The Great Forerunner - Part 2


i'm glad to see some people came back
after last week and discovers it was last week when i think that first father son always fail demand those of you real-estate you know that
we started any distant report series on one of the
great characters in the bible saint john the baptist when my personal favorites
and one of the people that i feel as one of the most under-appreciated in the
entire bible when the most unappreciated things that we have in our church if you were here last week or even if
you were here just to recap what we spoke about last week we spoke about how
john the baptist had anticipated life of his life was
anticipated way before he was born we saw in the book of isaiah that u_s_
prophesied about seven hundred years before his birth for the birth of christ we also saw on the book of malachite
four hundred years for the birth of christ before the time of john the
baptist but even before both of those we saw
john the baptist preacher figured by another person bible quiz elisa and we saw the links between the similarities between the allies in
john the baptist we saw the arch angel gabriel linkedin link them together when
he said that he would go in the spirit and power of a larger we saw that christ himself worried again
tonight how christ linkedin with elisa and also the jews have questions about
him the aston r_u_ elisha when those two characters are linked together so all these things put together way
before john the baptist even born we also spoke about his family rucksack
rising elizabeth how their righteous people how his birth was a miracle and
of itself they were well advancing years and and you know he was a true gift from god
that's his name john means the grace of god in the last thing we spoke about was how
closely john the baptist is linked with christ and how important is mission was and how many times in the bible you see them i was speaking about
salvation like in the prostate is a a and then you find a middle speaking
about the messenger done about this or even today will see another example
that so the two of them arlington closer
together and so tonight we're going to continue in god
willing we will wrap up the the series on time last night but if you
don't have a bible you nothing about pics that i have a powerpoint tonight we do a lot of reading today and what to do a lot of floating around
so unity bibles and hopefully i'll keep you guys on your toes there's a mic out there so if you guys
can help me by reading was has passed the mic around them that i can you guys can help me reading
also hopefully we'll have to keep all right so where we left off last week we left off
the end of live chapter one through a lot of things for that but we left off
the end of the chapter one the very last verse versus eighty says
so the child grew and became strong spirit and was in the desert so the day
of his manifestations israel that's where we left off love john the baptist young child in the desert ps can we set a house kind
of a mystery but we do believe that he was in the desert ps we don't know
exactly what page but home at a fairly young age most probably
because his parents were old and he had a very special time the wilderness okay so his manifestation to israel what was
the point of his manifestation he came as what he came has the forerunner or the ones that have paid the way for
christ so his mission was very clear even before he was born
kate many people to do it we talked about that earlier but before we get his mission itis
wanted to make a point real quick drug mission and ministry and all these
things okay remember john the baptist had a very difficult
job a four hundred years without a profit okay and then god comes and says go prepare the people for me imagine until you guys prepare all of fairfax for the coming of
lord what would you do and you'll face book notes later stuff
no emails ok filling out the official put it inside a revolution can fire the
government do everyone dundas and having a cellphone might tell
you come you jibjab prepare all fairfax what would you do legit would you start first thing i would start send email
their webpage website does not facebook totally endowment word has spread right now that's not how it happened they had a very difficult job remember we spoke about the times that
he came into our very evil ok four hundred
years of our profit and talk about how evil two leaders worked so we had a very
difficult task ok so how does one start main street remission very simple preparation appropriation is very simple as well spending time with god in the case of
john the baptist how long before he was manifest israel thirty years okay thirty years of preparation for his nation's lasted how long six months how many of us you have a big mission here in the
church if your son schoolteacher navy outreach maybe some other kind of ministry how much preparation to be put into our
service thirty years for six months and you know what when you look at the
great characters libel you see that over and over such as john the baptist the demos as moses and how many years of
preparation forty years a forty years in a woman's and only that can give us a little bit long but christ
even when he had his disciples how long three years okay they had a great
mission afterwards aggressive the build them up first okay and this is kind of the model for
ministry even saint paul went to the desert
server a be a who's going to read one verse for you from deletion chapter one ok
this is what saint paul said when he was called to his escalations one fifteen seventeen but
when it please god who separated me from my mother's womb and called me through
his grades to reveal the sun and me that i might reach among the gentiles i did not immediately confer with
