The Great Forerunner - Part 1

"His Anticipated Life"


gaza rights mc can probably tell going to
talk about tonight usual mass to give a bible study or speak in any kind of way sunday
school whatever i like this when he gives me a topic she speak about this
and speak about that unlike insulation speak about but every
one st of course was asked me this bible study boonesmith speak about but everyone
speak about first thing i did was and looked at the
season of the church i would look at this season the church because i want
something relevant i want something that mobile to benefit from i want to grow
from so i was actually scheduled give his
bible study in the peace of defending so i said it was so excited cuz for the longest time i actually have
been wanting to study blatant john the baptist in iran
opportunity i was really excited actually one of one
asked me to to give the bible study at that time because i said i want to take advantage so reinstate today about her clearly just an introduction and that's
a good will and will continue but if you asked me my personal opinion john
the baptist is the most under-appreciated saint he most under-appreciated character in
the entire bible okay so i really take my mission to make john the baptist
big in people's eyes and people can see how really great he was there was a couple things about too john the baptist number one is his
mission was so unique okayed the reason i i i like him he's always been kind of a mystery to me
for many reasons okay number one is his mission was very unique ok very
difficult very unique com and the second thing is the thing
that i love what john the baptist is he didn't do a single miracle and i think we've become excessive
miracles we talk about people with miracles and i love the fact that he didn't
commit he didn't do a single miracle okay and
christ honor him by saying that he was the greatest from those more board among
women okay so it shows that you don't need to
do miracles to become a saint were to become a holy person and to be honored by christ like that
were to me was like special mystery they're always wondered why did christ on him so much so
hopefully by the end of this to port study were going to find out why price said about him use the grade is born
among women they got a warning as a kid today you
know if you would patiently for cover reasons number one is that you're going
to bible has been to do a lot of bible readings will be a lot of bible verses
so if you don't have a bible weekend and i think a bible i have some verses that you can see on the
screen has been a jump around a bit in the beginning but that once we settle
and you have uh... to get by because i don't have those verses on the screen so if you don't know by the pleased about
canceled today so here's the things like that john the
baptist right you've got to put together the pieces of the puzzle so you get from the four gospels you take from here
to take from there and we know the most about the life of john
the baptist of course from the gospels right but even before you get to the gospels
we see john the baptist where where it was the first time we we read
about john the baptist usage on that buys a very good so i'd say at the bottom is a a takes
place he writes about seven hundred years before christ okay to serve in a hundred years before we start to see the first picture of
john the baptist patient can you please read the pension scheme for i asked terry to to help me retake as my
voice is not him health but it was my voice by the end
but there's a lot about versus so maybe will pass my crown you guys can help me
out by reading comfort yes comfort by people that's
your cock comfort to jerusalem and crying out to
her that her warfare is and if that hurt equity is parted fishy has received from the lord's here double for all her since the voice of flight cried at the
wilderness preparing the way of the lord make street that that they're highway
farrakhan every fell a shopping it's not because
all set but every bad ant hill problemo and cricket places shall be beat st and abruptly system is the glory of the lord shall be revealed
at all flesh celsius together for the mouth of the lord has focused intense
anju so uneasy because even if there was very
stimulating this is the one that's very clear about
john the baptist the voice of one crying in the
wilderness prepare the way the lord make straight in the desert highway for are about to this one is
very clear in actually this prophecy here was quoted by all four gospels and on
more than one occasion one-time christ himself said john the
baptist is the voice one-time john the baptist himself said item the voice and the avengers
also pointed and said as it is written in the profits this is
the voice okay so this one is very clear but the reason i wanted to clue those
other verses in there was is anybody know if you know as a
chapter forty they see the bulk of my cm is like a
picture of the entire bible wine because it has sixty six chapters in the bible has sixty-six books the old testament has thirty nine books
intestine has twenty seven so the first thirty nine chapters of the
book allies they are are much like the old testament there's a lot of condemnation there's a
lot of around speaking to people about their since there's a lot of judgment
has a lot of things going on like that but chapter forty is like the new
