Living An Abundant Life


so it's nice aka i get to come here
about once a year now fifteen busing and being the search for the father's father
park bother informational and it's amazing with the church is trying to teach us but this is a pretty bad situation for this gentleman when you look at it it's pretty terrible this guy has been lined up by a pool for thirty eight years he's got the
sickness the people he hangs out with they're not the coolest people is somebody will some lame people some
very less people well hang out by the pool they got a can get up along he really doesn't have a lot of friends he's very lonely when i heard was that this watergate stared about once a year so you got one the chances year to get
into this pool he's been there year after year and even
though this competition isn't that great i mean you had a blind man doesn't know
if they will call this blamed paralyzed hearing in the pool got to make you feel hopeless i can meet them like an order for them mean envelope people around with their all centers and
i can't walk i kind of friends i mean this is miserable this is absolutely miserable where you hear what why is that right
here by the pool we know what is your medical he's sick was he sick because he send harry knows cuz he sent
us quite slater says f realism don't stand again he's here because of sin he's paralyzed do you guys really know what it means to
be paralyzed bison when a person is paralyzed if you want
to just lie in bed for about six weeks muscles begin to shrink there the fibers become replaced by fat the poems become a very and weak and a paralyzed person even if he wanted
to with his mind to move his legs after so long he just doesn't have the ability most of his life he spent on able to do anything so what does it mean he cannot live an abundant life he's not living the life of blessing he's not living a life of georgia his
living a life of misery then the funny part of the story christ comes this guy who's been sick
for thirty eight years person here do you want to be made well they got most of the look around like
this and it does not look i'm not waiting for heavy meal like i'm not
waiting for like a handicap sticker for like a t_n_t_ but i'm here labor pool where people he healed why why do you think i want to made well he coulda said no we're just here
enjoying the view you know we're all gonna so that we're
clear marco polo few minutes and in the blank that is advantage but
that doesn't diet he doesn't have a chance you know like worked of course that you
want to be made well bill of rights is asking the same
question do you want to be made well pic-a-state i mean really really when price as to you you a new made well you'd like marty well why you ask me to i won't be
made well he couldn't get a lot of different
resources hicfa said something not help legalistic
you're asking about a new may well he could have given allies crack no i'm fine i'm good thanks thanks for asking though
but maybe that's one of them by candidates i'm okay i i know it's the waiting game
sooner or later anova condo weakness from my sins sooner or later it's going to happen i know it's been thirty eight years but
i know center later it's come around how any of us there saying the same thing you you asked me if i need it made well and they're really dirt by the click of a problem does benefit as bad you know i know i
got a good view like do i really have since that you're
asking me if i need to be made well harry m_ as you're saying i've got this im go ahead i can do good whenever i want and i
don't have to be sinful i mean there's nothing wrong with me religious saying i'm not really
paralyzed i know so many of us are really paralyze our relationship with god is paralyzed it does'nt our relationship with people in the
church paralyze because i'm not willing to forgive that relationship isn't getting healed i know my prayer life he's dead it does it get i know that because of the sins of my eyes because this is of my the sins of might here's the sins of my
heart the place by and so paralyzed my marriage is paralyzed much work is paralyzed my fan and finances
are paralyzed uh... ends so clearly is is absolutely rediculous for a person who is paralyzed to say are not pero prices do you want to be made well he gives the absolute best response because christ knew he wanted me to be
made well he knew it but the man says this i don't have any man it can help me get in that one i've tried i've done everything i cant i'd tried by their people or we can do it by carol and myself i can't rely on other people i'm here by the sheep gate you know what the ship it is for a sort of a seat weather will be issued by the temple is cheap are going to go get sacrifice their sacrifice and she was all day long there but they're being sacrificed and
i'm still not made well that's not you'll meet i'm not ignoring
me no one's dealing by need prices in the middle i need something up that works he's back in christ hit i've got nothing i needs you did you know that the pathway to a
blessing is by that comment i've got nothing 'cause what dick rice a blessed are
there or in spirit for there's the king who do you know
what port the word portent greek means it means he says not just a bigger like up
cripple becker who cannot survive by their own means christ blessed the people who said if you have the spirit about crippled
bagger like this man who's been sick for thirty years i got nothing actually ended a decade of having
without somebody i've tried being good and i can't i try to be able to help me i cant i've
tried it cleanse myself by doing certain things i can't it doesn't work saint paul himself to me after christ saint mary then comes in part i mean holy holy i mean samples out there right what was what he says this in romance here's a writer's when he was before
certian africa she says i don't know what i'm doing when i try not to send icing when i try to be good i'm not good the things i want to do i don't do the
things i don't want to do those are things i do who is going to save me from my
regiments nieces blessed be gone there's no condemnation for those who
are in christ jesus crisis do you want to be made well yes i know
i'm fine want to play the waiting game how long we're going to wait some people
in carrying their sins four years some people have been carried this same
seeing it for years even though it's been forgiven there are some people that they know
they did a major soon they confessed that they has died of
forgiveness but you know what there's still carrying vinson it doesn't make sense crises in carrying his sin and it's amazing in saint john when he
writes a gospel he doesn't leave by detailed out he says keys here by the ship date where the sheep gets harder investors the says that is the house of the house of mercy you find a bunch of sheep in the house of mercy who dislike to find going around there they're finding good shepherd they're finding good shepherd looking for a lot cheaper whose paralyze so it goes to the to the lame and says i see those sheep they're not sufficient they won't work for you i see that your strength you don't have
strength that's not what you are i see that your loan you're not going to
make it he says this and sufficient for you union sacrifice i will be the true sheet the true and that a sacrifice for you you're saying is going to be shield uses you need strength i will be your sufficiency when you are weak my strength will be
made says you're alone i will never forsake you you don't need anything else you finally
have found the right person i am all sufficient for you i want you to rise when iran's fortune take up your bed because i want to come back to this that
i want to take in take it away and i want you to walk after me are when you walk after me amazing he's been lying outside of the temple
all these years finally after he says rise from your soon take up your bed don't come back your name walk follow me he finds himself the temple near the heart of god i think if i want you to get one thing is to confess with a bang it really poor
spirit plane got nothing bring that massive there's no way as i can get in the head there's no way i can be healed without
you there's no way i'm gonna find that
abundant life i need to you that's what the church wants us to learn in these holy days repentance and come to the war in the good shepherd
who comes to the house of mercy and he helps of those who say i need you nineteen g loan may god who always abundance in the house of mercy the good shepherd looking to heal and raise every one of its cheap no matter how long you've been insane no
matter how long you haven't been able to grow closer to him to others here many
of the president from the community have never confessed he says now is the time you say those words today similarity concerning nothing from hungary compound region for nonviolent life i want to get up remind scene i wanna walk bath for you went fine myself in your temple may god grant s of poor very very spirit
whom i often ourselves mccain