Exodus - Part 10



um... everyone name the father the son the
holy spirit when and because you don't know me my name is
mark but appalled brother and uh... here recently allowed me to do this bible study and we're continuing accidents and uh... and noble called and accidents
thirty-two last week animal intriguing and calm on trying not compromised x's thirty-two was an amazing we difficult chapter it was a very tough moses goes the mounting he's up there
for forty days receiving the commandments of god it such a mighty the mountain is covered with clouds
moses is truly in the presence of god neurological near the mountain and because he is doing some people
begin to lose faith if the story of the goldencan they were worried amos's wasn't coming
back they don't know what's going to happen to this man so then bill the golden calf moses is told by god does he was your
people are doing and moses comes down the mounting amhi
is chopped season law he's furious actually he spends forty days to see the
commitment to god he sees with the people doing and what
does he do written by the finger of god he tosses them down breaks down i would be a little more a little more
careful but like eat this shows how furious he was chapter thirty two is a story of like a
horrible rejection of god and after you read the consequences so after hearing about the great
rebellion in chapter two and moses breaks the tablets then we hear about the fury in the wrath
of god god says i will destroy them to the point where he says are not going
to go with them anymore i'm gonna have you take them from here
and go to the promised land i'm going to go with you because if i go with you and manages
consume all the people i'm just gonna destroy them right now moses out of his rage simply have to get rid
of this in he tells anyone who's committed to god i want to grab a sword or is it going to kill your brother n your neighbors your
friends for the people that part to submit it and the very fuel portion of this whole
thing so this jury there's rafters mere rumor
murder dot does not want to be with his people anymore walking to them talking with them and the people are mourning they're
devastated if god doesn't go with them they're worried about every enemy they
might see and then after all of this in the
beginning of chapter three moses decides to do something i'm not gonna stay with you guys anymore i'm going to go and take my tent outside of the camp as if to say i
cannot be here with all of this god is so upset with you and i a m to
and they remove myself and is going to put them in a retailer
in the whole chapter and moses would talk to god in every
time he would stand a distant and you talk to god the cloud would come over and people could see that god was
talking to moses has said that moses spoke to god face to
love face-to-face friends speaks to a friend that's a very tight relationship it's not set about
anyone in the bible abraham has a very nice comment and moses he spoke to god face-to-face
as a friend speaks to a friend that's very kind to me said then moses begins to negotiate with god and then it after all the horror of
chapter thirty two he mentions this verse checker thirty
three eighteen he says previews that show me your glory and wanted to focus on please show me you're going after all they just spoke about is that kind of strange request i mean could have been worst timing right amin he'd just saw god fewer is
all the people he doesn't want to be with the people and usually when you're angry with people
you don't ask people for favors but maybe maybe the timing was bad you
know the other thing is it was moses greedy
in asking to see god's glory was the and he was he asking for too
much the other thing that makes a little
weirdest hadn't you already seen god's glory i mean use saw the burning bush could you imagine in a desert in the day saw afire at about one out that must have been amazing to be able
to see afire ambush it must have been sold right so glorious for any of the see such a far off i need to go towards them he saw a pillar of fire he saw clouds
during the day he saw water come from a rock he won a mountain spent forty days
without he stall glory and he says but god i want to see your glory it's a very special request some people might say weaving god's response was and what was
all that i showed you weren't you appreciate it moses request was not be gentle request it was personal it was a beautiful personal request he says i want to see your glory he didn't ask
for the people that hurts in we're friends were buddies i'm sure that every time they speak god has a smile on his face after he's
done speaking to moses there's such intimacy and so moses is asking for something
that's just for him he wasn't greedy he was thirsty he was thirsty the reason he's wanted to
see guys worry because he was thirsty for more he had tasted and seen and he felt like
and shorten his mind he had been wanting to see god's glory a lot comes this point is i can't live anymore
until i see your glory i want us to your glory even more just for me just for me he had his burning your name ec more of god and if you read the psalms or the song
of songs it's a very similar passion they have recess seen the one i love or as the deer pants for the water so
much so long to after you my soul thurs fri my flesh long three my
soul face looked like you can hear the passion of these people warning more
of god do you think in god's eyes that that was
a bad request i want more of you i wonder how many of us god is waiting for us to ask the exact