beginning or like the new testament ok cc there here inverse wanted says comfort yes comfort
my people says your god speaker jerusalem a set reception okay so the
first thing new testament crisis coming compromised
people okay but what i wanted you to see in this
prophecy here is that in the middle so here it is comfort event after it talks about inverse sorry vs five the glory of the lord shall be revealed
okay so comfort my people there's save your coming the glory that what should be revealed
and who's in the middle john the baptist okay john the baptist is the connector of the old test is the new testament and
he's the great forerunner of the one who came before christ case so i wanted to
point that out because what you're going to see in this study is how closely linked he is with christ cat in realize until i started studying more now important his role was consolidation and also how much time limits on him so that was seven hundred years before christ also what i want to point out was very
interesting jungle out this is called what he's called the voice why do you think the voice me fart kind of an interesting way to call
somebody voice well what is the voice too voice speaks what speaks words okay or speaks more specifically though
word ok though were too is jesus christ himself case of john the baptist is the voice
who speaks about dole word or christ himself okay and that's one of the
reasons the bible calls and of ways crying
woodlands and only that does readings morning john the baptist
himself said he was sent from god speaks the words of
god ok so that's why he's the voice so seven hundred years before christ also we have in the book of malachite trap that d you can return the screen on could sign
and return that's going on for me please so i can see the skins in store for me
to tell we've got a book about our chapter three
four hundred years before christ we find another prophecy unclear if rosty's chapter three person be home ice on my messenger and he will
prepare the way before me and the work and you see will suddenly
come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant and
you don't like the whole peace coming says the lord of
hosts ok so here you see something very clear okay the messenger is coming before who
before the lord who's very clear there was suddenly come
into simple ok behold he is coming but whose before that john the baptist
okay this is something huge cuz it was up to
meet i would mention crisis coming whoever comes in for mike who cares
right but the bible is very diligent to point
out very clearly is going to be a messenger of very important for something to come
before me so that's a malachite ep two three four
million for christ also in the book amount right to go to chapter four verse five going to see something very
unique here somebody can read that first please behold all offensive allies of the
profit before the coming up the great and dreadful thing at the lord and he will turn the hearts of the
fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers left by
common strike here at the with occurs in case of single commerical i'd but now
we're speaking about a person different person right elijah but the unique thing here is that you'll
see when the arch angel gabriel came to that
driest look what he told them luke one seventeen says he will also go before him in the
spirit and power of elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers of the children
cases arch angel here is quoting the prophecy that we just read and the disobedient to the wisdom of the
just to make radio people prepared for the lord so here four hundred years before christ we have the arch angel gabriel
explaining to us but this one who was called allies in
the book amount eyes actually who john the baptist and it's not the first time that he's
going to be linked with the profit elisa ok even christ himself because he said he said for all the profits unlawful off
aside until john and if you are willing to receive it heat meaning john is
elijah who is to come u_s_ ears to hear let him here so here we see several instances where
john the baptist is now going to feel lies of the profit so i thought was interesting okay i
decided that i wanted to see why allies n_y_ john the baptist why they link
together and you can see some interesting
similarities number one as i said you guys education mckay this is all buildup and introduction to
the life of john the baptist before we can get into his life there's allot of backgrounds to go into
it number one who is both allies in john
lived in the wilderness and they both lived in the area that jordan through
the jordan's actually where john the baptist was baptized him that's number one they both look very similar look what it
says but elisa hairy man wearing a leather
belt around his waist and then you see that john the baptist
john himself of clothing camel's hair within leather belt around his waist and here you may ask what is the day
care what is the the leather belts well the leather belts easy okay let the
belts represents grading yourself for the spiritual struggle okhane actually we have this thing and i
caught the church called this team and he has ever heard
of this a lot of the spiritual there's the
monster bishops whatever we reach a certain state actually closed
it with his belt leather belts called the scheme ok who represent the
