorrow I want double my size whatever
you can choose like it's the world's at
your fingertips and you live this
fantasy world which is not reality you
know on pornography there are rarely any
bad hair days there's no bad hair days
there's no like emotional issues there's
no like I'm tired at work apparently
somehow they're able to be available at
all times
in every situation what happens then is
that your mind now looks at people as
objects you will look at the opposite
gender as a collection of body parts you
won't look at them as well we talk about
love what is love love is not selfish it
is not rude it's it's kind it's me know
what is what is this it's the opposite
of love it's I want this I want it now
show me more I don't want any problems I
what can I get from you not what can I
give to you what can you provide to make
happy not what can I sacrifice to make
you happy it's the opposite of what we
consider love in the Christian Church
you lose concentration because you're so
used to being constantly stimulated I'm
gonna go to the the topic that's
important to me
this is not something that's foreign to
many of us the effect on our spirit and
I feel like this passage in Ephesians
explains almost like this whole
situation is as if he was talking to our
generation this I say therefore and
testify in the Lord you should no longer
walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk
and this is how he describes them in the
futility of their mind their mind is no
longer reasoning the way it should what
has become evil has become good and what
is good has become evil having their
understanding darkened if I were to dim
the lights you all look the same if I
were to make it so I can't tell the
difference between who combed their hair
today and who didn't who has a nice
dress on and who doesn't what is good
what is bad
I can't tell your understanding is
completely evil you're alienated from
the life of God what happens people who
are addicted to porn or have this
problem they start separating themselves
from God's action and their life because
they don't feel like they're allowed to
go near God they don't feel like they're
allowed to be a church they don't feel
like they're allowed to have communion
they don't feel like they're allowed to
be a newsgroup or to be a deacon or to
serve and they just cut themselves off
from God and it says because of the
ignorance that is in them because of the
blindness of their heart ignorant and
blindness is the core of the pornography
addiction it's a deception it's all a
lie it's all false promises you watch
this you will feel so happy your stress
will be relieved
you'll be so fulfilled it will you'll
find the most beautiful this
we'll be like it's all a deception it's
all a lie and they cannot see that their
hearts are blinded and then it says who
being past feeling this is where the
heart grows so numb to where after you
most people who have never seen
pornography say Washington pornography
they're like ah that sounds terrible and
then to someone who's been doing it for
so long they say what's the big deal
given themselves over to lewdness
uncleanness with greediness so some of
the last few things the warner spirits
how many of you feel as though your
relationship with God has been severed
how do you feel God has abandoned you
because you haven't had a victory yet
how many of you wonder if God hears your
prayers because you still have the
problem how many of you wonder if you'll
accept the confession that you repeat
over and over how do you feel like God
won't accept you here at church or in
communion because of your filth how many
of you feel like you're not good enough
to be loved by God everyone else is more
holy than I and am I the worst sinner
were plagued with shame guilt despair
isolation and separation but this is
what God tells us he says you are not
he says no temptation has overtaken you
except such as common to all man but God
is faithful
like what you're going through you are
not the only one and I've tried to show
you that so many that you are not I
promise you are not the only one God is
faithful who will not allow you to be
tempted beyond what you were able but
with the temptation will make the way of
escape that you can bear it you are not
rejected by God ever he says whoever
comes to me I will by no means cast out
he says you were always welcome to come
to me he says the relationship is not
severed from God's side you might sever
it but God will never stop he says in
Psalm 103 bless the Lord O my soul and
all his benefits who forgives all your
iniquities who forgives all of them who
heals all your diseases who redeems your
life from destruction who crowns you
with loving-kindness and tender mercies
every day the Lord is merciful and
gracious slow to anger abounding and
mercy he will not strive with us he nor
will he keep his anger forever those of
you who think God will never be
forgiving he says he has not dealt with
us according to our sins nor punished us
according to our iniquities as far as
the heavens are high above the earth so
great is his mercy toward those who fear
Him as far as the East is from the west
so far has he removed our transgressions
from us and at the end it says he knows
our frame he remembers that we are dust
I want you to know that God can work the
miracle in us because he says my grace
is sufficient for you for my strength is
made perfect in your weakness God's
grace I don't know if we realize that if
you ever cut yourself from the graces of
God in the church you have no chance
missus if you come and receive the grace
all things are possible he says in your
weakness my grace can cause you to
abound and overcome so this is my last
two slides where do we go from here
first thing is open your eyes
there is a horrendous huge problem that
we can no longer ignore and it's not
just in the church and it's not at other
people's homes it's at your home the war
is going on all around you and if you
are not aware you will be potentially
taken down or your kids or your loved
ones you have to open your eyes but
number two and this is your assignment
open your heart this is your assignment
go and search your heart go and search
and write down all the sins don't post
it on Facebook I'm saying just take a
great inventory look at your heart
because this is the beginning of the
healing write down every horrible thing
you think you've done get it out don't
hide it anymore open it up and open your
heart towards others have compassion on
them open your mouth open your mouth and
start sharing with your confession
father eventually we're gonna have
accountability partners here in the
church where they will help you through
the process but you have to begin to
share that's how you get rid of things
that's why we confess open your spirit
because this is how you get healed you
have to be able to receive grace you
have to accept it you have to pursue it
you have to trust in it you have to live
in grace do not ever cut yourself off
you want to know we say the devil is
like a roaring lion seeking whom he may
devour you want to know what st. John
Chrysostom says about those who go to
the liturgy when you walk out of the
church you are as a lion whom the devil
flees that can be you if you stay
connected to the means of grace in the
church in your home's God can make you
strong this might be one of my favorite
points if this is going to be dealt with
you have to join the war this church is
declaring war and it's not a quiet war
and my dream is this that this war would
be all over the walls of the church that
everyone who walks into the church knows
that this church is fighting the enemy
of sexual temptations that we as a
church from the adults are going to
protect the kids the youth are going to
protect each other the teenage girls are
going to say we're not going to try and
drag down our brothers we're gonna try
and uphold their purity
the guys are going to say we're no
longer going to solicit the girls for
things we know that our shameful I want
to be a guy that will provide a great
husband and so we need to build the
culture that everyone should know no one
will have to be ashamed here but
everyone will know that everyone in
church is working to help me in my
struggle and I will work to help you and
your struggle and this could be a
victorious church if you follow the
leaders do not fight against the war
fight in the war it needs a lot of
people to help and everyone I don't care
what your experience is we can all do
something so we all have to join hands
you have to follow your leaders the
priests and the leaders are coming up
with strategies we just had a conference
we're learning ways in which we can deal
with this not by just saying go pray on
your own but how together we as a group
can really help and last thing is trust
the commander which is Christ Jesus our
we say this on Easter night lift up your
heads o you gates and be lifted up your
everlasting doors the king of glory will
come in who is the king of glory who is
the king of glory it says the Lord
strong and mighty the Lord mighty in
battle lift up your heads and the king
of glory shall come in this should be
our experience we should be a victorious
Church I pray and I'm so excited for
what you're doing in this church but if
you stop here you have helped the
triumph of evil you have to continue get
your feet dirty protect yourselves
protect your families protect your
church help the world may God be
glorified in this church now and forever