flesh-and-blood meaning i didn't go to people okay that's what most of us do
that's what i would do and go to my father confession go to people and has had to do this how you do that not simple i did not immediately
confirmed flesh-and-blood more that i got to jerusalem to those who were apostle before me meaning god told me to be an apostle what i do cape may go to the apostles
and see what they do in do that but i went to arabia the desert and returned again to damascus okay and
that's our saint paul spent three years three years of discipleship three as a
trainee design make a point here but we talk
about mentioned on one mission church has to be preparation kehna preparation needs time god if you do something great in god has to
build you up so couple things about john the baptist
thirty years in training kate we don't know exactly what happened as a very few
things that we know about john the baptist so maybe we can put together
some of the peace of the puzzle who want to they said thirty years there was first thing that
we know for sure that he had intimacy with god in those thirty years he learned to hear the voice of god his ears were very sensitive to what god
would tell him 'cause member later on he would say he who sent me to that ties okay so we
know his gear was keen to hear the voice of god in a constant rain okhane so thirty
years by himself the only thing agile and we've got for
shortly sensitive to the word of god we also know and john the baptist simple
food simple clothing right camel's hair locusts and wild honey came as a
wal-mart in the wilderness this is all he had was the various
tensions camel's hair we talked about last time
his garment that he was wearing symbolized what remember became apparent represented more like
the the cost of morning okay the close of morning at the close of repentance
case of saint john the baptist was living a life of repentance even before he came to preach about
incentives not only that but the wild honey ok some meditations
on honey where we see honey in the bible sense in very good would have no sense
in he took on the out of what out of a line okay so john the baptist very difficult
situation in the wilderness by yourself young person he's able to take on the out ok not only
that but david deposit said how sleeper your words to my tastes
sweeter than honey to my mouth so john the baptist in tahoe honey yet he public eight wild
honey yes also honey meaning the word of god okay we know that men should not live by bread alone but
but everywhere the proceeds from allahabad case a wild honeybee
meditating commencing john the baptist is in the world as by
himself line on the voice of god the word of god and only there but for sure you encouraged okay but which in the world and for
thirty years ago it suffers whether you like it or not angular no fear you learn to be tough minds may also david ok member when
david before david fought the life lizzie wrestling with there's an lines right so god was building him up for something
bigger saint john the baptist and the last thing that we know about
this thirty years that we know that john the baptist knew his mission very well when the time he was a baby the angels told him sac arise his father
told him you're going to be the son of the the highest the prophet of the
highest inside and he knew his mission very well so for
sure we know that he unsure use meditating on it was praying about it he
was mission from day one so all these things together we're going
to start now with the manifestation of saint john the baptist israel you don't have bibles please the bible who do a lot of reading is if you guys
could open to matthew chapter three at or start tonight and forgive me what we did a lot of
hopping around cake is the life of john the baptist you have to extract from the four
gospels you can take pieces of each one and each one add something different all four gospels speak about him coming
to israel but tonight will resume after three so who has the mike sure if you can soaring matthew three mailto nonstop thirty-three starting verse one mujhe john k preaching and they won't
happen the people went where they went out to him okay they went out to see him and they were baptized in jordan
confessing their sins to anybody who says confessions not biblical has no idea about the bible ok very
clearly here and that's why we say the sacraments
confession is like the second baptism kate washing away of sins continue please discontinuing inhibit thirty with the
holy spirit this winnowing fan this in this hand and he will darlie in house discretion for and get their case we
think of a barn but he will with unquenchable fire very tough for inside providers this is
the john about this in a way probably not the way we do it today if
we weren't coming up with a model of preaching but since this is john that's as we know
rain and this is the impression that i always have just of done about this
brutal vipers judging condemnation his winnowing fan unquenchable fire usually know but i'm
about to strike like i said today very politically correct ps very
sensitive newman offend people john the baptist why if i tell you today this is probably
not how we do it he stood on the street corny should
brutal vipers repent whose god is going to destroy you how many people do you think you'd win another immanent so why was this acceptable for john left
some singers this is manifestation israel thirty
years the messenger the forerunner any comes
saying this while well first of all who's he talking to
you students of the pharisees right and we know what their problem was because even
christ himself who's loving with sinners and loving with everybody use even the
same language bruder vipers ok so first of all he's speaking to the pharisees
speechless stubborn group of people that needed to hear this message that's