spiritual struggle ok and while other does leather comes from an animal dead
animal which means sacrifice okay as for the hair ok wearing their hair or base some commentators say elisa wasn't
actually hairy but he was wearing a hairy garment like some of the john the
baptist many people say inside the closed of morning or the
close of repentance member these two clothing southern sack
cloth and ashes so because john the baptist and elisa both are preaching repentance
ok people four uh... camel's hair or worth hairy men number three they both had very
important disciples and lies ahead the sons of the profit of
course he had very famous disciple elisha john the baptist also has the sidebars
including peter enduring john kitna james i don't think specifically says but
usually james garner together i think james also disciples on that before both of them extremely fiery
personalities right both of them preached about only one thing repentance
very clear k elisa said how long we falter before to with two
opinions if the lord as god follow him but if they'll follow him ok very clear
either you follow ghari don't of course john the baptist very well-known bruder vipers and all
the stuff should therefore bear fruits worthy of
repentance okay so both of them very fiery both of them preaching about one
thing repentance the five both of them very unusual man capable of had very successful
ministries elisa defeated four hundred fifty profits avail and
john the baptist of course had the crowds multitudes coming soon to be
baptized okay both of them very successful in
ministries both of them dealt with evil kings elisa dealt with king ahab and john the baptist dealt with king
herod and both of them have to deal with the wrath of lou the lives of the king tate you guys know queen jazz about want
to kill elisa alleged fled from her and who wrote yes of course asker's their head of john the baptist on a
platter receving last similarities i think is
the most fascinating cake both are associated baptism now you know this about elisa john the baptist of course that's what
he's known for he said i_d_ baptize you with water but he
meaning christ will baptize you with the holy spirit and fire and where do we see a picture of this
with elisha thoughts we cease-fire very clearly when when he
challenged the profits of bail right he said he went to the mountain said who's going to chew sacrifices one for
your god one for my dot and the one that brings down fire we know that's the true
god okay but what happen before the fire came
down what adele as you do he put water on the word right keystroke
toward or this is what we consider type of baptism baptism comes before fire and on the day pentecost with the holy
spirit descended how to come down tongues of fire ok that's why baptism
comes before the sacrament pres nations church a cane first you get baptized and
then you see the holy spirit so all the similarities and the
prophecies in all that asa question which a lot of the jeans
athe they said john are yuo leisure at your leisure the
prophet well let's see what his answers let's go
to a john chapter one so going for now unique about this i don't have uh... i don't have these
verses on the screen so if you have a bible uh... make sure you get about a few open
john chapter one verses nineteen to twenty three we're
going to see john the baptist answer this question with mike from if you can reach christine please now this the testimony of john when the juice increasingly vets from
jerusalem tasking maria he confessed and did not deny contest high-end i'm not depressed and they asked him what ben realize that he said i am not spray the profit and he
answered no then they said to him who are you that
we may give an answer to those who sent us what do you say about yourself usaid i and the voice of one crying in
the wilderness makes a filling in the lord as the profit i see is said one thing i know about john that this is
he knows who he is can should know i'm not elisha but i've just
the voice three although i do or one year is to speak about though
word or dispute the words of god okay so the key was done that's a definite
was not life but the key was as the angel said he's
coming in the spirit and the power of elisha okay so the reason i wanted to show this to
use because i wanted you to see that before john the baptist comes we have a huge picture of him about so the times elisa was about nine
hundred years before christ so here we see john that this is pre
figured by elisa meaning similar person then we have the very clear posse of isaiah seven hundred years for christ and we
have the last of the profits malachite so the end of the old testament now try to make sure to tell hey there's
a messenger coming before christ come before the savior comes so i just wanted you guys to see that or almost ready to get elected on that before we do that we have to understand forty can study
the life of any person you have to understand the time in which they lived the last of the old testament glass the
profits as mallika we don't see john the baptist of the
time of christ until when how long after mallika four hundred years bizarre four hundred year period or god
did not speak and they call this time like y four hundred years the bible calls it the fullness of time
