Malachi - Part 3



it looks like he had to go out of town
again so you guys are stuck with me for one more week but hopefully this is it than in the father summary spirit one
god amen since it's been a couple weeks if i
would come in this reset the table a little bit what we're saying we're studying the
book of malachite and malachite is the last of the old
testament prophet since the last book in the bible he said that the name malachite means my
messenger you sent from god to deliver a specific message to the people and the time of malachite was he was a
contemporary with me in mind as a okay so he's about the same time as me
in mind as ref uh... and at the time of malachite the
people were not going to get state okay that the state of israel's extremely
poor their spirituality in the leaders of of the nation and every
aspect of people weren't not doing well at all and chapter one of one of our spoke
about that was something burdening god or something on his heart the thing that was on his heart was that
he had to tell his people how much you love them face of god was
burdened by his love for the people and he started to bring accusations
against the people and in chapter two we discussed how the first place that he went when he wanted to address that the people that were
sufferings as he went to the leaders went to the leaders the nation israel
into the priests and uh... and he's dull those the ones
that he rebuked okay so usually when the people are doing well we look at the
leaders of the church the leaders of the people and see why are they doing well weekends so that's kind of where at in the book of
malachite week last time we we covered chapter two we open all the up until
verse nine so we'll start today malachite up to two
percent so will pick up where we left off last time in reverses ten eleven it says have we not all one father has
not one god created us why do we deal treacherous lee with one
another unifies were treacherous legalizing is
quite a few times instructor okay so the word treacherous lee means that it's dealing with lack of trust ok means
lack of faith a betrayal of trust you can see that he uses were quite a lot of
slaughter satellite words on the easy word he says why do we deal treacherous with
one another by profanity the covenant of the fathers gender has the treacherous lee an
abomination has been committed in israel and in jerusalem for judo has profane the lord's holy
institution which he loves he is married the daughter of a foreign
god is married the daughter of foreign dot
so that the next issue that god is going to
take up with them is issue of marriage okay so he's now makes good this time the people were divorcing their lives and they were
marrying paid women case was a serious problem the nation so this is the next thing that he's
going to take up with them as i told you the word treacherous means like a lack
of trust okay and most of the time when we sin is because a lack of trust in god for
example if i steal something right what does that show so that i don't think i was going to
provide for me okay so this is a lack of trust so will find all through out here that the reason they're doing treacherous is
that they don't really trust god he says an abomination has been
committed what's an abomination abomination something that's d testable
and shameful before god and was he talking about here is talking
about it says the lord's holy institution has been
profane peso these people by divorcing their wives in
marrying these pagan women did something that god absolutely hated okay he he it says here that it's the lord's holy
institution morally speaking about forty speaking about marriage here now what is marriage if i had to define marriage i would say
it's simply the highest level of intimacy in any relationship there's no relationship like marriage
and no other relationship did two people become one flesh there's no friends in this world that no matter how close are you ever become
one flesh for the person even a mother who carries a child her
warm will never ever be one flesh with that child marriage is the highest level of
intimacy and it's the highest level that god created became he loves this institution so much that when you want to like in a
relationship with him when he used hughes marriage he's marriages the analogy all
throughout the violence even the old testament in song solomon we speak about a bride
groom and going the inner chamber with the bridegroom a romantic story of love we see it even in new testaments that
you have the parable of the ten virgins who are waiting for the bridegroom you have christ even calling himself the
bridegroom saying how can the friends the bridegroom
mormon he's with them okay so god definitely loves this institution of
marriage he thinks so highly behavior for some
self has arrived i want to show you guys kind of like the
highest level kind of what god has a picture of marriage if we can
go to a fusion chapter five verses twenty five and twenty seven hope you all have bibles i think to some
of the back within a half as many flipping around a little bit today if he's in chapter five twenty five time this is actually the paulina piso that
we read in the wedding ceremony this is that this is the chapter that we
agree it says the husbands love your wives
just as christ also loved the church and gave himself for her that he might sanctified in cleanser
with the washing of water by the word that he might present hurts himself a
glorious church not having spot a wrinkle or any such
thing but that she should be wholly in without blemish she should be holding and the reason the institution of
marriage is so holy is one thing wise marriage holy you know a lot of times these days we
joke about me haitian people make funny jokes and
stuff but you know god calls it it's it's a holy
institution you know if you have to describe one
characteristic about his holy okay that's like that's the ultimate and our marriages should be wholly and