number one number two is we know that john the
baptist in his own words he said that he was sent from god speaks the words of
dot okay so what i want to say here is that
a lot of times we may get a harsh message we don't like to hear that message and a
lot of times god wants us to have that harsh message you better believe that when a holy
personally john the baptist somebody who they weren't sure if he was the question
on says something like that you better listen a lot of times many of us who like the
pharisees we don't want to minute but a lot of us are stubborn london's
guy has come in a very nice way even before john the baptist four
hundred years before the last half of the old testament mala kadhi was rebuke
and the leaders then use refuting the priest and he's done them you need to
repent po four hundred years later i'm sure that your your anything further but a lot of us at the same way okay a lot of us are stubborn and
sometimes we need that harsh words and don't think there's only john the
baptist who came when it's going to give you two other examples an axe chapter
two saint peter on the day pentecost after he's filled with the holy spirit when he told the jews we speak about
christ he says the lord of glory whom you crucified by the says they were cut
to the heart not only him but even saint stephen if you go to accept rape saint stephen
who they said about him has the face of an angel told the people he called and he told me
stiff neck and murders became so he gave them a horse message and also read these men dot silver the
holy spirit cancel when somebody holy comes gives
you a message a repentance you'd better listen and i'm sorry to say this but i'd feel
like there's something that's crept into the church here something that's been happening in
popular culture but the popular phrase that feels crept
in and we here at all the time now people have tattoos and t_-shirts that
say something that says don't judgment don't judge me sorry i'll have to say this king there's this thing judge interested in
seeing giving a message of repentance msnbc your into usable before provide a friend to see that friend is bleeding okay an issue that friends hurting and i go to a friend very nicely and i
say usually your arms bleeding should go check it
out go to the doctor and he says to me no don't be silly sab leading sexually
to stay on your shirt it's red is getting bigger and bigger he's a good
option says don't be silly okay there's nothing going on i'm not leaving until
they find essentially your arms in a fall-off you don't go to hospital now we're going
to die doesn't listen what toys to have a file
of that person traditionally when i get to the hospital
right now i was management this is what john matches that okay this
is the message that was needed that time contrary to popular belief gang this is
not seen john that is only preaching teaching okay i feel like we have this picture of john
the baptist maybe it's just me but john the baptist i have this picture
of a rugged guy thirty years in the wilderness coming with no manners no whatever bruna
vipers big strong bellowing voice fire and
brimstone kind of a guy right he does have its impressive them as i do astiverson i have but what i
want to show you tonight because that's not the complete pictured on the map is just a small part that we see and hopefully you can see that there's much more than
that now as i said you know i'm a bible please go buy books and do a lot of
jumping around given reed and the bleeding from for gospel if you guys can
turn of the chapter three when you see a little bit more of the
preaching teaching and on that this year but even before that want to tell you
that when the disciples went to christ and asked him to teach them how to pray
if you have to ask them they said what you just had a great as
jumped on his disciples had a friend okay so john was a teacher who had
disciples who taught them how to pray those so
much more to him in this brutal fighters that we know about but you gotta luke chapter three verses
cents earning verse ten who has the mike he kiss everything first hand please so the people ask them saying what shall
we do then incident said to them he who has to
tunics let him get to him last night and the u_s_ food let him do likewise and tax collectors also came to be
baptized and said to him teacher which shall we do and he said to them collect no more than
what is appointed for you likewise the soldiers asks him saying
and what shall we do and he said to them do not intimidate
anyone are accused falsely and be content with your wages ok discontent so here we see a sign of john f_ is that
we don't normally see huang teaching about giving to the forum
teaching about collecting nor their was a point of view
teaching lobbying honest not not intimidating people it we don't ever
hear about that if you continue reading there we read um... this is in the part that
we just read math which he got a verse eighteen it says and with many other exhortations he
preached to the people team any other exhortations it's not just is brutal fighters okay there's a lot of great things but john the baptist talking to see some
more than just a second but remember last week i told you the gospel saint
luke was unique in that it had details about the birth of christ and details
about the birth of john the baptist in
northern gaza lab and also zack rise elizabeth well actually the gospel of john is also
unique in the sense that john the evangelists was a disciple with
john the baptist casey you see things in the gospel of john that you don't see
any other gospels so he opened john chapter three when i show you some gold that's there that's not in any of the other gospels
not only that but even john chapter one you see you see john the evangelist mention john