okay so there was a huge gap between the time that god spoke in his last prophet and the time that
christ came a john the baptist coming first and those four hundred years were not
decreased i'm ok reminds me were very similar time a dark period like we've
learned about the last two weeks in the book of ruth took place during when time of the judge's okay time the judges was another four hundred
you appear that was very dark and the last verse in the book of judges
very clear says in those days there was no king in
israel everyone did was right in his own eyes there was no king everybody did where
they want to okay it's like you see the chaos and each of
these days everybody's doing whatever they want
people in the streets there's no law there's no rules there's nobody in forcing anything same thing before christ came before
john the baptist came look at the time to the nation israel at
this time of john the baptist in christ coming is ruled by who by the romance right the gentiles how bad could it be but
that is your lights now being ruled over by the gentiles not just any gentile okay but who's the
king king herod an extremely evil person we see his evil not only with but he took his brother's wife okay but what happened after christ was born
paired commended every kid under the age of two need to
be killed so what in evoking and this is the
person who's in charge of the nation israel and only that but who were the leaders of the jews describes the pharisees the high priests what about their character we know they had a horrible character okay and even the book a malachite the less popular passive rebuked the
priests so imagine four hundred years later ok how evil the
people or just getting worse and worse and worse every single year i don't need to tell you about the
character of the pre alert the pharisees describes
because christ himself he was those of the only people that
price is very strict with and even he said he even said this is an
evil in adults as generation you have all this going on okay this evil period dot hasn't spoken
the rulers are awful so imagine if the rulers and leaders
alike that night of the people like but in the midst of this darkness ok god
always leaves a remnant always leaves a group of people small group of people better loyal to him even at the time of the leisure to
member after licensee the possibilities as well told him to kill you and he fled what'd he say he cried the guidance of
lord and the only one left who worships you got sold him a he said no there are seven thousand people that i
have to have not balcony god always leaves a remnant you see the
sr off the bible even saint paul new testament says man even so then at this present time there
is a remnant according to the election of grace okay so there's always a remnant and at
this time before christ in john the baptist there was some amazing people at that
time of course we have back right elizabeth the parents of john the baptist the mother of god urself saint mary and
also saint joseph we have seen the other end of the profits is it isn't just the people that the bible
specifically mention but i want you guys to see is that even
in the midst of a evil generation you still have godly people and that's an example for all of us but no matter how evil this generation
is make no mistake we live in eva generation it's not an excuse to live with other
life like these people that i just mention they not only with the garden life they
live and amazing life holy life so what is our excuse case we don't look to these examples
that we see the fourth we're going to be judged by that you know the reason we have depiction of scenes in the church when
you walk in so when you walk in you take a look at the victorious church and you look at the heroes who kept the
faith okay and even christ said number used to do faces he said the queen of the south will rise up in
the judgment who is the queen the self what did she
do why she can rise above judgment the queen of sheba k traveled thousands
of miles to see who king solomon so what the lord said was if she did
that to go see solomon and you're not willing to come just a
little ways to see ccny whom god she's going to judge you and even he said the man of many buck
banana judges also line as johnny came to them didn't give them
a fancy speech he said repent otherwise in the died andy repented but we've been given a lot so i just want to make the point here
that in the midst of a evil generation
they're still godly people and we want to follow that example we're going to begin the story of john
the baptist of course with his family k and we find the details the most details of the gospel saint
luke's if you guys in terms of luke chapter one the gospel of luke is unique in that
provides details that no other docile provides it's the only gospel izak
rising elizabeth are mentioned and also the oak that amount of detail the deals
with the enunciation of john the baptist the birth of john the baptist union station of christ in the birth of
christ okay anne ideas why the gospel of luke would be anymore unique than any other gospels why it would
include a small detail okay he studied in research things if he
was a physician okay so people know that he was very studious very uh... what's the word very thorough and
whatever you did but the key was the tradition tells us
that st luke actually interviewed seat mary when he wrote his gospel so because he spoke with saint mary