what why should they be wholly simply one thing the presence of god gay marriage should be a picture of the
trinity right should be three people involved should
be a husband a wife and god himself okay so our marriages should be holding and
marriage is a wholly institutions god which god created can force the
magistrate many them aren't like that because what causes important member
missing is that the poor in person that's not an
american jazz got himself you saw there and versed tenets is happy
have been and not accepted just about an hour
taxes have we not all one father has not one god created us what is his first have to do with
marriage he would say this and then you'd go need
reviewed some of our saying you prefer end of the lord's holy
institution what is i have to do it basically when these people were divorcing their wives and maintain
women they were not only seeing against god they're not only singing answer wise
with was releasing its loosening his entire nation if we are all sons of and orders of one god when they send against god releasing
answer why this in the ends their brothers and sisters right how is it possible the god will give us the command to love
god and to love our neighbor he said do two things love god love your neighbor but the same time we sin against god agree not to send our
neighbor for example if i live in a house to my brother does something to my sister my brother does something to my father
and mother that not make me upset with that not perfect to me so god is telling them when you send against your wives you not only send against them but you
can sing against me but you sending in suits our nation and that's how soon works since affects those around us
whether week likes admitted or not you know a lot of times you and feel like in this game is a little
too sensitive a little too politically correct right because arson does affect those around us for
example let's say i see that you're sick okay and i see that may be you've been
diagnosed with with economically upset that not hurt need to know that my loved
one is suffering from something that could
lead to death the question is why don't we feel the
same way about sin why when i see my brother my sister
living in sin or committing something is going to lead to a channel death why do
i feel the same way why don't i have that picture that hey something's affecting my
brother you know i should have that same zeal
that same fire my brother and sister when it comes to
sin when it comes to anything else if i see you coughing and sneezing you
have a fever and i tell you so-and-so want to go to the doctor you
know you don't look well would you defend that i don't think so rightly tapes on so
cares about me and and maybe i should go see the doctor but when it comes to sin everybody's no i can't say anything that's not correct let's see what the godly reaction is
okay i told you that now it has a
contemporary as the nehemiah so both of them were doing the same issue so we can
turn to the book of as well chapter nine we're gonna see what as a
thought about this whole situation about divorcing their wives and many other
women as we have to turn back quite a bit your bibles as a result one of the historical books so even though these books are separate in the bible
about twenty books or so there's at the same time the one thing
we need to know about the minor profits especially even though they come at the
end of the old testament all in a row the minor property interspersed all throughout the history
israel doesn't mean that just because something
that the beginning of the old testament it's it's a separate time than at the
end of the old testament getting open as a chapter nine versus two and three this is what he says about the situation he says for they've taken some of their
daughters as lives for themselves and their son so that the holy seed is mixed
with the people of those lane indeed the hand of the leaders of the
rulers has been foremost in this trespass so when i heard this thing i tore my
garment and my robe and plucked out some of the hair my head and beard and sat down astonished number last time
i told you that the leaders of is you're the ones who are committing the most in
rain he says the leaders themselves were for most of the stress
that so the priests the leaders were the ones who are committing this
endeavor divorcing their lives in the remaining not only other women their
main pagan women okay and you see as his reaction here he
says i was astonished he was depressed he was sad fear that his people commit such a big
trespass this is the godly response okay this is member a cup we tried to talk to about
finance right how his zeal was enough to have to have a torments
the people and actually he read the book azar azar
praise a beautiful prayer for the sake of the people k cc how his heart when the other people are standing when
it when he sees them go away from god to see how much you love them and how much he cares just gota nehemiah now the next book
after as rock chapter thirteen cadence unionized actions of a different but has
the same zeal niraj after thirteen versus twenty three in twenty twenty
three twenty seven it says in those days i also saw a jews
who had married women are vast are damn on and more and have to their children spoke the
language of ash dot and could not speak the language of judah but spoke
according to the language of one or the other people what do you think it means
that they couldn't speak at length of judah he spoke the lens of other people he basically means that they have for
gotten their god came they forgot the language of god they were speaking now a different
language that's what happens when you leave dot
it's like to go into a new place right before dot every day for got the
language of got what is the language of god what's the series that we had for that
we had the love challenge right the language of god is love and once they lost that they lost everything verse twenty five he says so i contend with them curse
them struck some of them and pulled out their
