Leaving All to Follow Christ

 A sermon given on Luke 14:25-35


Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit
one God a min good morning been a long time since I've been here
but it's always nice to be back my East Coast family I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving
this weekend it's always nice to celebrate the
holidays with fish into Heanor it was nice a pending this supposedly
religious holiday with family and friends and so much food and fun and
celebration and then we get to a gospel like today's hmm it's very convicting gospel for me it's not an easy sermon to give I after all this holly jolly Christmas
stuff there's a very glaring contrast with
what this message was about let's take a look it sitting great
multitudes went with him multitudes maybe as many is this they were going to be with him and he turned around and he looked at
them and he had a message four people that went to be with him just like we
are here today exact same situation and he wanted to
give those people a message what was his measures I mean here is a
multitude and when your mission is to save the
entire world that not one should be lost what would
your message be his was an invitation it was in it invitation to be a true follower and disciple i mean here's this great preacher this
holy man does miracle to multiplies bread who
promises a kingdom here's this person and he's inviting
them to be close followers mean we're all
Christians here right I'm is in that our desire to be any even closer follower of Christ would you
wanna be the one that would follow him when he opened up his heart when he
revealed his secrets his mysteries his deepest desires when he looked for
fellowship in companionship he did that with the people that were
closely following him is in that would everyone was desires to
be to be doesn't each and every one of us
want a little more than what we have well what he invited them he gave him a
recipe on how to be that person and believe it
or not it did not say in the gospel today that
I want you to come and sit no warm church and then go and
drink warm coffee and sit with your mother and father and
brother and sister and wife and children and then by each other
gifts and more more gifts and have
celebrations it didn't say any of that believe it or not in actually said almost the opposite it said if you do not hate father or mother or wife or children or
brother or even your owns cell me mention these other things about denying cell carrying
a cross following me now we know he never
preached hate because he taught us to love our enemies
he taught us to love strangers the mission was not to hate anyone a
rather it was to love him with IDR and complete devotion this idea I've self abandonment when people earlier in the gospel Luke trying to
follow him he gave a very similar criteria he didn't make it easy he said it's
going to be tough if you wanna be a true follower you have to be willing to kill the cost I guess what he was looking for was
someone who wouldn't be distracted when it came time to do His will to fulfill his purpose he didn't want
someone who would then begin to think about all these other
things and what really got me the comment in this gospel that really
struck me is that they would hate even there own life also I really wanted
to focus on that just for a moment because what
do you think is the biggest competitor for a
Christian in following Christ the biggest competitor and someone
completely following Christ is self love it is self-love how much I love myself let's take a look at
self-love when I was evaluating myself as a Christian I wonder if Christ gave
the same exact message to me in this church would I accepted in mind a follower of Christ that christ
wants I mean I figured I call myself a
christian I thought I was a follower on MI a follower though because I have all
my needs taken care of I have a job I have a family I have a house I have health I get to go
on vacations to Virginia I get to go shopping I get to buy things like it eat what I
want when I want and I am a follower of Christ as long as these conditions are met is that the
kinda follower that we are and begin to think about myself a little
bit more and a look at this religious holiday
called Thanksgiving it's a day set aside for family and friends rain it'd be thankful to your family and friends that's the
whole reason we have this day of rain it was set to be a day for him is a marking the look stream here and and I'll be honest we did thank God
for at least five minutes before we ate maybe it was 10 maybe I thought if something does think
before earlier on the day that was set for him
I gave him up to 10 minutes and then we a like bandits I mean we a until we could
not be anymore and then at the end of this
amazing Thanksgiving Day what do we think about I we thank God
for all the gifts that he gave us right and at the end of the day what do we
plan for getting more gifts that day spent thinking about gifts n not the giver up the gift's having anything to me n I really love myself and the things that I get
four myself how many of us thank God for
dying on the cross for our sins on Thanksgiving everybody my little
daughter does it everything he doctor doing on the cross for our sins it's a great
prayer I think you should but what is an appropriate response for
the one who died on the cross for our sins is it merely just to say thank you
there's a verse in first John the pistol it says do not love inward or in Tom but love
indeed and in truth you wanna be thankful don't
wanna be with words and tongue only but what kind of Deeds same poll says
there's this great example a what we should do in response
to that kind love in action it's in 2nd Corinthians
five 14:51 my favorite verses he says the love of Christ compels us to
say thank you no that's not what it says says the love
of Christ compels us that have one died for all then all died
n he died for all those who live should live no longer for
themselves but for him who died en Rose again the appropriate
Thanksgiving for one who dies for you is to live for him not for yourselves it's not too love your cell when I look at my life and I think about
how much I'm trying to acquire more gifts for me and my family am i guess i mean stuff like earthly stuff I begin to look at what
another true follower of Christ said Saint Paul he says the things that we
came to me I've counted them loss for Christ indeed