that's why we find a lot of these details okay also tells us flexion luke wrote about saint mary's
said mary kept all these things in part of them in her heart so it also tells us that because we hear
so much about that grass elizabeth they were so important not only to her
but in the entire picture salvation and we can start reading him from first
five luke chapter one verse five was the microphone five to seven please in the time of year kenya cheer there
was a priest musicroom who belong to the priest division pakistan his wife elizabeth was also a descendant
of and both of them are operating on the side
of card observing on the lord's commandments and
regulations play miss lee but they had no children because it was
the first bank and they were both well on the news okay and love you with his mother chrysler's
with some transition say a prayer some say righteous ok says the writers
before who before god okay a lot of people seem writers before men but to the righteous before god as
something totally different and the term blameless here does it mean
that they were without simply they were humans they had their falls and anybody
else but the term blameless means that they
did all that they could do okay i'm sure
they still fell they still had the shortcomings but they were blameless k
they did their part has one thing missing they didn't have a child case going to feel that way sometimes you doing everything right you're right just for god your blameless you're fast in your brain you're reading
your bible reading this but then though child something's missing put yourself in their shoes okay at that time tonight have a child was
what was considered chris from god especially since their prices a priest
right he needs to have asunto can pass on the
priesthood but i love the fact that zack rise in
the form bitter okay their wages for god okay their righteous at their old age
meeting this trial was a long trial ok they
waited for a long time for a son and usually when god allows it i like
that it means that you want to bring
something special so you may have your own child you're waiting on something whatever it is ok but just know that we
still have to be writers and blames for god and god in his own time is going to answer whenever he answers there's a beautiful song some thirty
responses weeping may indoor for a night majorie
comes in the morning and it doesn't really mean a literal
might but it means that the period of time from god allows these things to
strengthen us k so keep in mind sac wrestles with writers before god well
advancing years no child taylor's continue reading versus age of
thirteen please once that is accurate division was on
duty and he was serving as priest before god is chosen by a lot according to the
custom of the priesthood feelings the temple of the lord and burn
incense and when the time for the burning of
insist came all these symbols worshipers with
bringing outside any delayed appeared to him standing at the right side of the author
of incidents present grandson and he was startled
analyst gripped with fear but they just said to him to not be
afraid becker anchi afraid has been heard your life elisabeth will vary with son any right to give him the name john
stupid handlers here the injustice what your
career is what is unheard we have to know that no matter what
we're praying for our prayer is heard the insert may not be there but knowing
that your prayer is heard ok and asx like spiritual maturity comes from knowing
that i'd put my request before god the answers whenever he answers case not important and a lot of times when we don't get the
answer that we want sometimes dot says no that's on the conveyor sako as
elizabeth many many years putting something for
god not not answer you know okay but note that their prayer was heard kanka here i just want to go a little
bit deeper about the school prayer thing what do you think zachariah so is this
prayer list i'm sure that they prefer assigned for
so long i'm sure they prayed harder than anybody for sun but think about it zachariah snow is well advancing years
right he's an old man elizabeth is an old woman do you think that when he went in to
burn incense he was praying for asylum but he has been probably not okay i'm too old for life told we're done
kate god chose not to answer not many the bible commentators and what
i'd leave that gross is paying for sacrifice was what he was a priest right
what's the job of the priests spray for the people right offer sacrifice on behalf of the
people or what's the state of these people
these days in captivity under dot intensity but
under the rule of the romans ok you have people back sliding all over the place so many commentators say that because
that crisis prayer ok wasn't outward prayer not an inward prayer not focused
on me give me a song but save my people god wanted to honor him ok and say not
only are you going to have a son but years son is going to play a role in
the salvation of praying for how beautiful is that k that's the
difference between a righteous person and somebody like you know thank me for example ok my prayer a lot
of times inward focus but that price prayer he knows his role
he's a priest by jobs pay for the people that something to do phase of his prayer was hurt not only to getting a son who can get