hair and made them square by god saying he shall not give your daughters is wise
to their sons nor take their daughters for your sons of yourselves did not solomon kingdom israel send by
these things yet among many nations there was no king
like him was beloved of his god and god made him king overall israel's became
solomon nevertheless eighteen women cause even
him to send should we then here if you're doing all this great evil a
transgression gives our god by marrying pagan women soniya my was was dot is very clearly about mixing with
unbelievers rain him i was congressman solomon the great one there was no other
king like solomon the sin by these pagan women how much
more should i look at you guys are like us to do that got is very clear about mixing
unbelievers you see it all throughout the bible and second corinthians chapter sixteen
call tells the new testament ten million six vs fourteen fifteen says do not beyond equally yoked together
with unbelievers for what fellowship as righteousness with lawlessness and what
communion has light would darkness and what the court has chrysler billy l or what part has a believer with a
non-believer okay so it's not only in marriage it's with our friendships with our
relationships it's very dangerous to mix of
unbelievers now that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be friends with them we
shouldn't speak to them because i was a linux christ but it's very dangerous that are most
intimate relationships especially marriage should not be used on believers and i've
seen it many times i've seen many people mary unbelievers i've seen many people be friends with unbelievers and they
take them away from the church it's so sad that how many people end up losing out because of of this unequal jochen unbelievers k nobody's saying don't be friends on
the verge but is very dangerous to hear your most intimate relationships are
unbelievers ok this is very clear and i saw himself the great solomon would would fall into sin by these pagan women how much more we susceptible so let's continue and malachite eppudu
let's go back and let's start back and inverse eleven and service twelve he says may the lord cut off from the tense of jacob the men who does
this meaning marrying the pagan women being overweight awaken aware at yahoo
reason offering to the lord of hosts and this is the second thing you do you
cover the altar of the lord with tears with weeping and crying so he does not
regard the offering anymore morrissey that was good will from your
hands what do you think in verse twelve e says may the lord cut off from the kinds of
jacob the man who does this marrying a pig in women being awake and aware we think it means being awakened where he's basically saying those people who commits in willfully may they be cut off from the tense of
jacob may they be basically made a dime those who commits unwillingly may die and actually the literal translation
some of you may have like a fun on your bible he says actions that away turrets
actually teacher and student teacher and student and as i told you
who were the ones for most of the stress fast with the ones coming soon was the priest that was the teachers and
as the leaders in james trapped it reversed wants as my
brethren let not many of you become teachers know
that we shall receive a stricter judgment it's one thing to send out of weakness but when you send willfully and when
your leader it's much more dangerous okay and there's greater judgment comes
along with them forty comes great responsibility so even he actually see this in the
liturgy him when we talk about single fully and and
reconcile unions got single fleas basically disobedience right so in the liturgy we pray reconciliation periods beginning
the liturgy right and christ taught us that before you go
and you make your offering to the lord would he do you've got your reconcile with your
brother okay that's a league is only case any synthetic committed willfully
anything that we know that we are waiting aware of we should definitely brunt of it otherwise you see there will in uh... the endeavor stirred tina says he does not regarding offering anymore nor received
with good will from your hands okay so this obedience is a totally different ballgame dancing
out of weakness we all said we are committed but willful disobedience is really bad action i want to show you first annual
chapter fifteen kings falls disobedience of the lord
apenas disobedient returns but this is kind of that the tipping point for a for
god here with king saul you've got told him to destroy a certain a certain nation and he didn't do it
completely tone to our lead story that you can do it he got a person of fifteen versus twenty
two nd twenty three simi the profit is the rebuke kings on cecil samuelson has the lord as great delight and burn
offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice the lord the whole to obey is better than
sacrifice and to hebron the fat of ramps crew rebellion is as the sin of
witchcraft and stubborn as is as iniquity and idolatry because you have rejected the word the
lord he also has rejected you from being team
case a willful disobedience god does not accept okay willful disobedience as a whole new
ball game and investor jeannie says the second
thing you do you cover the author of the lord with tears with weeping and crying what do you think that means we think
that we've been crying and noonish lee when i read it i thought it was you know
the people were basically being hypocrites okay they were committing sin
and they were crying before the lord there's another weeping and crying
that's going on into the right now which is the weeping and crying of those
those women who were divorced the ladies who cleary basically cheating on they were
covering the altar with their tears so much so that god wouldn't accept any
offerings okay so they committed greats in here and we'll
see even how howell how bad this is okay let's continue verse fourteen says yet
you say for what reason because the lord has been a witness between you and the