same thing how many of us are content with what we've already seen hearing about certain things you know i
i i don't need to see more moses so all that and he wanted or are you at the point where you don't want to see more you don't care to see more no matter
what digesting it does it make a difference this request causes you to examine
yourself do you want to see more of god do you have that you're earning to be more intimate i
want something just for me and i want more of hw how offering in your prayer as your request something personal like anita health hiney mercy any forgiveness how often is our quest i'd just what you and i want your glory i wanna see u glory what does it mean to ask to see god's
glory it's like i wanna see the best part of him i wanna see what makes you more amazing i wanna see your grandeur the glory of god is a very big word the old testament and the glory of god
is something that people would bow down when they saw the glory of god is like
trying revelation when it is something you saw you just filled to the birth it was the kind of thing where no human
should have been able to see it and live it was such an amazing i wanna see so much that even if i were to die could you imagine moses i know that i might die but i'd want to
see that's how much here i can't live one more movement without it's a beautiful request to the one who is beautiful the one who is beautiful you're seeing i love you so much i've seen your beauty i've t singer
beauty they want more of your beauty have you ever heard of the book philo
correa the locally or the totally it is like
the bible orthodox patriarch several volumes of tax of the fathers thorough so much about the or
the spiritual life no book is called p locally love of the beautiful its love of the beautiful those who
desire more are willing to pray more to exert
more effort anything just because they have such a great luck of the beautiful
they're willing to do anything to see the glory of god what would it mean to you isn't that what you are fine really want but sometimes are afraid to ask i want to see your glory your love i want to see you put your
lover's chlorine summer to see the glory ideal of the glory of your mercy the
glory of your forgiveness the glory of your power i want your glory i want all
that is beautiful i want more how do you think that kind of a request makes god feel admitted thrilled because god doesn't say no after all that had happened let's look at god's response then he said i will make a all my goodness before pass before you all my goodness you're going to see and i will proclaim the name of the lord
it before you now will be gracious to whom i will be
gracious no compassion on whom i will have compassion god said you want more i want to give you more i don't know if a lot of us have the courage to ask god for more and
how many of us expect for god's sake i really wanna show you more could you imagine and god wants the port
into your lives more he doesn't want a hike he wants to give
you more that's why he sent his son there's so many birds is in the bible where it talks about he wants to glorify
us or she was support into our lives in the old testament talks about type he
says just give me your time and trust me if idon't open out the windows of heaven
and pour out for use such a blessing that all your store
houses could not contain dot is not trying to hide his glory he desires to show you quarry do you want have you had enough r_u_ content without seeing more or are you still thirsty for the beautiful one that you can't wait to see more so then what allows you to see dot school what is it that is required of you to see god's
glory well let's see what moses did he says you cannot see my face for no
one shell steamy and live and lord said here's a placed by me unusual standing on the rock so it shall be while my glory passes by that i will put you in the class of the
rock help cover you with my hand while i pass
by and i will take away my hand and you
shall see my back but my facial not bc cuts as you want to see my glory and it says interpreter before i want to
make the stones two more stones for the commands and then i want to go up on the mountain and when you get there i'm gonna put u hitting in the rock and i'm gonna passed by so let's talk about this well where do you see god's glory it's
one thing to see it in his creation the heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament shows it anyway you can see god's glory around you something more special requires sending upon the mountain he couldn't see whatever you want to see
does gore he had to go away he oftentimes didn't see god's glory in
the midst of everyone oftentimes it was on the mountain what was it that he had to rise above he had to rise above all that was filthy although it was in full all that
was this will be as all that was despised by god and it kinda makes sense right if god's initially youth or in front of
everyone and other people who don't deserve to see it might get a glimpse when god shows you glory it's a very
special thing it's oftentimes him i ask you to be set apart he might ask you to be sometimes alone he might ask you to draw away from
something sinful that is preventing you from
seeing not boring one important thing is you have to stand in the cleft he could just seek god's glory it was so much that he could die if he thought
jesus i'm going to put you in the cleft of the rock what was the rock the rock report out water was was cracked in first kindly send for same poll tells us and iraq was crying and then here he says i want you to be in the