the greatest son all right let's continue reading and
another vs fourteen to seventeen and you will have joy gladness many more
plants at his birth for he will be great in the side of the
lord and children commuter wine or strong trend you'll also be filled with the points
perry even from his mother's womb and he will turn many of the children of
israel for the lord their god you will also go before that beforehand in the spirit and harv elisa to turn the hearts of to that
but the fathers to their children images of the into the wisdom of the
deaths to make ready of people prepared for the
lord contented engineer tells him and he's going to be great inside a
booth great inside of the lord so god things highly of john the baptist christ
honor him and so we should honor as well not only that he will neither drinking wine or strong
drink okay this is consider the nasa right val in the old
testament extension for example took a val they don't drink one must be going to
come near the grapes came why consecrated to the lord fully but the key here is that he's in the
field of the holy spirit from his mother's womb no other character no other person it
was said about them filled with the holy spirit from there
won't be from their mother's womb that's why john the baptist has special place especially should the price and special
place in the eyes of the church in the church she only offer prayers
fantasy in the hands of the church we ask for the intersections only two people only two human beings
came asking two sessions of the arch angels the angels the heavenly hosts we asked in a recession saint mary
likens leashes assumed to heaven she's with had she's in heaven with christ and saint john the baptist nobly change
on that is in heaven he's in paris with your radios waiting but why because why we asked concessions because
from his war he had a specially shipwrecks he still has a special issue of christ okay so nobody else had that like he had mason very unique by this continue reading eighteen to
twenty five please and recognize that the child process i
know this famine old man and my wife as well as
bentsen years and the angel answered and said to him
and gabriel who stands in the presence of god and was sent to speak to you and bring
you these glad tidings but they hold you will be mute and not able to speak and
so the day these things take place because he did not believe my words
which will be fulfilled in their own time and the people waited his decoration
marveled that he lingered so long in the temple so when he came out he could not speak
to them and they perceive that he had seen
division in the temple fahey beckon to them and remain
speechless so it was as soon as the days of his
service were completed that he departed his own house after those days his wife elizabeth
conceived and she she hit her cell five months saying says
the lord has dealt with me in the days when he looked on me to take away my
reproach among people tainted slap in here watching just told him you have a son zachariah is that what and belief even those addresses a very righteous
men he didn't believe his punishment very severe if you ask me nine months not able to speak that's really strong why do you guys think is punishment so
severe i mean the guise of priests imagine one of the priest here can speak for nine months sources almost worthless wises punishment so severe number one that christ was a priest he's a teacher of the people he knows the story appearing in this
area he's a righteous man is a servant of the
lord and angela appeared to him in person and he doubted always always always the standard for
servants of god is much higher than ours that's like
david when david sent his punishment was rediculous ok akiva repentant but his
punishment was huge cake it's very interesting the i don't
remember carl ever a punishment like this before somebody comes mutes got together to speak why do you think newt's very interesting that rises gimme the father who the voice and the voice does what speaks about the
word of god swords acronis represents is the jews who didn't accept christ or
the unbelievers who do not accept the word of god or christ himself when you don't accept christ when you
don't accept the word of god you cannot speak you army cancel the father of the voiced okay he
knows the prophecy he knows all that stuff became youth because he didn't accept that his son kate would be the buddy eating something's going to have a
son but it represents not accepting the word
of god or not accepting christ okay and also here we saw his passing so
demands in elizabeth wright missus believed to yourself five months i was elizabeth azadeh christ getting
old k probably hallucinating probably saw something that's crazy you know i'm
old no she believes and she herself five months okay amazing amazing people if you look at the next verse member i
told you that john the baptist and christ arlington an amazingly we want you to see the next verse is now
in the six-month the angel gabriel send my god to forgive gali me nazar arching a game of nothing to do what
he's going to go to saint mary announce the birth of christ the savior god
himself isn't it beautiful is the interesting that the the time is measured by who by the pregnancy of elizabeth was
carrying john the baptist that's how big of the figure john the baptist is