the baptist in the middle because in the beginning was the word in the word was
god a stature and then you find in the middle he says there was a man sent from
diving john who bore witness to like it such a thing so this is another way they're closely
linked together to show you how important the life of john the baptist
list the judge on chapter three conversed twenty-two so we can start reading there please activists jesus in his disciples when al into the came countryside where
he spent some time with them and that size now john also was baptized ng at a
nine years salem because there was plenty of water and people constantly
coming to be baptized this is before john was put in prison an argument developed between some of
john's disciples and a strange you over the matter of ceremonial washing became to john and said to him rabbi fat man who is with you on the other
side of the georgian the one you testified about well he is baptize ng
and everyone is going to him to this john replied a man could receive
only what is given him from having spoken discussed up deficit in new jersey my says this is a major
issue nothing unless and given to him from havana came here we see get on the net show you like three
golden verses okay that you can meditate on your own kick each one of them can be
a sermon by itself literally the sentence by itself can be a sermon on
its own so i'll let you guys go and get the gold
was one point out the mantras you've nothing wilson content from heaven in beautiful phrase okay john the baptist knows that he's the
forerunner he knows that people look to him he knows the people think maybe he's the
christ was he say even this was given from www from above okay everything comes from god as a sign of a true servant that knows no matter what great work
they do everything comes from god caged-in teaching reading please mystery you yourselves can testify that i said i am not the christ but instead i had of
him the bride belongs to the bridegroom the friend who attends the bridegroom
weights and listens for him and it's full of joy when he hears the brightens
voice that joy is mine and it is now complete
ok stuff there for a second the friend of the bridegroom john the baptist more than happy more
than content to be the from the right now a lot of us maybe want to be the
bridegroom might we want the glory one this one
that but john the baptist was more than happy to rejoice in christ
glory okay more than happy what a beautiful beautiful thing his
humility is really amazing next verse which very famous i was reading he must increase but i
must decrease okay again another sermon and of itself he must increase but i must repeat they say at the only way to decrease
yourself is to increase christ okay this is his verses the only way you
can get out of yourself is to take more about john that this new that very well
i'd love these short this is one two three four five six seven words k_-seven word sermons the best you need
anything or not another personal bible geetha very
beautiful seminars one sentence best thing you'll ever hear st mary he
same encino matters they don't say much in the bible when
they see something you better listen signage of something very nice delaying
of kehna and we know the sermon that she is the
wedding cehner she told the servants whatever he tells you to do do it that's the same whatever he tells you do do it so here you have like three sentences better like gold so you can go on your
own meditate on them thing about them make a t-shirt right forehead to everyone but it is
gold okay we can continue reading if you read the
next uber sisters some theological things that show john the baptist
knowledge of god in and some other things but who's a good time won't get
into those but i just want you guys and see a more complete picture of john the
baptist okay i want you guys to have the same just impression of this rugged guide was
a mean guy whose brutal vipers yelling at people telling the king he's in evoking all the
stuff so now that we know a little bit more
moored of john the baptist we're going to come to the climax of his life the heights of the life john that this is what what's his crowning moment is the baptism of christ so again off for gospel speak about this
but will go back to matthew chapter three again forgive me really hopping around
love it but that's what we have to do to get the complete picture for matthew chapter trees sorting inverse thirteen if someone can
read for us please than jesus came from going to get on and that at the jordan any baptize to be baptized by him and john tried to prevent him saying i
need to be baptized by you and are you coming to me so again we see
that you know siege on that first but jesus answered and said to him permitted be to be so now for those it
is fitting for us to fulfill all registers then he allowed him then he had had been baptized when he
had been baptized you just came off immediately from walk from the water and
be whole the heavens are open to him and he saw
the spirit of god descending record of analyte in upon him and suddenly a voice came from heaven
saying this is my beloved son in whom i'm well
please okay what an amazing moment paint moneyline i tried to come up with
something to wear is i tried to come up with some nice things
to say had nothing to say humility of christ okay to allow someone so we say it like crisis holes that person is his handwriting he's the king of kings or divorced two of our another man put his hand
above him to baptize m this is like something that's out of this world and john the baptist okay in his amazing humility even though he was great amongst the
people he knew when christ as their i'm nothing he got a chance to witness the first
time at the holy trinity was revealed we have booked the voice the father we
