Going Out On A Limb

A bible study on Luke 19:1-10.


room come in i know you guys are expecting this i'd
also is expecting one of the fathers to be here given the bible study but uh... soldiers many times before
finishing up here slavery in the program but uh... so when i got this lovely
email yesterday as i usually get home like tuesday afternoon or something like
that you know that i was course very happy as
usual but uh... obedience kind of the guys i felt like if i say no you know maybe god wants to give me
something that if i say no that i might miss out so and try and bible study but anyways i've prayed that god is the one
who speaks tonight and of usb tickets one you know uh... actually wants is to say something
about that and nowhere very spoiled in the street actually have the best
fathers who or amazing a bible study and preaching
everything but i wanted to say that there's no teacher
like the holy spirit uh... so i encourage all of you guys if
you guys are not studying the bible on your own through a study by one of the charges
for services every christian should really be studying the work done so there's no teacher like the holy spirit and no preacher no matter how good the
arc in every give you the message that guy wants to give the soul encourage all of you guys too moved to study the bible on your own go
deeper on your own uh... get commentaries uh... read read big chunks of the bible
sorts of god can really give you something special so hopefully tie i will encourage you
not mean it was rejected i read uh... simple story that i'm sure you
guys know very well uh... stories from its all of us but
what i'm hoping is that we can go a little bit deeper tonight and try to
take out some of the golden tried put ourselves in the story and see see the message that god has for us so uh... one of one asked me to to uh... to give
the bible studies of course there was a much time to prepare so i decided i would praying and i would to
continue my regular bible reading as usual and i happen to be reading about
the same loop and i think the chapter nineteen so you guys know that that's
cool chapter nineteen is the story of the
case the cases one of my favorite stories not
only because he's a short diana can relate to him i love him and all that
but uh... it's really one of the beautiful
stories in the church in action the church uh... this is one of us on the gospels
is actually read to us about probably about a month and a half ago on sunday so it should be a story that we're all
familiar with what i hope tonight is that we get uh... something different and we put
ourselves in the story and we see and we try to see it from a different
perspective so as of anything before we just hop
reagan uh... you have to set the scene right
you have to know what's going on you have to know the background you have to uh... you can't just dive right in half
the time you know what's going on so when actually um... transit luke
eighteen and see uh... what's building up to the
story of the case fitting goto loop eighteen verse thirty
one usgs it says then he took the twelve
aside and said to them behold we are going up to jerusalem all things that
are written by the profits concerning the son of man will be accomplished sleepovers disciples aside and told them we're going where jerusalem what's he
going for he's going to to be crucified basically
all the things that the profits of written written about this is what he stands for this is
something huge ok jesus is on his way to jerusalem this is like the end of his life you
know this is like the last week uh... leading up to the crucifixion so
this is is a very important point to to relies
on the we read the story of the case so then let's get the liberty of verse
thirty five so as he's walking was not only his
disciples with them but a big multitude we're starting five it says that it
happened that as he was coming near jericho so he's on the way to jerusalem he's
going to jericho jericho to get to jerusalem at a certain linemen set by the road
begging and hearing a multitude passing by he asks what it meant case of jesus walking the big multitude
there's a blind man there and of course you can hear the commotion
here's the multitude he's asking what's going on who who was this was coming which get divers forty-three and after jesus heals a blind man says and
immediately he received a site and followed him glorifying god in all the people and i
saw it give praise to god okay so i want you to picture this
evening cages walking through jericho are about to enter into
jericho on the way to do some of the big multitude with and and now what's going
on everybody's gone crazy praising god and
to seal the blind man i'm sure it's like big hits the big
commotion right so and when she doesn't keep this in
mind when you are reading the story okay so that's kinda where will start
and now we're getting ready to to hear about our good friends that care so
interconnecting starting a verse one says then jesus entered and pastor jericho
now behold it was a man is the case was achieved tax collector he was rich let's stop there for a second his soul is the first thing that we hear
about the case but we know about it so far kind of two things he's a tax collector number one and that
he's rich what he does know about tax collectors there means okay if they get their mean
they're not the most popular people in the world why they why are they still
unpopular amongst the jews you always hear the tax lectures being
associated what right you just raise a lot tax
collectors incentives on the first thing is as you guys know that uh... the jews