wife of your youth with whom you end up treacherous leave
his word again if she has your companion and your wife
by covenant but did he not make them one having a
remnant of the spirit and white ones he's godly offspring therefore take heed to your spirit and
let none deal treacherous lee with the wife of his youth casing these are my daughters none of you betray them you betrayed many betray me when it says the lord has been witness
between you and the wife of your youth what does that mean number i said marriage is a picture of what's a
picture the trinity there's one important party of that that marriage that's there and it's got himself rain it says did he not make them one having a
remnant of the spirit meaning he is big air contain and when this marriage bond is broken that's basically kicking god out of the
relationship when he's actually in a mention divorce
in a minute but you know this just proves the oneness
and managed christ in the only state in the new testament to the to become one
flesh but it says here did he not make them one an action the coptic wedding ceremony
when is the couple officially married he has no it's actually when they put their heads together with
the crowds on their head okay that's one the official marriage is done in afterwards that's
only read the command as you'll see the peace of saying now that you've been
joined together husband this is your commitment wife this is your commitment peso in the consequences let me show the one
mr two are literally be coming on the holy spirit joining together when the two are putting their heads together and what's the reason the guy wants to
make them one it says here he seeks godly offspring okay so the the one this is not only the fellowship and the relationship when god created he for adam what he can
pair when he created for it said he gave him helper that was comparable to him three not only filled the void of
fellowship but he also wanted to create godly offspring okhane every family is responsible for raising of the
offspring you go to baptize our children there's
action of let's read to the parents basically says that i promise to teaches kids the way of god
ways of the church and so forth okay so that's why he says take you to your
spirit watch your spiritual life every single family every single
marriage that stark is a new church take huge especially because if you
don't that's when the real problem start so will continue for sixteen it says for the lord god of israel says that he
hates divorce print covers one's garment with violence
is the lord of hosts therefore take heed to use pier that you
do not deal temperatures free can use this word again do you know there's there's a a strange kind of saying uses for cover
xl divorce or covers one's garment with violence he does not that means that covers one's
garment violence actually read there's a tradition he does want to turn the ruth chapter
three is a tradition that used to have the husband used to actually take his
garment used to cover the wife okay and this would be a symbol of
protection picnic by promise to protect you and we
actually see this interest chapter three you guys know that ruthless she basically came to bow s was a type
of christ and she came in she said at his feet enroute chapter three verses eight nine
it says now what happened at midnight at the man was startled and turned himself
and their own woman was lying at his feet and he said who r u so she answered i ruth your maid servant take your maid servant under your wing
for your close relative and if your bibles have a little
footnote assessing take your maid service under your wing it may say spread the corner of your garment over
your maid servant okay meaning show me your protection and boaz the type of christ so i like she said just spread the
corner of your garment leaving that's how we are with price
reminds me of of the century we said just say word
will be done weather with the woman that was sick
with the flow of blood blood what you want to do just want to touch the hem garment okay so here and i told them instead of covering your wives with
protection you're covering them of what the violence okay and divorce definitely is a violent thing anybody who's been divorced i'm sure
there's many issues that if you would not only
the kids get hurt but both pair both uh... a husband and wife also get hurt okay we said marriages is one flash frightened you
may have heard the analogy that marriages like two pieces of paper that are glued
together right if you separate them what happens you
can separate them what's going to happen and they get a
chance a left-winger okay both of them have some damage to
them we told them when you commit divorce okay you cover one garment violence
you're doing harm not only to yourself it's the body of
christ it says here that he hates divorce what's the major proof the god hates divorce no one thing i love of the bible you
notice that god never gives a commitment without doing himself he says honor your father mother when it comes
to the new testament socio subject his parents right even though he's the creator says that he hates divorce what's the
biggest proof that he hates divorce and actually pricing adjustments except
for sexual immorality snug divorced right who if anybody has a reason to divorce
who is it's got himself right if anybody's been unfaithful to anyone it's us to god further anybody has the right to divorce
has got himself but we see in the book of those there what happens he still has a to do what to marry a harley barrier prostitute because that harlan dot prostitute
forces us okay we're the ones who become the file weather was a ban on faithful to god and the reason god hates divorce so much but he didn't divorces himself when he
had every single right to do so okay so that proves to us had god really does take divorce for seventeen it says you know we are in the lord with
your words did he say in what we have we married him in that you see everyone does evil is
