Patience Makes You Perfect

 About the virtue of patience and how impatience should not be allowed to be part of your personality.


want to good worm group good said who use that with say am who in use to that and will be say went to to you the you is their patients which use on said lot and it cruises or us desserts causes us is us her one Beach why look at yours in think one got them all you and getting you you earwood sOooo many things why this in and makes us and I'm these is be problem many us this the concern 3 mom worker said he who and to use do that and will be say showed these he use to that and shamed the say and I say is here patience sis use you pages says I'm and as well we know the the nation's is a gift from his if you here the you very gets his spirit one them is nations so patience is a good if you liked that give us send James is sayin patience makes us for lacking not lead base I have been good nations what should they do if patients
is a so you that it would save me it will make me perfect and it is one the biggest his bed what should they do saying James is saying us us I ask who he will give it to you if you lack patience us if you lack wisdom of patience us good you here we need patience in 3 is we need nations in mister striker we need patience a to review nations we need patience his throwing what is this to rate this thread is workers spiritualists director it he is a spiritual mister believe me you need patience in praying you need
patience reviewed by you need nations when you leave the spiritual
book on this issue these patients I'm you with silly things quickly home and you group need with the benefit much say is bird one the months that whose supervision his yen ferriers worship and Satan was so million look good being that patient yet he wanted to this distracted so we're the do youu he will spare you satan made in to her some the but that mine happened fever Fred is called is said group I good the book to sue you so what did you
do said need to Great Mall so it didn't
work with a socit is was so upset again were upset so the Pew gave this good they did pics my fitted made him to fit when he it was fitted he said I am definitely true so I think better to whiz why I am saying goes I'll then Google mostly so very good rhythm period and said so with you the he good some far these good good was as go to move good see did noticed and were nations one things that's a did makes us to yeah panicked is impatience and their homes we look good invasions as as these yeah who'd be under it is not it is new when you lose your patience it is not believe me who'd be good it is at three room seated who's your patience you lose yourself they should lose you peace inside you I'm some bull is seeing let this run the race let this round berries to get to grew would have been good exists today everyone is right everyone
is around why everyone is a nerd to WYD yet it is spiritually good do we need to run we need to run we need not those so that is why need issues patience makes us to keep go to he good he going never does though hmm the race if you're still my whose lose it who but we run he's we don't have time to 10 the same sent to gusted when you want to
do exit name why that looters said if someone is laps new slaps you right to she do work then the other one
for her the new Watson ghosted exit lead he said yes because we don't have time uncertain impact yeah it is good being yeah I mean up very well it is not be
yeah I mean how would you do to do so no it is we don't have the time leave lead stuff you 1 Jake leave good carryall your rates we do the time patience makes us to the grew on yet we need to stir it to her the nation's in dragons in crowd said James is a rees-jones when you sukhumi through you lose happy rejoice we have many tribulations disease yeah looks unload but said jeans is seeing ratios how gun not come how can we use Julies in tribulations send James is saying big whose tribulations makes you for gives you patients I'm patience makes you for yeah I'm as if send James is a good perfect service salute runs hit the quiet is do you want to be perfect acceptor going through tribulations do you really want
to be for do you look to what this be on Duke do that n did accepted tribulations we are sOooo ground the would we have to be at least we scoop and no you when we have difficult times but can't do you see the game me you perfect through it he perfects you through all these your that some examples in the butt the fittest 21 is job for Joe job was a perfect the matter it was a very anxious Matt but see 10 aim good sure you didn't like because he is ventures ruins everyone to be lifted the Sony with the hood and said look we're would does do worship you really it doesn't work you free if you take
from him all is positions people les fue against you face to face this is to say did have you put your
eyes my server job because he is bird I'm no work like him service the the witness for who from good so but sated doesn't take world good this through the show so he said let me take his positions and
see to is a challenge do Susan mood went to me to ru that drew is agree Matt and you as we're so say it that way the workday jew those all is like this store all his
government's he is lives so you know stupid and the word drew would say the mood Disgaea Europe the did is the the Laurie fine see good with the back to the loser mood you know why does the sensor why because you gave sOooo many children so many good things let me take all his children it will be as FEMA against you face to
face then he said got that girl is it should with their
wives good should everyone yes with that what happens in our party and he read I was a the was were the on this server who skated went to say show only your children all their wives all the children even up what you said the looters the take lead can new season Beach see Beach you see the unzipped and didn't even leave like that he went back to he said do you know why is blessing you because you gave him
good those think it sells from it would be
best for him to get this to you face to face the mood said take is build group's mine to think group and good said the made to be sick have in the skin diseases for no no one say no we not a month it is said years seven years juror lows everything and wuz sick very do what think hoopin you good you you know what that is why pictures only man the shares mention the Holy Week by Lord Jesus Christ shoe is why I'm couldn't take she said to him yet pierce your got and other curves your gut and and he answers a say is the likened ignore to like a ignorant movement do we accept it that