have jesus christ the son we have the holy spirit in the form of the dog for
the first time the religion is revealed and john that's their witnesses so this is an amazing moment again i'd just wanted to point out some things
to you hopefully and you guys can go in and do you know you can read u can study can do
whatever this bible study i learned a lot again
those of you are the servants rooted if you couple weeks ago the priest talk to us about learning how to fish on your own a lot
of time they say that i can give them an efficient each for a day when you teach
in a fish each for a lifetime right so this bible studies not meant to give
you everything but it's just meant to point out some things you some nuggets
that you can go on your own and get the gold and get the food the scourge of
food that you need okay so that was the climax of john the baptist
that's what separates him from every other person that ever lived
that's why his by con which we'll talk about the end ok this
is the only icon but you see just talk about it now the icons on the baptist in
the church the only one that you see is him baptize
in christ there's another i'd come it may have
seen with john that's a scene like holding his head on a platter basically he has like wings because he's called an
angel okay the messenger or an angel he seen holding his his head on a
platter okay like carrying his sufferings but this is more of a meditative icon
not ritual icon the title and eyes of the church of john
is john the baptist okay this is what separates him from all people okay so any icon of the only icons on the left
of center snipers in christ as i said that uh... i said this one
time before but also saint mary's always on my icons the only icon used to say
mary saint mary has to be with christ why
because her title is the article she's the mother of god that's what distinguishes her from all
people so you will never see an icon of saint
mary in the church without christ can't the same way you won't see like
i'm john baptist without him the baptism of christ now the john has baptized christ he's witnessed and he's told people we've been reading about the whole thing
lamb of god which is with us in the world now john the baptist his mission is pretty much done okay this was the climax this was thirty years of preparation to get to the small six-month window and the climax is the baptism of christ and after that going to find the john
the baptist kind of fades away into the background okay he did his mission and as he said he must increase llamas
decreased you can see john that this kind of
fading away in the background in order for us to get the full picture
john the baptist kind of the next major event and the
wife of john the baptist as well into getting thrown in prison right sober mark chapter six viewers know there please mark chapter six starting first fourteen which if you guys on your toes they
hopping around from although there are so smart after six
who has a microphone okay if you can start reading inverse vs
fourteen to twenty please i'm sure most you know the story but will react further something that
happens in fresno one explain and make sure we have the correct understanding picture the makers on things now king herod heard of him for his name had become well known and he said john the baptist has risen
from the dead and therefore these powers are working
him other said it is a lighter and others said it is the profit for
like one of the profits bowen haired heard he said that this is
john who might be headed he has been raised from the dead for herod himself it sends and late hold
of john unbound him in prison for the sake of her odious his brother phillips' wife for he had married her because john had
said to herod it is not lawful for you to have your brother's wife therefore here odious had held it
against him and wanted to kill him but she could not prepared for your job knowing that he was justin holy man and
he protected him and when he heard him he did many things
and heard him gladly okay so this is not exactly in
chronological order but you get the picture of light on the left has thrown
in prison because you'd be picking told it's not
lawful for you to have your brother's wife and heritage even though he feared him
and have thrown in prison there was something that happened in
prison that's a little bit misunderstood my
felt like we need to clarify so now that we know that john the baptist in prison
and go back to the gospel singer matthew and read chapter eleven came after eleven position thing there that happens i want
to make sure we have the correct understanding of matthew chapter eleven starting verse
one we don't hear much about john in prison
but we do know about the cement okay who so we can meet rice's one-two three please just keep microphone ducked now i came to pass when jesus
finish commanding his twelve disciples they departed from there to teach him to
preach in their cities and which i had heard in prison about
the works of christ he said to have his disciples and said to him are you the coming one yr to relook for
another ways what happened here john the baptist heard about the words
of christ imprisonment hasten to recycle saying to ask christ are you the coming one
gradually look for somebody else what happened here on the nafta starting to go letting us think charm about just having a moment of
weakness thrown in prison you know even the great allies remember
we said it lies in john that allows similarities right member alyse had a
very weak moment after jezebel wanted to kill him he told i should just take my life now
'cause i'm the only one left his worst can unite even though i had a weak
moment john the baptist when he has been viewed out or not nesting how do we know that john didn't doubt because a lot of people in term of this