good and side of the lord and he delights in whereas the god of justice and told you as a couple weeks ago that
i love the old testament because you get to see the feelings of god your says that you've we read the lord
was that mean we re exhausted used tired he doesn't know what to do anymore he
can win one of the people saying now as saying where's the god of justice in god with
your fairness whose judging who here you know they're saying that they're saying that everyone does evil is good inside of the
lord he delights in them with these things in god you know what you're doing you know all
these people committing evil those are the ones that you love so who's judging who here this is how people became they lost because of the simply lost a
vision the correct vision of god now they're
judging the creator of self saying whereas the god of justice okay so chapter two was probably not the most
uplifting chapter in the world casey da distributing the people you you get the
leaders in the first half and you get the leaders in the second
half of the also be to people for turning god's holy institution urgent to something that was the bomb in a shinshin but now finally in chapter three we're gonna see the good news literally
the good news you're going to see that despite all
that evil despite all that we can this how much god really loves his people now the java profit is usually to full k
number one is his job is to rebuke the people usually god sends him for a reason number once tribute to people were
number two is to what succumb for the people there's never god never reduce without
comforting that's how loving he is so now we're going to see the ultimate
comfort and malachite chapter three soul
continue on it says behold i send my messenger and
he will prepare the way before me stop there for a second i think this is a
very clear property right who see speaking about here john the baptist okay very clear be hold i send my messenger and he will prepare
the way before me and this is so clear actually christ
himself in the new testament quoted this process if you go to matthew
eleven on-site matthew chapter eleven vs nine
to eleven christ quoted this prophecy when
speaking about john the baptist he says masculine verse nine says but what did
you go out to see a profit yes i say to you in more than a profit where this is
he a boom is written behold i send my messenger before your
face who will prepare your way before you are
certainly i say to you among those born of women there's not
risen one greater than john the baptist but he was released in kingman heaven is
greater than he peace of christ himself quoted this proximal test very clear
this was a proxy but john the baptist now in the old testament processes usually book usually pointed
to they pointed to christ right i'm not aware listen we can can tell me about any other prophecy
about another profit if this is the greatness of john the
baptist i don't know any other place the bible or someone other than the lord is
prophesied about maybe there's some evil things in the
antichrist something like that but in terms of prophecy about another profit i'm not
aware of anything and this is the greatness of john the
baptist no profits annual tests in the either wrote
about crisis they spoke about christ but john the baptist was the one who
with his own finger could point to say behold lamb of god it easily this in the
world this is the greatness of john the baptist and of course the other distinguishing
feature about him is what that he baptized christ this is the thing that sets him apart
from anyone who is where the baptize christ who is where they did they would pajama bats prophesied about four
hundred years before that's why in the ka pictures the only icon of john the baptist he
sees baptize in christ you won't find any other icons of john
the baptist inside the coptic church okay everything like i need to should be
in baptize in christ actually may have seen and i kind of
john the baptist was holding his head on a platter cadiz action on a ritual icon the only i kind of john the baptist
loudon charges when he's baptize in christ and because this is is distinguishing
feature this is what makes you special and actually see the same thing mary what makes you special she's the mother
of christ right you never ever seen hike on of saint
mary's without question you'll never everest you may see a
painting may see a picture but this is not an icon case though john the baptist and saint mary doesn't
have to vary on special places in in the in inside of god in and that your shows us that with with
the icons okay so this is very clear about john the baptist and
now you can see the good news says and the lower than
the sequel suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant whom
you delight the whole these coming says the lord of
hosts okay this is obviously prophecy about
christ himself but there's something very strange about
there that night sticks out to me anything strange about what it says this
is and the lord who knew sequel suddenly
come to stumble when i first read this and i thought and i read chapter two and
i thought about all that i've been studying about the
nation is built this time what's strange about that that verse it says the lord whom you seek if what all that you've heard in chapter
two would you say that they were seeking the lord or not i think that verse should say the lord who knew but not the one bcg we know what it is
is that every time we sin we're seeking something that's looking to take the place of god
ok every single one of us has like a god whole okay that only god can fill and every sin that we commit ninety nine percent of the time is looking to fill that hole something
else these people thought that through their loss through
their pleasure they're going to fill that that void that god that only god could fill so even so out of his great love he says
the lord whom you seek meaning item no that you you need me you seek me because
i'm the only thing they can help you with the whole these coming of course the the prosthesis so they see