good for our don't we don't accepted so it was a yet it wasn't the it is a right to Ryan's coming from would cite yes even the disease good disease this is the body but does not hid the sOooo or spear so that ruins it comes up from Woodside and we the asians to to Ryan's makes you trailers mix you the did look good with makes you he reach use to use meeks you were lacking not that is work send james's say shows ratios look at what is be on we fever cool that a good thinks to be that today even to be done yesterday it weekend we'd but looted the say by your patience you Asus your cell who who use till and would be say so you need to be soo many to these things but today good saying was they choose is what you need use is can like someone incidences think his exams and at certain times he gets fitter opus good fitter up the books with a hope the stress but work mixing to which use Beach second example the Bible ever it better hebron was really a su he should Matt that move the one-day good him to get to his can't his who and leave everything and the following what do you think would say yes look yes where are you going I do what are you going to do I don't know what income with you have I no I knew think I'm 42 good take the I would and the way after to and mood me ever 10 reaches people us on us that is lesson 0 3 Beach thrust into you need thrust dude his time you need but the rest the mood his thing you need dressed the mood his with a need the rest do in is not to you sousa you be the judge you be if you can't trust them that you the sOooo page sOooo page and do even across the Bible those that he wuz mid the full all through is something all through suffer being by is pensions save was he say Google+ he is at their most vid example for weaver's through this stuff the was you this think we need to be patience think they should in then day shoes we need to be nation and stations we I X whose to c2 wants me to send that when he gets to me idea he wants me to send if RNC good let me think about it it doesn't exit because he knows if I think group wouldn't do for example Wednesday then we to Eve fittest fittest they should on this sick then went to
the the he went to her when she was lou and said and throw you to make other look the fruit that the mood said good it through said want the Eve to do net when he try it to have the conversation was hard was repeating up did the group the
safety you don't from all the trees in the garden be
there she said he didn't know sister think no didn't say that he said eat for all the trees well don't do it for only one doesn't matter because it would eat for
a bit we will done so what's it do he said her woo not up the rule does not
see you the truth I am saying to you the
truth go to say that because it doesn't want
you to be like head Saeed E the he do she look good she fed what he 200 this is a station this is a station and immediately she put her hand up to through it and be but work patients should say what patients
should say if Eve with perhaps some beijing's work which you she have to what which key good she say is for example let me go and Usk rather if you're not gonna us good he would have to go to a good she could have as good love that angels there were so
many hinges are good believe me if you would have us good dokie doing and probably the good to for some was and shoe for good completely even ask above who got absurd good was living with a why couldn't you say this server told me so and so what should I say to other pensions but she wuz to in page and impatient made other not us not to take a bus and she Duke through the laws other yuri and group got some beans and who the to their to come to bus all the graveyards you see these world is a group inventions or you that is group well when the Hoosiers said the loose to issues she is well the more this purcell on first patience do you drink the hood when the great virtues said page as if that innovations is his issues do you one lying the ruthie gets a the group the goods on work me the ruthie gets on to leave his file good who this is very chrome gold-plated I good boo a good I is the will so worked with you Bayesian I would fun I wanted to go I want to do enjoy Lohse and through to get some good
be which good this with his book would list and he nice that invasions brooded to disaster so he came back to is to hmmm I would and fell is greasing been who is have good issues his father full the father who do your dog or what he
has done book lover who is this still loving the
game even when he just and served with him so much and took his money and twisted Bentley the other is one who shoots sOooo much stations burn yet this is a very good example for us if God is not patient with you what do you think would can you remember good I wanted you to
think for at few seconds if God is not patient you use a weren't with the I am issue and want would knows would finished who your I Kent measure girl speech way that the is on I good weekend mention people who denies got the atheist who save your good girl is enduring I can't imagine people who growing even wilderness and in something got and persecuting is it should and this deal got is patient would a good measured worked with bruises get leading these stations and say if burdening the church's in issue is I would love to over country we for it as a sacrifice were this sick would can much can you imagine no matter what the do us we still look good well because got love me got me would I who is this ended the Bible those good love us when we were there is ending Yanni's enemy doing what to any but this didn't is love change it us room being his his to the is should is that you we need we need patience in our spiritual we need stations good stations whose who those boo doing the striking boots that see Tim boots in your mind that Satan no no that I am sure many of them would not be done menu over sends wouldn't be done if we have patients I'm if someone really gets on your nerves be patient you would not be and you will not have a fight a Chinese person said takes to use to you people
to have a fight too stupid people for I'm if 10 then is what it is would full if one of them wisdom regions they would be me because patience me access what for I'm good was to p this who you and would-be say gonna hear you courtesy good he who used to that and way to the say he who users that and will the say made Lord to give us boo the perfect by is stations and the save as was good