were under control the romans at this time right so the joe's so few new tax collector
you not only taking taxes from the jews but you get into the romans right so you're seeing is a
traitor as working for the enemy that's number one number two is most of these tax
collectors were very uh... uh... dishonest people okay not only were they
taking the taxes that would do but they were
taking extra you can see that the case has been
confessed to that so they would take extra skin some off the top and then
give the rest of the rooms so that's why they were popular people hated them they were considered
the most of the lowell even jesus when he spoke about then he said to the
pharisees he said assuredly i say to you that tax
collectors in harlem and to the king of god for you but he really want to be the pharisees
so he told them even the tax collectors the worst people
and the harlins will enter the came before you answer case so they're not they're not good people by any means but
the case was not only tax collector he was what he was the chief tax collector casey don't become chief don't show up in country france is
probably tax collector for many years so and he was rich so many years of in a
tax collector i want you guys just understand the person of the case people didn't like them if i didn't have many friends they're
probably very antisocial theory greedy selfish people they were considered feeds and robbers
they're considered centers their considers working for the n_ okay this
is our different cities who's been a tax collector for many
years if that's the state of thickets so it's
important to keep these things in mind uh... when we read his story so let's continue on it says in her
story and he sought to see who jesus was he sought to see who jesus was now remember the scene is a big chaos
going on right the case is probably doing whatever he's doing antennae here's this big craziness going
on most probably his people praising god glorifying god in his people saying this man he appeals the blind dismantled
so many miracles so what is the case too just curious he sought to see jesus he has ever heard the term before the
bible that someone wants you jesus itself and then there's another person who want to see
jesus actually king herod the end of a at the end of christ life
when when pundits and that they had wanted to say about he said that he was he'd heard so much
about him he really desire to see jesus below i didn't want to jesus he basically wants him to a miracle
right so the question here is once again said
heat when he said he saw jesus why did he see jesus that's a question that all of us have to
ask dewey's do we want to do this because
really seeking him or do we want to be like a really wanna see commerical we're gonna find out a little bit how to
determine uh... whether or not come seeking christ
for who he is whether or not only can i wanna see
america like this one dot so my prom for the rest of our study says but says he's got to see jesus but he
could not because of the crowd for he was a short stature he could not see jews he really wanted
to see him because of the crowd pose a problem that this was a little
guy and i can relate to this very much but i
can barely see over this thing that put from me over here butter as i said remember the scene
that's going on there's a ton of people kate little short act on issues going on
conviction to jump in the back with a little kid he can't you can't see right how many of us can relate to that how many of us are trying to see jesus
but there's something in the way as a crowd in the way who is our crowd who's our crowd sometimes don't you guys
feel that you feel like you know what i really want to see jesus right one i want to seek him i i want to be with
him i want to know him but then there's something keepers back right think we can all relate to that what's
the crowd every single one of us has a crowd i'll tell you what the crowd is for most
of us it's the busyness missus distractions it's the problems it's because of the
world and the problem is that because were
spiritually short were small where we can spirituality we can see over the crowd we can see over the distractions we can
see through the distractions this two solutions right number one is com shorthand wanna see
higher used to do uh... and to grow but sometimes growing spiritually is not
that easy but take something different takes doing something crazy solvency
what a difference is that that was a little bit crazy and when we were stuck behind the crowd
and when we can see but if i know what we need to do that to get out of that to get the crowd out
of our way it says so he read ahead and climbed up
into a sycamore tree to see him for he was going to pass that way the case who wanted to desperately cgs is
remember who he is now he's a tax collector he's a miserable person make no mistake
about it he's agree d selfish thief no doubt about k he's probably very
antisocial doesn't have many friends people person
everywhere he goes but at this point he's also a rich man right at this point he decided to see jesus so
much that this rich man left all his dignity left everything and
said i got an idea amenable run ahead energies coming that
way when i go climb up into the sycamore
tree sycamore tree is not a small tree valet kiya though i'm sure there's like
a a tree house and just kind of the letter g_ went but this is a rich guy probably very
dignified dignified and says that he's a profession as a businessman whatever you don't see these people running along