cake the coming of the lord is measured by the pregnancy elizabeth okay you know what happens next okay exam
comes it mary and what will fast for a little bit
'cause we want to get into john the baptist kate let's go to burst
thirty-ninth we can read versus thirty nine to forty five please this is after christ was announced her resonance team went in her country case to the city of jayda and underneath the house a separate list and critical of that and a half minutes with recipt of men anticipate believed in home alone analyst at the start of the holy spirit and she spoke out about the lincoln send frustrate you among women and that's the
stupid if you live alliances kenneth meet with a matter of
minority come to me find it as soon as the boys to be a
greeting founded a might here's debate lied to my room for joy first this year believe for the repair
for fun and interesting special told her from the line so here we have for the first meeting
between christ and john the baptist okay and seeing elizabeth recognized he was
coming to her st mary cuz you said the mother of my lord cases she knew who was coming to her many of the file is the church saying
that was not elizabeth who spoke but who was it john the baptist filled with the holy
spirit from his room who prophesied through his mother
elizabeth k he's the one who told her this is the lord is coming and even a state like st mary's greeting
to her was also crisis meeting john the baptist k so here we have the first meeting for the sake of time you guys know what
happens next is st mary goes on to say her beautiful song okay if you go back to as a chapter fourteen
you see the prostate john that's a good idea forty verse for compared to design
your own compare reversed fifty two of the chapter one that's like you know my son even though
you can compare the two you can meditate on mac and see how closely link the art
together another ki of the linking of john the baptist in
price okay almost getting to the end here if we
could read verses fifty seven to sixty six please finally now we're going to see the birth of john about this we can read for us under chapter one fifty seven sixty six anyone can reach agreement him now elizabeth you have a the seventh lapd sixty six now there's a bit full-time came for her
for her to be delivered fishing dock with his son when her neighbors and relatives head
have the lord had shown great missy to her the rejoice with her i remember she was a reproach now the
rejoicing with her for a life anything that they came to circumvent child and they would have called him by the
name of his father thank you his mother and said instead noone you shall be called john but they said to her there is no one among gay relatives who is called a disdain so they made signs to hit his father when he should wangyiwei have hand cold and he asked for a writing pathways and
boasting his name is john for their own marvel immediately is not myself and then he
stumbles and he spoke praising god they fear came on almonds was around
them and all these things and all of these things where discussed
throughout all of the hill conscientious dam and all and all those who heard them kept them
in their hearts thing what kind of childhood is the the hands of the largest with him
teaches two quick things that we're not going to be the reception role since for
tonight number one is assumes that grosses
novels opens praise god right away k he was newt because he did accepts christ or accept the word of god but one seat opened his mouth ones dot open his mouth
person can ospreys is the second thing is i want to point out all those people
to end who kept these things in their heart
okay just want to tell you that spiritual people writers people when
they hear the word of god when they see the work of god acutely stays in there
hardly meditate on it that's what we heard about saint mary right she did the
same things get all these things in our hearts and ponder them in her heart okay for the sake of time of
redistricting misread so the end of the chapter please fathers pakai has felt the family spear
prophesies placid is a large that israel for he has
his eighteen regained his people has raised up of mornin salvation for us in the house of the seventies and as he
spoke by annapolis holy prophet but then since the world began that we should be seen from enemies and from the hands-on he test to
perform the mercy promised to our fathers tend to remember his holy
covenant the other which he swore term father
abraham to dentist that we being delivered from the hand vac might serve him without looser ones are sorbs acronis member eat now he
recognizes okay to save his coming and now he's is still the holy spirit
things prophesied and holiness in my two cents beforehand
cookies and you child will be called the prophet
of the highest for you will go before the face of the lord and preparing
please he did not attend sunday shinde his
teeth on by their mission of their sensitivity
and a mercy of our god with which the dayspring from on high has visited us to give light to those who set and
darkness and shadow that and this is what we say no they're doing who's sitting in darkness and shadow of
death adder e into the way it to the child grew between strong and
spear m was in the desert still the day of his
manifestation to israel we can make it on a lot of things in