verse and they say that you know what john was in prison he was starting to
lose hope and he he he began to doubt use a human
being as weaknesses but let's look at the answer of christ
let's see what happens so we can be sure but on the left has been done continue
reading in verse four please jesus answered and said to them going
tell john that things which you hear and see but by and see in the lame walked the
lepers our clients and the dept here the dead are raised up in the poor have
the gospel preach to them and blessed is he was not offended
because of me p so he told the disciples to go until john all these things why
did he mention these things because these things are actually prophesied
about middle class here preaching to the port such a him blessed is he who was not offended
because any remember that verse talking continuing things as they departed jesus began to say to
the multitudes concerning john whistle sorry when his disciples last no
jesus because all these people have the disciples saint john the lapd is asking
is there somebody else are you the one so now he's speaking to the people but he says to them what did you go out into the wilderness
to see every chicken by the wind again stuff
there what did you guys go out to see in the
wilderness what is a read she can buy the wind what does that mean it means it blows wherever the wind
blows right he said did you go out to see somebody who changes his mind like the wind is
that what you were not see but what did you go out to sea so he
said did you got serious shaking in the wind
noel as john the baptist is not reach a continuing doesn't change his mind like the wind k continuing please but we're cute but what did you go out
to sea and then clothing soft garments indeed those who wears off clothing are
in king's houses a piece of software was was that mean himself garments alike for
the rich or for the worldly people did you guys
go out and see a person who loves the world whose influenced by the world with
easily changed you got system is sometimes a little
nervous when camel's hair eating wild locus and honey continue please but what did you go out to sea a profit i say to you and more than a profit but this is he a permit is written
behold i send my messenger before your face will prepare your way before you okay some stuff there's resentment so christ made it very clear k did you see a rejection in the wind no
he didn't she's somebody who's influenced by the
world when soft garments to alan king's houses no done that susan orders for thirty years but what did you go to seeing you want
to see the one who's more than a profit and the one
who's written about actual send my messenger before your
pace before your face will repair your way before you so prices making very clear to them john the baptist is not shaken by the
way in and john the baptist did not doubt but you to go on continue reading bobby
and you'll see how the lord prison this is kind of like the the biggest thing that we know about
john the baptist assuredly i say to you among those born
of women there has not risen one greater than john the baptist but he was released in the kingdom of
heaven is greater than the and from the days of john the baptist
until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the pilot take it by force for all the profits from the law
prophesied until john and if you are willing to receive it is
elijah who was to come you as the years to hear let him here
okay thank you so here we have christ himself so much
on that this one of those born among women there's none
greater than john methods it's amazing how the lord of lauren can
kings placed on letters on such a high level not only that but the verse i love this
is a very important verse that we also need to take note officers from the days
of john the baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent aided by force what is christ talking about violence
here stuff about the spiritual life case which life is not easy if you want
to jenny king of heaven he saw the struggle that john went
through if you want to take him haven't you have
to fight and the violent taken by force if you can have an does not come from
sitting on the couch does not come usually but the violent
taken by force and then he goes on to say explains the prophecy mala car that said
allies is going to come before christ he says if you are willing to receive it he
is elisa who is to come so he is allies are or like elisa coming before the php first coming of christ which was the
advent of price the other elisa is going to come back for the second coming of christ okay so
they're both similar so i just want to make it clear the john
the baptist because a lot of other churches and other people believe that
john baptist doubted anne was unsure king just also to note giving okay who's in prison maybe
started to lose hope in all this and prisoner was probably like the harding
in for john the baptist member thirty years in the wilderness present is not
going to affect i guarantee issue to bed in the prison than he did his whole life has a question what does that mean a good question was
feeding here to says that there is that part of our services but he was leased
in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he meaning greater than john that the crises the greatest of those born among women there's a couple different revision does
versus number one is for one of the interface i read was the
instead of who is leasing who haven't better translation is who is a younger
and the kingdom haven't meaning because chrysler's younger and aged and john the
baptist christ is greater than him meet he was young granting them is
graded meaning christ is greater than john the baptist another interpretation is the john the
baptist was still in the flesh okay he still had attained yet the