with a little kid but you don't even climbing trees so this is what they wanted a picture the test so wanted to see jesus
desperately he was willing to go went ahead and sign
up into the street now do you think that palms a case was
planning when he when he went up into the chief of course is gone he said they'd like what do you what we
expect to do in a tree anuj is what might be expected to talk to him expected to meet him he's got to have a conversation with
them you only hope is to do what i'd just one sequence that's it that's
all i wanted to see a glance so the question for us is are you willing to climb a sycamore tree
to seek jesus or not what i want to say is that sometimes like this generation the the crowd for
us to distractions the busyness the cares the work everything is like no
other generation and sometimes that sometimes i wanna see
almost all the time we have to be willing to do something
crazy to get out of a comfort zone and climb up a tree do something crazy now for some people climbing up that
sycamore tree maybe just come to church but for other people like someone who's
a servant someone who's who struggling whose who's fighting maybe that thing is
that you know what you're so tired from work you're so tired of or
responsibility but you know what maybe it's getting up before five o'clock in
the morning free go to work and spending time dot maybe through something crazy like
taking a day off from work and going on a personal retreat god forbid right
sometimes we have to do that we have to be willing to do something
crazy to see god and the crowd and i feel like our crowd
is so big in so much it's not just running ahead a little
ways in climbing up a tree it's like running a long ways and you know what many times were too
discouraged to do that but you're gonna see what the reward for
tickets was what i am i'm trying to say is that we have to make moves we have to
do something about it feeling sorry for ourselves and saying
all of the problems in this action the work everybody has possibly everybody's
overwhelmed everybody's tired everybody gets stuck in traffic
everybody has a job everybody's family responsibilities but at some point used to say you know what i'd want to
see jesus and have to be willing to do something crazy to do that is a of person james forty-eight it says
draw near to god and he will join your team draw near to god and he will draw near
to you sometimes it's us to have to take the first of all
i know many times sometimes our prayers my friends are like lord please do something please please please
but sometimes god wants us to take for stuff so let's continue seeing and see what
what the cases reward was for this first thing that he did it says and when jesus came to the plays
he looked up and saw him and said to him in jesus came to the place he looked up
and sunset sam's ekeus make a stand come down for today i must leave your house when jesus came to what place what's he going is there a place he's walking he's going to jerusalem
he's passing through jericho right there's no place for what's the place
that is talking about the place where tickets was it said that jesus top he came to the place he looked up and
saw him and said to him imagine you are is the case remember there's the huge crowd of
people probably hundreds and hundreds of people multitudes walking it's crazy i'm sure it's allowed people
that are going crazy everybody just wants to get close to
jesus they want to touch in the war they want to see him they wanted and this jesus comes to the place everything stops and the lord is about
to speak hundreds of people silent to hear what
the lord is wednesday by name the case imagine you are the tax collector imagine how you feel right now you are someone who's hated by everyone you are a miserable person and you know in usd uh... you're considered the worst the
worst and the person that you want to see this
big celebrity that everybody's crowding around looks up everyone stops in point-of-view he says your name for you to put yourself in the story
what you've imagined that feels like for me that would've been enough just to know my name if they could see a
big celebrity i remember uh... one time i was i was driving the van and he went
to speak at one of the church is in new jersey of yours going i don't know if he does maybe people
just responded but he's kind of like a celebrity okay in the coptic churches he's what we've considers libya member a and uh... i was driving into new jersey
metals like the one you know what i'm gonna send from roland you know if
you can just give me a shout out from the people i i'd really appreciate you
know when someone who is like who's like famous in big lake says your
name in those you it's like a good feeling right so imagine the key is now the lord the master of all he looks up
and says he stopped everything he looks at you but not only does he look at you what is he saying he says the case make haitian come down today
i'm a stay at your house today and must stay at your house not only i know you by name the case come pick me i have to stay at your house ask a question why did the lord syndication or area
while details of hysteria did you ever here of the water rushing
anything he single order saying cicadas hurry up on sunday is coming soon and i'm late
and we have to go in anything that was the reason y why do you think he said turkey syria make a skunk weekly she many of us wanna take ur time but many of us want to say the masters knocking remain as well as
they know right now maybe when i graduate maybe when i uh...