class of the rock one was christ cleft on the cross by the spear he was class he says i want you to stand in the class i want you to be hidden in christ and you know when
that's beer struck christ it was very near to his heart in order to see god's glory you oftentimes has to be hitting
yourself your glory cannot be seen but you have to be hitting in christ nine oh father paul talked about this in
the sunday sermon but it's very difficult concept for many of us to
except but i must be hitting before i could see when i read a book about a burner short
camel of what it said this was writing
something i just remember from the whole book one line it says a boon in the short camel was always hiding behind christ that you will see you gonna be tricky
only you will always see christ in him and because of that i am guaranteeing
you of would have a short camel sab laurie in abundance because he wasn't wanting to be seen oftentimes the stains became fools for christ sake hiding
their outward appearance hiding themselves hiding from any glory of
their own so that they might see god's glory one of the biggest hindrance is seeing god's glory is seeking your own laurie if you read the book a first peter it you have to read all one sitting it takes about fifteen
minutes it's five chapters the word of glory in five short chapters occurs over ten vs fifty my first peter is is about glory we're called took glory it says in chapter five that we are
called to partake of god's glory but in chapter two he says man's glory is like grass which is one day here next is gone but if you see god's glory its eternal infinite if you are looking
forgot not for your glory then you will find but it is impossible for the two go together to saint peter's always in that official saying frigate yourself forget those things that are corrupt of
all those things are here today they're not there tomorrow how do you know about god not yet heard the name how do you know a lot about what he did like i know unit in india for a while and he was a good guy what do you say what are you teaching something this guy was in the mind of everyone in
the world route sixty years ago seventy years ago and yet uh... glory of gandhi i guarantee you in the next century people might mention him how did you
think about mother teresa she live ten years ago mother teresa when she died the whole
world which howrah gloria's greetings u r my past
month god's glory will never pass so desired dot store and
to get there you have to hide in the class which is
in christ be hitting be covered by christ not seen by anyone and being very near to you the heart of christ the beating heart of crimes we're the compassion and the love poor poor another thing that helps you to see god's glory
ascending the mounting standing in the cleft and suffering started tell you but oftentimes before you're gonna get
to see glory is suffering and it's amazing first peter and saint
paul almost every time to talk about
suffering they talk about glory in romans eight
eighteen same poll says and the sufferings of
this world are not worthy to be compared to the coroner will be revealed in us and first peter checker four he says don't think it's strange concern chapter
four verses twelve pieces don't think it's strange concerning the
fiery trial which is to try you can suffer as though some strange thing
happens hw he says but rejoice to the extent that you partake of christ
suffering that when he is gloria's revealed you may also be glad with x seeding joy you partaking christ suffering you'd you'd like to keep christ
suffering you then begin to partake in crisis corey you know he watches erratic saint movies the ones you know old school in
someone's in jail made is being you know around the ferris wheel like with spokes
whatever in their bodies blood you know everything they can really standing what
happens after there and you know that night they can
take a more they can barely stand god reveals himself to them she loves them and then their able to see god's glory anyting
kirgiz them same poll says our outward mani's
perishing butter inward man is being renewed day
by day saint paul's going through torture from
one place to another he doesn't know what city he's going to be killed in he
says i want what i despaired of life he says all of this he says all this stuff and i went through it's about a light afflictions as an are
like affliction is working for us are far greater quarry when you know that glory comes after
suffering how should that change your feel toward suffering stempel says it has been granted cheetos
uplifting that has been granted to you to suffer on christ behalf it's against the you might say up front christ behalf
y because after the suffering there's a
chlorine that not many people get to experience or c you're gonna be so thankful that you had the opportunity to go
through the stuffing suffering that purified as you allows you to see something there's is sending the mountain standing in the class being hidden in
christ suffering in john chapter eleven mary is standing near the grave of lazarus in she talks to christ and crisis tif lonely you have been here he wouldn't have done innuendo what christ said to her it and not tell you that if you believe you would see their glory uh... com cannot tell you that that you had fee that you would see the glory of god 'cause without faith it is impossible to please god so if you can't please god how could god show you chlorine faith in the things that are not scene these in the incorruptible glory in
heaven you know if you read the epistles
carefully written into the first century christians there's always talk about of glory that
