The Example of the Martyrs


the sputum got in me so I believes that you noticed that today was
separating a back among the summer for fathers and
mothers the must-haves because a lot of points
in today and was a cop to keep it on the comment to a
New Year's and I would like to talk to you today about forefathers and mothers Marsters and the whole will benefit from that
exam boards for our own stage one life first the fall us as Coptic of books people we r saw a privilege it's to have our fathers
and mothers give ourselves because in fact first of
all we can not going to help many we cannot come to help me our forefathers of art how many more steps our forefathers
offer to witness with the fief and the to the
Lord and it will die and suits that bailout to witness for the faith how many would want to know they are a lot so that we cannot count how many because absurd I believe when you look for example at that searches the whole here you will
see that I don't you are you are surrounded by good number of their I columns everywhere sometimes a witness
the trains are war against the Comptroller's serves he
feels that it is too much or he is overwhelmed by events but in
fact we love that would love it because the icons is a representation of their presence battlefield during the
deal it is a time which is now then the com spiritually and they are amongst us and they support
our players through very effective and accepted
reports so they are all our family in fact and then heaven will be among the same and salsa send some more storms are our hitting the family so we are as Coptic Orthodox Christian people who
are attention to them will offer the first then search would like it or not it's up to him but
we'd often they are big part of our history paper to force feed we belong to them we love them we feel the presence at our
own bus and we feel the power of their players and we feel that you are supported by
them and will be longer now wanna mister I am standing here now in the presence of the icons are known
to me as it wasn't a surname of their presence
I feel warm and supportive head we all love them and the now I would
like to tell you why we all know them we all love him at
least four main three reasons reason number one we all know them because verbal lot is this he is a former Fyfe when the accepted to witness to the Lord and the head the
spiritual power and courts to said their blood the kid to the field
for us if the PMI in the best and they didn't witness maybe who is so they have not been pretty sure
today maybe we should have not received the fief the Bible that they had the question has
to be maybe if the deny it will may have lost everything so according it was a teaching for for
fathers veritable art is the seeds of our Fe if the trip to the field for us not only for
our generation or four as generations to come but in fact most importantly during give a have time who in one of
our martha's was witnessing the van or he reflected enemies Inc spiritual faithful example at the time of his witness he reflected faith he deflected love he reflected
basins he reflected spiritual court's power your its
uniqueness humility pre-orders the even for those
who persecute it had and his this spiritually example was very attractive example for many
unbelievers waltzing to calm and say we need to be
like that we want that for ourselves so why their blood world's this eve of relief because as many as the kill as many as many unbelievers where attracted to believe and even to
witness and even to told are you on the name of
Christ because the so their speech for example so that we all know to them because the
plot and then a speech for example if the
senior forward faith they are our roots and at three at three cannot be fruitful except if it has a strong deep powerful roots so that we have the main route the main
source of our broad Jesus Christ and they also are our roots and we are bred suit from Z sammy is Inc the spiritual has to be resource amazing
speech was peeing porn our forefathers so sad they are part of our history they are
part of our life they are part of all were existence our speech was existence we belong to
them they are our heritage they are or Thrissur so that we order them and we belong to them and we feel that they are our family we have an amazing if water bottle we
are all by ourselves this war who are surrounded by them and also would believe that we are
supported by the law and if their premiums according to Thomson James that his
services it is a business up to five he said the effective voted for two players of
all rights just men I feel so much them but the BART pick
for the fear of Allah we believe that they are now in heaven surrounding the Lord and if they do not
think about prison behem and enjoying His presence and His face and they and we are in the playoffs and we are supported by them so that we are attach it I am confirming those who are opposed to
it I will be home and because of that days said the main reason why at goat part of our date is your free
later she withdrew a big part of a good part of it is the
committees of the Saints because we believe that us and them are
like one big family D surrounding Christ in every letter C so now with most people as i've mentioned reflected a wonderful
and powerful an amazing especially example and they had the courts and the power to
witness to the Lord till the in either the waiver tinted to deny tinted all will persecutor to
the right time for the Iranian they offered them a lot of fingers you
can have money you can have houses you can have a amazing job you can have I Y for a
hospital everyone's will give use of denied the war so they will attempt to
the lot and they defused as a simple I am the weird for cert unpunished and persecuted alt a lot till tale they should the blot to witness to the Lord was an amazing quarters and
power and they will longer suffering at the
Stade honest and a state witnesses then the lost a moment of her life so now my point is I need fathers them
are you me it and I think I'm assume all of us want to
understand what is the source overseas unbelievable and I'm using
power speech for power the hat what is the source of that where they'd the game that for all and therefore
would your we also can follow the steps to again something similar for us also to be powerful spiritually and the two receive spiritual power and
quotes are from the same source they receive the from and in this way you can also witnessed
furthermore the because we are living in the modern age see that
here includes also a lot of something his son
and a lot of persecution to throw us away from our fee if and the from being critical witnesses to
our Christianity to our goal to our eternal life soul work was a source of their power first of all we need to know that the
power was not human power we need to know that
it was more this report was most beautifully power
it was not human poor no human no human no human has that ability to witness like that to face there and persecution and poor
souls out fear and without without with any you kind of hesitation it is not a human power is a heavily power is heavily power is that power over our role Jesus Christ
Himself that phase think the cross also ahead game in
the slums of the hop will send the combat that he was mauled
about willie Mae up a lil but not the lead a minute with the enemy so far planner has to see and then all the nest
because I for the yanni anna has never been a welcome home then found why miracle in and
Mississippi gonna miss any and all how good my ankle and my Manhattan a we need to know what was the source of their power am
saying but was not a human power it is a
heavily power and it is to make it like very specific
it is the power forward more to Jesus Christ
his personal power faces across and because they were fearful enough for
him and the Whale lover enough for him he came and he went inside the man he
manifested his personal power through them so that they gained the victory the weird
powerful note by the human human power or for this the power they
were powerful because the Lord them said for many fans
through this power and then and that is explain it in a wonderful way and the book of
Revelation sup first word verse 11 I would like to go issue in brief to
understand this is voters verse 11 harrows Los pew polled receive their power from god about the
personal power forward nor Jesus Christ to be there own power and it will face then if and persecution without with any fear or hesitation and the to witness to the
law and again I'm asking you who why do we need to understand what kind of
power the hat or what is the source of this poll
because we need to have these exact power to be our power because was there with its we cannot be
true Christian in these even wall or the warning that
she is surrounded by even among students in analyzing because a
lot of good people are there out but I am saying we are surrounded by
people who are surrounded by temptation we are surrounded by destruction how to
witness how to be go to the move got seem like
our forefathers who we're we need to receive some power from the
same source so let us go to the book of revelation
surfaced when verse 11 understand hell the source of the elbow or was
explained in a wonderful way he say is and they overcame him the Bible say that
they overcame hem what is meant by him him is a reflection of maybe that that the Ville maybe that the persecutor
maybe Sat temptation maybe the struggle anything go us opposing get them to then I've been
fierce under the mic the more and they overcame
him help number one number one because of the blood of the Lamb they over