Don't Judge. Just Don't Do it.

A sermon given on October 25, 2009 on Matthew 12:22-28.


here who's with us we'll be getting
instrument today's main is doctor mark your guests i'm sure some of you guys have met mark before he insisted and i
don't give a lengthy introduction and don't want to do that we don't take away
from the gospel dot just so you know mark is a friend of mine as well as and
older brother to me a lot of ways it is actually older
brother to a lot of us as he is the older brother father paul so with that uh... let mark morgan or hear the holy spirit
speak on mars has always been blessing for me to come packing into if you hear this church in you know i you know that we don't
receive mention constriction uh... i thank you for allowing me to come back today's gospel we've we hear several times throughout
the year and you probably spective here talk
about unity became divided against itself cannot miss cannot aston and i think you should hear something that you need
but i don't think it suggest about unity you know christ did something today
where he healed a man that was demon possessed blind mute that is our
wonderful wonderful thing but he didn't mean to get a sermon about
it and it wasn't until something happens the first sees her did i miss it badges 'cause there's no way you could
have been done from something good within and he must have done it through
the power of bills about and must have been something satanic and then chrysler's provoked by that
evil and tension today and say acumen divided against itself cannot
stand but really what provoked at this talk
about unity was this first act of of judgment the pharisees geologist the righteous
son of god for doing an amazingly active got
clearly and rightist and they tended into something and i feel like that was actually the
theme in all the readings today it was about judging now this is a fearful topic it's not something that i like to talk
about and i will be the first when the confessed i'm guilty by judge but in my own anyway here judge to anyone one time using them at one time knee-deep maybe
twice maybe a hundred if you judged only a
hundred times in your life i consider you a state if you can if you've done this is only
about a hundred times in your entire life i consider you a saint most of us do this hundreds and thousands of times ideally to say the who start judging to me i love you this is a very important topic and every
relates directly to the unity no i think in the morning during its too the unity of the church than judging nothing hinders the success and the
progress of the church then judging for a person to walk in through those
doors what is the worst thing that they could feel is that they're being judged by everyone
around them it's the senate everyone of us a lot to
do are a lot of the judge and i hate to be judged even once and cry spoke about judging he spoke about it interferes way he's
warning us he didn't say i would appreciate it prefer if maybe
you could decrease the amount of judging to seven times a day don't judge because the few judge you're going to be judged that's very fearful it's because he knows how powerful it is
how destructive it can be he's warning us and the church is warning us be careful so let's be weary of judging so one of the causes of judges why do we
judge where a few things that i mentioned the other pistols today but
i'd say the first one is his pride its pride we judge others so that we could put them down lift ourselves up you hope to see the shortcoming the
weakest the scent of another person so that you could feel better about
yourself someone receives a wonderful
accomplishment let's say they get into graduate school that person leedsmet smart they're more
musta made but lower for the admission committee and that's why they got
engaged left that person doesn't study as much there's no way they can receive that how come that russia's may require him
they're not come under not all that i'm much better initiative fish in a lot to me we always wanna put others down phillips ourselves up and when you let yourself up what
happens how long does it last very short time which are not the person said today humble yourselves before the lord and he will lift you up pride leads to judging n causes separation but sheer melody then draws a others to yourself well what should a humble person said if you're in reading about uh... the
mind of christ in philippians chapter two verses three he says but each one consider others higher than himself now if you consider others higher than
yourself how likely are you to judge them to this person is so holy this person is the creation of god they bear the
image of god this person is much better than me how could i judge let me give you an amazing thing said by someone who might be the best
creation saint paul saint paul more that any other christian i could
ever imagine and this was the same and he says this
is of wonderful saying christ jesus came to say centers of whom
i i i am i am the first among the senators could you imagine single the great a
wholly by just one of the events of complaining about that i'm the chief listeners so if i'm the worst center what are the chances figured it judge shooters they're less sinful venue you probably won't private leaves that judgment we have to see humility but if you look at the official to the
current things today saint paul's says something and i feel like it directly ties into
this which is make sure everything that you do everything that you do be done in in love and where there is judging there is a black of love love doesn't expose the sins of others well there's a desire to separate would have loved to descend through a lot of does the same converse sings true love covers the weaknesses of
others it doesn't expose them it doesn't condemn for them what does it only cover the sins of others but love lifts
the burdens of others so if you see someone falling indistinct
you don't judge them as being condemned what you rather say let me carried their burden as we found let me raise them op where there is fried where there is a lack of love there's gonna be judging and i'm sure
the fathers of this church dream that this church would be from the
beginning to the end from every moment everyone said that this would be the
church of church of love forwarders judging if you don't exist what are some of the consequences of of judging centered over time full some of the consequence of judging
in the father status sended you judge someone four will be
the stating that you fall into and it's true it's true how many times these that person was so inconsiderate i
can't believe bailout money or whatever they love
gardening you would not an ice cream and that person i don't drink whatever
and then you find yourself on interest that
person left and you do the same i'm afraid if every side judge someone fort i'm
gonna fall into went home to a half i better cut it off as soon as possible it leads to at least that's something that we hate
we hate gospel negative and excellent something that we
love is in that we hate again we love to go off the week because
it's about but judging leads to blossom it goes along with exposing the sin you
wanna tells some thought someone about it but one of the official stated in the
capital pistol instead do not speak evil a brother to the
speaker people were brother you're not a doer of the law but you are a judgeship of the law but he says there's only one real login
for and only one real judge and that should be god when you speak evolve another you're
judging the law you're making yourself not apply the largest self-determination