you cannot see that requires a faith if you have a faith in the glory that
you cannot see then guide shows you of glory that you can see but if you're always doubting god's miracles god's abilities it's amazing to me the gospels price would go to one city keel cathode
demons and yell everyone in the city he go to the next city as his quest to
perform miracles he couldn't perform miracles in one city
but in one city everyone would anyone stick with various diseases but the
mayhem meals a catheter demands of everything ones' because they didn't believe i couldn't
do miracles they could see my glory because they didn't believe uni and if you had faith even as a mustard seed i think that's pretty boris if i saw a
mountain jump up and down a few times required faith unseen to be able to see witcher allies and with your heart what are the things now things that pre-event u from seeing god's glory well what we've been in the people from singing god's glory moses was
allowed to see it but they weren't what was their problem icons the word is still beating people if you
read about moses missus and god commanded moses and he did christ says if you love me will be my
commitments my father and i will comment your house wheels sup with you we'll make our home with you i can imagine living with christ not
seeing his glory if you'll be me but for those who are just so we can it is impossible to see god christ has blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see god in glory he contrasts the pure in heart with the in pure in heart those of us carrying about scenes were carrying scenes left enright not willing to go to avoid
to have them clones not willing to offer a truman's here sincere repentance where
we are made pure that we might see god it'll never happen what prevention is the lack of a pure
heart a lack of faith do you still be hints like those people false gods in your life that sometimes
compete with god and as you learned about god in that days of accidents he crossed the
other gods with such an amazing glory but now oftentimes he asks you to crush
them so that you could see his quarry so then if you go back what exactly did
moses fee in chapter thirty four percent it's amazing but god pass by says start members four so he cut through cellist astore like
the first ones moses rosa early in the morning and when that mount sinai a lot of people say that if you wanna
see god's glory oftentimes god's glory is seen in the
morning before everyone else wakes up the quiet moment you spend with god says as the lord commanded him a took
his hand hispanic church i was a stone metal or defended and mcleod instead
within their and proclaimed the name of the lord and the lord has before him
proclaimed the lord aboard god merciful and gracious long-suffering and depending in goodness
and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression
instant by no means clearing the guilty visiting the indicate a father's upon
the children in the children's children to the third and fourth generation so moses made haste and out his head
toward the earth in worship and then he said define out by a
congressman insightful lauren let my lord i pray go among us even though we are a stiff neck people
in part in our nicotine arson and take us as your inheritance the glory that moses requested i wonder if he got what he asked for i'm edging moses going up to the mountain expect to see cherub enough fire and the genes that
angels' and like and everything he goes up and there's a cloud again we don't know we saw only knows that he passed and then he heard god say the lord god is merciful and gracious he learned who god wants oftentimes when you ask for god's glory in may not come as you look expect it but it will come you have to believe that it will come
god desires to show you but in the upcoming as you expect and maybe god's glory my company's forms merciful and gracious and in the hebrew
that means overwhelmingly gracious the lord god
overwhelmingly gracious slow to anger is another translation of
the long-suffering god who is abounding in gunnison truth about hanging goodness meaning loyal love abounding in truth meaning faithfulness and constancy god is saying i'm overwhelmingly
gracious slow to anger loyal and loving and faithful you wanted to see my inquiry this issue on him you wanted to see beauty what could be more beautiful gods overwhelmingly grace towards you desire to forgive scenes and in the
queen's to make you his phone when gone when moses asked for god's
glory he saw that convoys when you ask for god's glory it's not guaranteed what you will see but is guaranteed that you will see now what moses saw was pretty good is alright i kinda feel bad for him because it was merely a glimpse god passes but maybe use disappointed i don't know but what about us do we expect god to say okay let you go
to a mountain state because they are and nearby and i want to go up and i'm gonna show
you something amazing you may not be like that but god wanted us to see his glory in
different way through jesus christ john says in his gospel and the word became flesh and welcome
uncles and we'd be held his glory the glory as of the only be
gotten of the father moses could only see it clinton that was
all he could take but the show you how much god wanted
this to you to see his glory he sent his son he said to send the troops fulfillment
of god's glory see jesus christ when i read your purse and second corinthians because i think
ratings actually talks about the exact passage where moses father were gone and second corinthians chapter three member seven he's talking about the new covenant
