The Grace Of God

 Gospel sermon on the visitation of St. Mary to Elizabeth after the annunciation.


other the Son and the Holy Spirit one
God a man we're coming bringing for you
the blessings and the love of his
Holiness Pope avatar otras and he cares
for you and he loves you and he is
always praying for the well-being of his
community and his people and today this
message is very important to understand
what do we see how do we see most of the
people we have here in the words they
have different perspectives in life so
maybe one thing happens then people
would understand it in different ways
and that's why it's important to see
it's important to see how God loves us
so I think unless we start to see God's
well God's love and God's grace in our
life war is still blind and that's the
difference between a human being whose
heart is open to see and someone else
was actually within life and he has his
eyes open but he doesn't see a giver
literally example Adam and Eve were
living in a paradise with the gracious
grace of God the love of God
overshadowing them they needed nothing
but yet they looked away he needed
something for their own so they didn't
understand the fullness of the being in
Christ in God but they had started to
see something else they listened to
someone else equal their eyes start to
see something different and that's why
they lost it all so the grace of God
were overshadowing them they are in
everything they need but they didn't see
it and why because their hearts went to
someone else look at yourself do you see
the grace of God in your own personal
life do you know how to thank him for
every little thing that he gave you do
you thank him for being human beings you
thank him for that he is you God you
thank him for the salvation that he gave
you you thank him for everything that
you have for the spirit of god dwells in
you do you thank him for the Eternity
prepared for you do you see that
whatever happens in your life it's
gracious as the fullness of God's love
for you most of us when we fall into the
pit of self centering the egoism we
start to see only ourselves on only our
needs so we lose the sides we don't see
the grace of God that is giving to us
that's why I imagine yourself that you
fall into a bit and then this bit
happens to be also rounded with mirrors
then whatever you see in there you only
see yourself and in different
perspectives and indifferent echoing
each other so you become the echo of
your own self I think this person will
go crazy in a very little time and
that's what happens sometime to us when
we are over concentrating on ourselves
or if people start to see the others the
people not God but they start to see
the others so you fall into the pit also
of social centrism and that's also if
you put your life in the hands of the
others that you lose it if you put you
high your life in the hand of God and to
start to see him then you will be always
safe and that's why God wanted to
correct our lives in different ways and
he gives us different aspects in life so
we were returned back but first of all
change your sights change your direction
and start to see him first the second
example I would love to give you what
the people of Israel were going out in
the exodus from the land of slavery from
egypt to the promised land God made for
them great miracles its wonders and they
so wet they felt it and that wonders
that God did for them was just to teach
them to train them that he is a mighty
God who loves them and then leading them
in the wilderness give them the manna
from heaven the water from the rock they
were safe and secured nothing was
lacking simply nothing they had nothing
but they have the fullness of everything
and now after few years what did they
ask for they asked for meat imagine that
you are Moses and suddenly few thousand
angry man is coming to you asking for
meat angry and
what do you think how come that leader
will bring there's people meet in the
wilderness where they told him were sick
and tired of this dry food that's they
talking about the mana sick and tired of
the dry food they didn't see the grace
of God they didn't see the love of God
they didn't see the will of God in their
lives so that's why they could not
appreciate that grace so they asked for
meat and imagine those people would do
what so if you were God what do you
think you can give them God is so loving
it so gracious is so kind and he wanted
to teach his people so he gave them he
gave them to eat the meat he sent them
the birds and then they slaughterer than
the eighth and they were full but the
snakes started to attack them all the
snakes were ever there but they never
dared to come closer to one of God's
people but when God's people looked away
the snakes dare to attack them I think
this is a good lesson for all of us if
you look away from God the snakes will
attack if you just look up to him you
will be healed when I was young that's
very particular story was very
intriguing for me because even though
God didn't agree on their behavior on
their demands but still he gave it to
them to teach them I didn't understand
it and I thought that why and that kind
of solution that God came up with I
thought that God will
kill all the snakes when they return
back and told him that protect us so I
thought that God will do another miracle
and kill all the snakes God does it want
to kill all the snakes but he wanted to
protect you according to the will of God
that you're well will be his wealth so
that's why he came up with a great idea
and he told Moses make a copper Serpent
and lift it up in the wilderness so
every person who would look to the
copper snake will be healed just as the
matter of changing your mindset it's a
matter of changing your prayers
perceptions it's a matter of seeing God
in your life every person would look to
the copper serpent will be healed
Nicodemus came to Christ secretly and
crisis telling him about the life and
the baptism and God so loved the whole
word so he gave himself after to them
and then he gave him that very
particular story as Moses lifted up the
copper serpent in the wilderness so the
Son of Man will be lifted up so every
person who believed in him will have
everlasting life if you change your mind
if you looked only do the one who was
hanged on a cross you will be healed you
start to see something different even if
you are in the Dane of lines you would
not see the Lions you will see the angel
of God you will see the grace of God
overshadowing you even if you are in the
furnace he will protect you if you are
in the sea he will come and tell you he
I am it's me do not be afraid just to
see the power of God in our lives to see
the love of god that's over shadowing us
that to see our eternity and our life
and if you are able to see that your
whole life will change you will start to
see your humanity much more beautiful
than you see it that you will start to
love yourself and if you ever to love
yourself you'll be able to love your
neighbors you will be able to project
the love of God for every person you
meet then you will not have that stigma
on people you will not say like I don't
like those and I would like those God
loves the whole words that loves you and
he loves everyone else because after all
were human and that humanity that God
created it the pleasure of God to see
they are achieving the fullness of their
creation and that's why I want you to
see open your eyes and see this blind
man born blind man is teaching us today
something so important I don't know I
only know one thing though I was blind
now I can sing maybe we can't say that
to ourselves maybe I was blind before I
didn't see the grace of God in my life I
always demand I always come to him and I
asked I want I want I want and we didn't
see the fullness of his grace in us and
if you see it you will understand them
well of God and the Word of God will
teach you
the way that you walked away where he
wants you to go may the love of God
overshadow us may he gives us to
understand his wind and gives us wisdom
and fills us with his joie so we can see
him so when we are able to see him so we
rejoice and no one can take away our joy
then we glorify God in our lives glory
be to god forever