yourself above the law you're making yourself how fearful is that you really want to be gone you want responsibility judging everyone then put yourself under the law don't
speak ill of others but be not a judge but be doer of the law so they want to be doing how do we stop maybe that's the important part how do
we stop judging or think it's not a decision that you
make in a moment it's a process it's just be ritual warfare that goes on
in the mind and the warfare that goes on the line is
very intense very deep in very persistent and so we have to decide to take opt of
battle against our thoughts like steve fossett bringing every
thought into captivity and presented to christ every thought presented to crest so much that we do to prevent judging by my confession fathers told me this
first thing whenever you feel like you're going to
judge turn your judgment into from your judgment interpreter if you see someone falling into scene peter you could mark them for this
season where you could pray for their salvation what do you think would be more pleasing
to god saint john the short when he used to see someone else standing he still weep hughes the week for their seeing and forehead self
thinking i could have fallen into that state or
even worse if i was in the same situation such humility so he prayed for them that god would lift them out of this and pray for him own self as well that
he wouldn't fall into the sea tearing your judgment on another person interpreter i don't know if there's anything to be
more acceptable to christ second thing is and about you but i've got plenty of sense if you focus on your own since you may not have enough time to look at anyone elses say moses the ethiopian he was called to judge one of the monks
and made a mistake so all the other moms were waiting for
seem most is that what has become and what did you get a comment so finally comes in late carrying a huge
bags of cement with a hole in it and c_n_n_'s leaking all over the floor
women don't be afraid floors already seen stand everywhere you know at what is he
doing he says these are my scenes behind me and i'm
coming to judge this in a manner and got one instance i don't have time to worry about what
other person sits if i focus on another person saying once said of everyone five might never repent myself i might do in my own repentance until it's too late wanted time to consider ourselves to be
perfect and we expect others to be perfect if they were dissing wants are you perfect the one who is perfect you're probably okay to judge book for
you if you're not perfect focus on your bone since the first thing for your judgment of prayer number two focus on your own stands number three don't talk about others or listen to the gospel of others michael coalesce more easily said one way to deal with that is don't listen to the cost of a rather
make excuse for others excuses for others person might come into the liturgy late can't believe that persons walking me but you don't know if that person had to drive thirty miles of the
opposite direction to go bring another person to church so that person could come in next year's
christ as well and that may have been the cause and
they may have had to wake up earlier than you and they thought of bringing and
offering to christ through the liturgy where we decided to just get up dress a lingering ourselves to
church you don't know you don't know the whole story but if you make excuses for others it really breaks the unity if you don't make excuses for others i think we need to start thinking about that when someone talks about the weakness of
others say well maybe they're going through depression maybe they're going to a very difficult
time maybe they are so holy that state as fighting them slowly hard
because of their willingness and they feel the same god bless them for their purchase the other thing that you can do number
four is realize your own limitations anyone here it with a c into another
person's heart you can see inside of another person's
heart only god can what do we look at we look at the outside we judge based on outward appearances
but god judges the heart i see people saying but you know i don't often see i don't often see a very talented what if i judge someone person that i
thought but that night they went home and repented this we just
repaired in several exit mesa the leader of a prostitute home in one night she repeated the sweetest
repent is that god took what had happened that night we might have judged her for all her
students and god said she's mine and i took her one of the reasons we judge people is i remember in my favorites as well first
class ticket to appease live on in my head any of that that person for something that they did to me what
went on the go i might tell them for the rest of my life god has a look at the beginning of our
life he looks at the end heaven forbid should i be judging the
person whose repentance is already accepted another example the morning as the salon phony went out there missy people who met them say they'll work
crazy they work for alleged they were strange they didn't weird things you're a they were foolish they were fools for christ sake these to act crazy on purpose so they would receive the glory of
people they'd holy people what do they do they don't hide their sins they hide their virtues unholy people what do we do we hide our sins we tried to expose any virtue that we
might even appear to have so now i gotta warn you if you see other persons scene it might be because they're hiding all
the virtues heading for big should you be judging the saints armond you one of you all of you could
be saved and i can be judging a safe haven for a bit it'll bring us the santori on the day of
judgment extending a four times that ill bonuses aren't love you you are a holy
man i accept you but bookmark it has something to say hasn't proved it should we be the ones
caught judging the stains better not to judge you know cuz i don't know if they pretend to be
idon't know diverges they could be saying it's so then the last thing changing your measuring cup changer measuring cup change your filter one of the stories of the monks who he
was in a very good mom it's in the paradise a father's his on
his deathbed and the tradition of the monasteries is
that uh... montana deathbed all the other ones would gather around so
they're all although the monster getting around in he joins liked my gosh where you think he's going to go he didn't fast all the time he didn't
pray all the time he didn't clean air so he didn't come to all the worship
services i don't know if he's going to make it they're judging him on his bed and one of them finally have the courage
to say aren't you afraid aren't you worried of the judgment of guns as you know what you're not from the days that i came to this
morning stereo i realize i'm not a great mark but i never judged anyone for anything they've ever done expected judge t god to use the same measuring cup within what happens when your filter is too small what happens in the sink the side with the disposal and all the
food gets caught in the bottom what happens everything builds up especially these
their immune serum and news fuhrman comment in the water that spin this
women you will never get a husband to watch additions so if the filter is not wide enough if it's not open if
things are not passing through i would think you'd be very important to be very merciful rather than judgmental but everything hija ice from since preferred others love others freeserve
the unity may god have mercy upon is home now and
forever infeasible you justin stimulus and um... then