compared to the old covenant he says if the ministry of death reading
grade on stones was glorious so that the children of israel could not
look steadily at the face of moses because of the glory of his countenance
which glory was passing away how in the ministry of the spirit not be more glories the work of the spirit in the life of a
christian is even more glorious then the glory
that moses had received all that he saw he says put them in history of condemnation
employees the ministry of righteousness if he's much more and more for you know
what was made glorious had no glory in this respect because of the glory that x cells poor focused passing away was glorious
what remains is much more glorious therefore since we have such hope of seeing this same glory we use great bolna suspicion i'm gonna
jump down university sixteen he says nevertheless when one turns to
look at their bail was taken away that they'll meaning moses had to cover his face because the
court be able to see his courses when one turns to christ with this
sincere and true repentance heart you begin to see god's glory in little glimpses he says now the lord of the support of the
spirit and where is bill is there's liberty every diverse that everyone
should memorize second crazy three eighteen but we all with unveiled face the holding as in amir the glory of the lord are being transformed into the same in image from glory tutorial justice by the spirit of the lord pieces
we after the bill is taken away after
turning to christ you will be then be able to see as in a mere boring than more gory then more glory what is the limit to the glory so you be calm as he use moses east on god's glory what happens in afterward his feast shine to the point where
people could not there to see it ke reflected god's glory and that was
just a glance to the point where people couldn't even there to look it was such an amazing
glory and that was moses of a passing glory not the glory that x cells but the person is need god's glory like
moses should then what should then be transformed into the same
court every christians your who sees a glimpse of the story
should then reflect cots core you should bed to see god's glory so that you intern could reflect god's laurie that you like as a christian injury first peter he
talks about everything you do so that god would be
glorified if everything you do is for the glory of
god how much do you think god desires to give you cory do you think he wants to hold back if
you're gonna show his glory to others to moses ever get to see more glory what did you see more gory after this he died right if you ever see more glory and the transformation not on them out sign up amount of sabol and what did he see if his face shown at that time in this new no trans figuration he sought even greater glory in christ how beautiful and what does it say that christ face
was like this and his clothes as the light hansi
marxists all-white vic greater than any longer could make it it was such great glory demos assad
grants but because he always wanted to see god's
glory god gave him the chance to see in even greater glory one that was a far off but he got to see you may have seen in queens of god's
glory i've never stop at what you perceive have the same yearning heart moses who
saw the burning bush the pillar of fire the cloud of smoke the red sea part who
saw god unspoken face-to-face set it's not enough i want more of you i
have a desire for your beauty i wanna see u so that i could reflect you i guarantee you if your creators are
filled with that he might take you through that path being hit in in the class suffering you might need faith he might try to purify you but the cory will always increased until
you become as he is inquiry and because of the last thing manner with the most amazing about moses anticipation i mean he didn't realize it he didn't know that his face was for
glory all he could think about was god's glory the moment these you would be proud of ash i mean face it would be removed and isn't it the same with any of us those of us who see anything in the
moment we boast about it it's gone it diminishes in moments in the new test that one of the people
that i find most glorious saint paul saint paul if you see god's glory he did in second corinthians it's really
amazing he says arnaud unmanned fourteen years
ago fourteen years ago he saw he was caught up to half of the
third whatever that means tiki saw happen which he describes in
first corinthians would know i have seen or heard nor
could enter into the heart of their what god has prepared he's star the glory of god and for fourteen years he tell anymore could you imagine he intel anyone so then he talks about in abundance of
visions he would see god's glory and he would
see god over and over and over it was so hard for him to boast and
second crimson actresses all the u_n_ three says but yet i boast in my infirmities and in my weaknesses i don't know that
my face to shine falling as i have a thorn in the flash i know that and we can god's grace is so
sufficient nearing the one perishing on the outside inside and being renewed day by day seen worry glory and more glory how many of you desire to see more gory we have pedi requests of god sometimes but this is a request but if you have those criteria that god will show you cory that will
sustain you through everything and so you get to the
point of the incorruptible glory when he comes in his last time i love this chapter i pray that this would be our prayer please god i want to see your glory and may god be glorified when we see his
glory now and forever and for the just about