kingdom of heaven he hadn't moved on yet case of those who move on in the spirit to attend if you have an are greater
than anybody here in the flesh and so that's that those of the church
interpretation verse likelihood in the questions so clear on john the baptist not downing kate doesn't make sense that he would
doubt again from the time he was young this is his
mission he was told he's the one who point int you know what separates john from the
other profits all the other profits wrote about christ okay but john the baptist was the only
one two point with his own finger and say be hold this is the lamb of god and so that's
what separates him from the rest i'm going to go back now
marked up to sixteen sorry chicken finished story for completion sick mark chapter six which is twenty one
twenty nine am going to come here to the end of of delay for john the baptist the
story i'm sure you know very well for this reason for the sake of
completion floated mark six verses twenty one two
twenty nine piece we could meet does mike and an opportunity came when on his birthday data fees for his novels
the high officers in the treatment of gali earliest daughter hers releases daughter hers herself came in
and then simply spares and those who sat with him the king said
to the girl asked me whatever you want and i will
give it to you he also sports or whatever you ask me i
will give you up to half my kingdom so she went out and said to her mother
what shall ask and she said the head of john the baptist immediately she came in with the pace of
the king and and once you come once you to give me a
once the head of john the baptist on a platter and the king was exceedingly sorry it because of the oath and because of those who sat with him
did not want to excuse me immediately became sent an expert an
execution and commanded has had to be brought and he went and visited him in prison brought his head on a platter and gave
it to the girls and the growth gave it to her mother when his disciples hurt a bit they came
and took away discourse laid into them okay so here we have the and of the great change on the left skates
kinda sad ending but with the spiritual eyes we know of
course is not the end of john the baptist in john that has a great place
in heaven it's kind of like when we look at things
like this and say well what a sad ending to a life the thing we have to know what john the
baptist is he was sent for one thing you compass at one thing thirty years of preparation short life
you live to love the very short like thirty years to highlight of his life the thing that he lived for was only six
months so in johnny mathis we have a great
example in that service is not measured by length of time or by position anything like that strength of service is measured by its
death fruits by its it's effectiveness but
some influence on people and saint john the baptist had agree influence you've seen highly the best thing about john baptist in the
eyes of god he's honored and god loves him so much it's to one thing for us to honor people but
when god honors people we have to honor him as well his greatness is not because he is
called the messenger because many people called messengers
are angels you know that term messenger actually
the the word is the same word used for angel in the book of revelation you see id adjani venice speaking to the angels of
the church is right messengers john the baptist was one of many
messengers right so that's not his greatness he's one of many martyrs hundreds of
thousands of showed maybe millions shed their blood for christ so his uniqueness
is not in that he's a martyr as uniqueness is but he baptized christ piece of don't ever forget what's an amazing person listens even
christ calls in it burning and shining lamp his whole life like the burning they say that i can don't doesn't shine
forget that glow unless it burns yes same weight my spiritual life will never
get that shine unless we burn unless we work unless we struggle and our spiritual life john the baptist live the life about compromise lived a
holy life displayed in evil generation monks the midst of horrible people he stood out among people like no one else so i hope that you guys learn something new about
john the baptist you have a different picture of him hope when you think of
the great characters in the bible we think of even-handed moses and david and elijah and all these great people
you add john the baptist so any questions about john the baptist
or about anything that we talked on the last couple weeks no came calling me to go out for every
man will stand up for free and the father son stronger demand has you have any father lord we thank
you so much for this blessed opportunity lord to learn about order to serve it looks like lord and to
learn about life it's pleasing to you and life that you that you find pleasing lord and great
example for all of us politically that we can each p averting and chinese lamp allegedly can
be light of the world like you asked us to the helpless to learn from this
example or help us to live holy life without compromise to live a
life of holiness months annual generation
lord and give us a strain phyllis with the holy spirit as he filled the great
saint john the baptist of the holy spirit taylor for tonight's meetings and that
he would continue to speak to each and every single one of us lawrence in jesus
christ with the insurgency mary saint john the
baptist their saint mark and all your same issues we face
thankfully our father who art in heaven will be than the making income and will be done on earth as it doesn't
happen insist their daily read in the senate
has passed has repeated those trespass against us needed something fishy with
the rest of the line increased use our lord for nineteen
hungry for ever