uh... uh... you know finish this project at work maybe when i get married they don't have
kids maybe one arm uh... more spiritually that'd me tell you something on the masters
knocking wages at the door knocking you better hurry up and you better open the
door not only that the jesus told them what he said it is a calm down i want to have a
conversation with you when he said sonoma state house today and one st your
house why did the lord one st at his house why couldn't it have a constitutionalism couldn't just touch increases bosom you know why because when the lord meets
us he was in his permanently doesn't want to have a five minute
conversation he's the one i just have home doesn't want is blessed us for a
time but he wants to stay at our house staying at the house means i wanna fill
your entire life i don't want to see you here i want to stay in your house okays
i want to stay there permanently the lord one sullivan silence he doesn't
want to just come and uh... casings for a few minutes so let's see what the cases reactions so he may hasten came down receipts and
joyfully remember who's the cases king he came
down quickly and she said what joyfully remember this guy's public very
antisocial not only that he's a rich guy and so this poor stranger comes and
tells you your originally service guide this poor
stranger we don't know not sure who is maybe read about in tells the i wanna
come stay at your house if you're a rich man some poor guy comes
and tells him what state you're house military action nothing i don't have anything to do the
may look at the story of lessons in richmond the poor man has a glasses outside
richmond gate begging so much so that the dog licking soares
the richmond had nothing no compassion whatsoever right that's the case was different he was touch just by that one look
despite that one look at the lord it said stop everything in that okay so and just want you to picture this it's
kind of like the same scene with the fee for the cross train just a couple
minutes of lord everything has changed everything's changed so at this point the scene is going to
change a little bit we can assume that at this point uh... jesus is walking to the case of
house because if you look and express uh... it says but when they start the our
complaint saying he's going to be a guest of the man who was the center he's going to be the gas uh... he's going to be against with the
man was a senator this is where the fun starts right isn't amazing pal anytime you want to start your relationship with
christ the the friends come out and say well always think about enough going holier than thou gnawing hunger church right sometimes you know we wanna maybe we stop going to
that place or maybe we we cut off some of our relationships
right away the snide comments the even sometimes
comes from those who opposed us could be family could be a friends could be could be anybody but it's always the
case that anytime you wanna start is that you will always be fought okay so if that's ever happened to
anyone this is totally normal it's gonna keep happening every time we
get closer to the lord uh... we're always going to be fought by
those who heard grumbling and complaining against us the and judging us even even though
we're trying to do something good so as i said he had seen probably change
superior public regulators accuse house you can probably assume that maybe they
were getting to know each other he was telling him about himself maybe he was
asking questions uh... i don't really know week and we
can only imagine but versus eight says the then the kids stood up and said so he stood so i'm
assuming he was sitting at some point they were probably his house that is a case study and said to the
lord local ooreg if half of my good support if i've taken anything from
anyone by false accusations restore for four accused of infinity buddy said lord this is repentance right here first of all everything i have on a rich
guy first off half right away path is going
to the poor after that the other half what am i
gonna use it for i'm gonna pay that all the people that i
stole from and i don't know what i'm gonna pay them
back to restore them four-fold uses repentance and many people asked what is repentance
i repent if i had to sum up i would say repentance is stopped doing the wrong thing and start
doing the right thing sticky has realized at this point you
know what what i'm doing is wrong i'm gonna stop doing what i'm doing not
only minor stopping the tax collector i'm gonna get rid of this life on the
stopping a thief but i'm gonna go make restoration i'm gonna make everything
that i screwed up on the fix it and repentance is not just admitting
arceneaux or or just stopping but it's also making restoration you know
sometimes maybe we've gone somebody here or uh... we do something to hurt
somebody in you know we've met ok you know what i
was wrong but we don't go there next that may be a
part of that person making sure that person's okay so
repentance true repentance is stopping the bad thing and starting the right thing repentance is not is not something that
looks like one of these big theological terms it's one of these big things but
it's it's not that big when we come in presence of the lord no man come in
contact with christ uh... repentance will be easy for us as you can see the
easy for a guy who's rich itself for so many years it's not like the case was was just you
know became rich overnight but he was doing this for many years in the stock
indecent you know it's very hard for personal stuff concern for many years to
get out of it it's so much harder to climb out of the
pit editor the bigger hold you date uh... so you can see that when he came in contact with the
lord the kids repented right away that's
wasted makings that's why so hurry up repent now why
you have the chance physically is was wise he took advances
opportunity portal to hurry up and he listens but i must say that someone was its
allies just before the story of the case just before the lord came to jerusalem
look at luke chapter eighteen with a look at someone who was also lies and
indeed the bands opportunity look at look eighteen uh... verses
eighteen to twenty four this is just before meetings a case there's no certainly
last him saying good teacher what's likely to inherit eternal life suggests
that then why do you call me good no one is good but one that is god you know the commandments to not commit
adultery denominator tonight steel do not bear false witness honor your father
and your mother and he said all these things i've kept my youth so when she's heard these things he said
to him you still act one thing so all that you have in this to be to
the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me but when he heard this we became very
sorrowful for he was very rich when jesus saw that he became very startling
is that how hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of god seen exact story to rich men both of them came in contact with the
lord one and then decided to hurry up stirrup
pants the other one with his opportunity what golden opportunities persons how many times do you see the coursing
following the gospel who did you say the worst follow me too his disciples right thank this this was a huge calling the
vote was giving him a huge opportunity he told them follow me even when he said uh... if anyone wishes
a phone even carry his cross nine following the lord is only for his
disciples this guy i mean i don't know what happened to my
tour of europe and later what but my guess is he probably didn't the lost soul he lost salvation he lost
everything i mean i'm just assuming that we don't