that passage can we talk a lot about what zachariah said he prophesied about
christ coming he prophesied about his own son that he's going to go before him he's in the called well the prophet of the highest but the last thing a focus on
fertilizers eighty okay which is one of the reasons
attorney john the baptist industry number one sense of the child grew and
became strong in spirit okay if you turn your bibles to chapter two verses forty talks about prices says and the child
grew and became strong in spirit filled with wisdom and the grace of god
was upon him john the baptist group became strong spirit christ also grown
became strong spirit k it's not only for john the baptist befor price to grow
and become strong spirit in saint paul mentions a couple times saying brethren to not be children under strict
un in understanding however and mouse debasement understanding be mature
that's the first corinthians and he said in a fusion sport that we
should no longer be children toss to unfurl cared about everyone the doctrine by the trigger of men in the coming
crafters of zepa plotting but speaking the truth and love me grow
up in all things into him who was the head christ okay our job is to be growing always ok it's not just
for john the baptist is not just christ while he was the son
of god of course is going to go no every single one of us children in christ should be growing become mature adults
he'll saint paul talks about by now you should be no solid food you
know but i'm giving you milk right still babys many of us are still babies are
spiritually three god doesn't want that god wants us to go on become strong
spirit and the last part of the verse there to me the mystery in the desert ps to the date is
manifestation to israel one was manifestation is your holdings
inc thirty years old sometime during trials in the desert until the age of thirty to miss g many the father say that he is like the
first thing correctly you know we have a great schools who goal in the desert
exceed paul bank right many hurt me don't we have many hermits
and greats in the church paints a john the baptist the first one to leave
everything go in the desert okay i know it's unusual some people say you know zachariah
summers with one of them i don't know i don't think that's the case because we
know stand of the problem for example was
botched the temple at what age age of three left in the temple saint mary also the age of three left in
the temple k somehow back then three-year-olds very independent could
like i don't know kate john the baptist filled the holy spirit had a special
asian ship with christ in the desert until the date is an
infestation we don't all need to go to the desert
became but we all need to go into where into the inner room casing paul also
went to the desert many people went to the desert moses is in the desert for forty years
right the desert represents one represents intimacy seclusion with god shutting the
door getting rid of all the distractions and
spending time dot that's how we grow in spirit that's how it would come to a man of god
growing in the faith always run maturity case i hope who just got a little introduction whose life is on the rafters ec before
he even came as a huge buildup the bible spoke a lot about him in
different ways k'nex egon women talk more about his actual life his ministry his his words for his preaching all
these things and we have any comments or questions yes that's a very good question the defense was that zac arrives asking
how can this be okay if you look at his response he said how shall i know this k harshil analyst saint mary's response was how can this be king one of them was a question of doubt and one of them was more like the
question of semantics ok abrasion bertha never met her cara sponsor was how can this be i do
not know man she didn't say how can this be i don't believe you she said how can use the adl understand i don't know man so her question was more out of like how's this going to happen where zachariah swore out of doubt that make sense now the questions that's enough for prayer and the father son was filled out and
then as your heavenly father lord jesus
christ we thank you so much slower for this blessed gathering lord we thank you
for your word we thank you for the great examples that you put the forest lord we
thank you for the great example john the baptist lauren knowing that you are the word of god and
that we are just a voice lord that we are just here to speak about you lord and to
speak your words so please about those for the holy
spirit as you told him of the holy spirit please or help us to learn from his
example example all the richest people you put the forests is worse this night
one plus all the meetings that will take place dislike let's all of your people
odu who have a paris desire lowered to see if you wanted to know you more and more who pray all these things in your own
most precious name with the recession's of our holy mother saint mary's change on the baptists two pairs of
saint mark in all your sincere simply pray thankfully our father what some
have been how would be their name thanking them
come i will be done on earth is is in heaven to assist their daily bread for
you the circumstances as we forgive those who trespass against
us leaders on temptation with the rest of the loan and prices are lower for those who came
in the power and glory for everything