I can't all things loss for the acts lens up the knowledge of
Christ Jesus my Lord we say Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I
have suffered the loss of all things and I count them as rubbish that I might gain Christ and be found in him here I spend my life on Earth trying to gain stuff in Saint Paul says I'm trying to lose all that stuff so I
could gain him nothing else I don't want anything else
but to be found in him it was as if you to overcome
self-love the more I think about myself I really love myself I want my dreams more than God's I want to please myself
and my family and you know what I really don't want
sorrow believe it or not it's not something I look for I want early success I wanna follow God
as long as I have earthly blessings an earthly pleasures
as long as I'm happy in get what I want I am a follower let me ask on Thanksgiving Day am in Christ in this
class was talking about denying self uncaring across and following me let me ask on this
Thanksgiving Day how many a bus thank God for things that
we have probably everyone did anyone think God for something that
he took away from you mean denying cell there and thank God for him
taking something away whatever was part of his plan to take
away something from your life that takes you away from him and any use a very sensitive topic now and then talk about Facebook what if someone removed Facebook from you me think about it I mean use it in the
presence are the people that love you starving
for your attention a new are so into how many likes you got for the last host and what if someone
were to take that away from you for awhile you would be so upset them whether it be a priest or apparent for a spouse or a friend that said just get rid of it imagine if it would turn your heart towards them it's amazing how much we complain when
things get taken away and specially when it's for our benefit when I look at the
same Paul what did he lose he actually lost his
health he lost his strength he was given a
thorn in the flesh and they're really bugged him I mean I don't know how long it took him
but it took a long time n he was saying God if you could take
this away I would be even a better service thank
God finally told same poll the reason I gave it to
you I took away your health so that I could give you something even
more when you read that chapter in 2nd Corinthians it's right after he talks about visions I've got up havin something was taken away so that he
could see God even more are beautifully I don't always get
excited when God denies me something my god is saying
denying yourself I'll be honest I'm not always thankful
when i receive across but God to take up across and one he says go deeper and follow I'm not always willing to follow no no this
applies to any view but this gospel came down to one thing
for me do I love God more than myself I wish it wasn't easy
resounding absolutely of course I do but I couldn't just jump up and say yes so what should we do what should I do first I have to ask myself is it something that I want do I want to
love God more than myself do I wanna be that true follower fully devoted to him
do I wanna be everything in all for him as he was
everything in all for me I would say probably a lot of us want that we just don't know how to do
it so I'm gonna try and think of some
things that we here at least I can do and I'm gonna finish we're almost done
here number one is very simple I need to pray think God would give me love him more
than love myself I recognize that's my problem is very
simple God homie to love you more the night love me US can do that it won't delay you getting to work cue
won't you want to wake up a whole lot earlier
to say that god help me today to learn to love you more than I love
myself number three it's going to be the recipe to cry
scheme deny myself we r in this thing called a fast is like the perfect time to deny
yourself mean what a great opportunity our
struggles against ourselves and our desires why is it that
we grumble when we fast are we happy to make an offering to gone aren't we happy to say I am denying
myself for you or are we said that we haven't served
our palates and our stomachs the way they desire what have we spent some time in this next month or so forty days to deny
ourself little things so god help me to love you by not allowing me to have everything I want denier so little
things like a little sleep maybe for prayer maybe a little time for reading maybe a
little glory by not talking about yourself maybe a
little money by not spending on you pray that God would show you how
to deny yourself so that you can begin to
love him number three is a hard one except across I think many of us have crosses in our lives which we are
complaining about but what we understand is that God is the father of us all and
the giver every good thing and he's giving you a
cross he might just as well be four York good in opportunity for you to grow to become
more like him to abide in him to Sens I need for him to share in his
sufferings as the fathers would say this is an
opportunity to share in His cross I'm sure every one of us has a cross what I want you to do is go to God during this past since a thank you and help me to carry
it and last thing is this follow him to
improve the guy would help me love him more than me that I would deny
myself in little things while I'm fasting that are going to set the crosses my
life in the last thing follow him asked God for a yearning not for is
gives but for him so there's a prayer I like
to pray Eminem Show at all to you and hopefully
you guys will begin to use that I find it to be a very complete player in the
book of Colossians chapter 1 verses 9 to 11 if you guys will pray
this prayer I feel like it could begin to help you
desire him more and this is what polls sayings is this
reason I do not cease to pray for you and this is his prayer the you may be filled with the knowledge
it his will in spiritual wisdom and understanding to
number one pray that you would know his will
spiritually number two that you may walk worthy the Lord
pleasing him number three the you be fruitful and
every good work number for that would increase in the
knowledge of him and amor fide you be strengthened with
all my according to his power I want to be a better
Christian but i wanna be a true follower we have
to take baby steps this is the recipe let's follow it may God be glorified in our lives now
and forever him