christ in the in the temple coming many times it says it it says will suddenly come just temple
he seems really is twelve years old teaching the temple because he went in he overthrew the
temple two separate occasions he spoke about himself as the temple u_v_ rays on the third day so this prophecy was that's a very clearly
fulfills the new testament we'll go now to mover stuart says but who can indoor the
davis coming who can stand when he appears for years like a refiners fire
unlike laundry soap he will sit as a refinery and the
purifier of silver he will appear if i the sons of levi in person as gold and
silver within the offer to the lord and offering and righteousness first reverses and interactive three-d_
car like heavy-duty versus okay first one you got posse dot john the
baptist you got the posse box christ coming an
inverse concert that's obvious one inverse too it's who can enjoy the davis coming you
have a crossing about the second coming of the lord these first couple verses elaine
jam-packed okay night i thought about god's love and dot
spacious and last time we talked about how many hundreds and thousands of years
gotten spatial information but you know what at some point his
patience is going to run down you know god is a living god for short but in his perfection he's also just got okay and and one day because who can
enjoy the day is coming who can stand when he appears one-day
his patience is going to run out and one day everybody will have to stand
for him but god is doing every single thing is
power he's either and versus risk three women
says he will sit as a refinery near purifier of silver he will cure five sons of levi and
prisoners gold and silver that they may offer to the lord often righteousness we said here he doesn't accept the offer
and right now but god so that we can offer an offer
right who says he needs to do what is to purify it's right the very famous story about about his versatility group the ladies
was was a little bit confused by this first they weren't sure what to make of it so one of them decided she's going to go
to a silver smith benches and understand what it means
that you would pure fights over who she noticed when he took the silver
we put it in the flame he did what he put it in the middle of the flame the
hardest part of the flame and she asked him why do you put it in
he said quite simply it has to go on the hardest part one third alva impurities can be taken out of them k authentic and she said to him why do
you know id how do you know if you keep it into long
says i sit in front of it all day long or the whole time until i know it's been
done his if i leave it to long what's gonna happen it's going to be destroyed but if i don't leave it long enough and
it's not going to be thing it's impurity well how do you know when it's ready
said simply i can see my image in it so it's the same with god ok god wants
appear fires and sometimes god allows us to be in that fire white so we can the clans of all the impurities a
completed by spoke about service try to talk about being dot steel tubing is vineyard what does god need to do has lot of
cultivating that ground amidst a place where there's a lot of stones is a lot
of weeds has a lot of things that god needs to clean up and god allows us he comes as a as a
purifier so that we can offer in something about
it so we can be made in his image the national one of the church fathers
medicaid eventually that personally fusions five-word said christ and christ hello wasps the church to make your holy without blemish right this is how is another way they got terrifies right
he not only allows the fire but he comes in he washes he comes in he cleanses us from all
appear entered in all blemish and even saint peter in the new
testament spoke about this and first read a chapter four responses below they do not think it's
change concerning the fiery trial which is to try new as though some strange
thing happen to you but rejoice to the extent that you
partake of christ sufferings that when his glory is revealed you all you may also be clouded
exceeding joy you know a lot of times the fire is not
easy to go through many times we have to go through a series fire may be some
kind of review team maybe a sickness it may be some kind of punishment but in the end of swine spot of god's love mccain sometimes were literate stubborn
got has to throw it in the middle that fire in and more some of us need a lot of
cleansing so we have to go into the really the hardest part of the fire so that's him that's kind of what i wanted to leave
you with legs and chapter two saw a lot of review things a lot of people but in chapter three we start to see the
good news so will leave it here until next time
hopefully would appall will finally come back in this case take a break for me and i can take a break from giving this bible
study as well bundle anybody have any questions or comments anything else okay at stanford pop songs for a long time energy and
father we thank you so much for your love the
lord we thank you for your never-ending patients we thank you for although you
do for us we thank you lord that here will enter put us in the fire lord and that you see
is his golden uses the silver and that was so precious in your site will repent you don't have or system that will need
and so on freephone deserve the sense of the force and for that you never leave
us easel or help us to appreciate you mourn
until argues a way that you love us more prefer all my brothers and sisters were
here pay for the service meetings tonight appraise or that your holy
spirit would guide has called us and protect us or lauren sidney jesus christ with into
session the prayers of all you're saying to us and we pray thankfully our father who art in heaven told me
that i mean making them come and we'll be done on earth and heaven in this is their
daily bread inside trespassed as we forgive those
trespass against us regis on temptation but the rest of you in christ jesus our lord lines king