Devoted Followers of Christ

A sermon given by Dr. Mark Guirgis at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington DC, on November 27, 2011, on Luke 14: 25-35



we have to special guests who think and women against lost who in is that one of there and leaders of uh... the coptic uh... uh... movement in egypt and defending
their rights and human rights of the company
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give the arab experiment in the end and goes allot uh... about what's going
on over the years he's the one who you see
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above one apple burgers and he's with us here sooo and hear the word of god even before the december was too and then we can we spend so much time
giving thanks for the blessings that we have recently steve i can't help but give thanks to
god for bringing it back to this church where i received so many
blessings in my mind my bus that produce and among the eleven
family and friends when i received the invitation to preach for the gospel this weekend initially
was very excited i read the gospel of last night's vest
for and it was wonderful christ said to the people he says come
to me all you labor and ever done and i will give you rest i thought wow what a kind and we warm and welcoming imitation everone is
going to have a nice and warm feelings all well and uses them then somehow the church decided to pare that
gospel with today's gospel christ on another crowd following him a whole multitude uses if anyone wants
to come to me you have to hit your parents you have to
hit your wife your children and your brothers and sisters and even denying yourself more than sidwell what what happened you know this whole
idea of taking a crossing and following me are the two contradictory it's it's not as nice and
warm and fuzzy to to think about carrying my cross or not
getting hot chocolate and talking about this gospel is christ contradicting himself which christ the reform really there's only one christ with the
same message we know that christ desires everyone to come to him he doesn't desire the death of a single center for rather than everyone should turn
from their wickedness and live that's the christ was calling everyone
of us it's the same chrysler also says please
come but com not with luke warm this not with
faint-hearted ms but com was calmly devotion come with faithfulness come with steadfastness is that too much for christ to ask who invites all of us for arrest that he should ask something above us i don't think it is he says if you want to be my disciple disciple when we think about the
disciples the disciples were special few they were the in crowd they were the ones where he reveal the
mysteries of the kingdom of god there were the ones you gave us forty to do miracles and to cast doubt demands there were the ones that he shared his secrets with those were his clothes sandeep followers he says if you want to be close to me you every one of those and what i'm asking as for devotion and your sincerity or
what kind of devotion are you asking for dear lord jesus christ to the highest he says that sick i want you to come to me i want you to love me with a lot of that bears all things and
believes all things with a lot of the hopes all things and i love that indoors all things i
want you to come to me with a lot that will never fail says that's online asking he says i want you which is a very difficult thing for many to hate again parents in thousand
children and what he means by this is i want you to love me so much movement
comparison to the rest of the east he's i want you to be so devoted to me they showed there come a time which
happen to them picture your family turned on you and
say stop calling christ i want you to choose he says i'm once you take count the cost as if the state i want to be faithful to
me and phil until death until your last breath that's the kind
of faithfulness than as the poor he doesn't say i would like you to come
to some liturgy is fairly frequently i'd like you to have a good quite time every
once in awhile what he says he is and what all that you i want you to be completely only n all for me he says don't denying me or first take me in
situations of persecution or temptation count the cost it's interesting that trash talks about
persecutions inflation this week because when he spoke about the store
and the city it was saying some of us will not produce for through
because of persecution or temptation we say well you know maybe i don't
produce as much fruit you know i'm tempted i'm still a christian but now
price says now because of persecution temptation if
you wanna follow me you really have to endure and feel of christ forty cities same words in the twenty-first century if you were saying this to his people in
the agent our brothers and sisters he could say exactly as he did before he would say look seemed to me you are my people you are mine there will be a cost for being any follower of me for being
called a christian there's definitely across you're gonna see it because they hated you because they hated me they're definitely gonna hate you he says but if you follow me just follow me until the and if your
faithful until death i'll give you the crown of eternal life even in the midst
of persecution follow me how would you say it to his children in
america especially after black friday where his devoted followers were willing
to fight against the crowds in their retail stores where the ball followers would go and
get the good deals where if you are in california you might
even have to find out by their customers who had pepper spray in their hands this is one small store in california
we're not all like that you all know how to count the cost of a
great discount right fifty percent with an extra twenty
percent we all know how to count the cost in america were very good
accounting costs are we we can do major calculations we understand what a great deal we're
getting he says i want you to be devoted to me indeed if he says withstanding
persecution in america says i wanted to be voted to meet
withstanding temptations withstanding temptation how loyal are used to mean in america will you follow me if i ask you like he asked someone
original ruler to go and sell all the headers and deny
himself carrie's cost involved with the same message but without one who had a lot of goods
he says i really want to understand to get rid of those other things because
you have to be loyal to me you noticed up prices deny herself and
carry your resisting he says cross he doesn't take care your
velvet satin recliner chair and comedy a follower of me income have a nice and comfortable life one of christ said to us today here in america which wouldn't be strange for christ
that's unless he denied herself the iphone fine and the i've had two or three or face
book or angry words i know and rebirth is a tough one order fifteen occasions your nice cars
your big homes order alcohol order product the or yes
even the brand new fifty-two inch three d_ screen tv it we got yesterday
on black friday so does it say wait a minute christ mark are you being sold radical the
crisis really ask us to give up those things i mean really thank god were born in this century not
next century because if you said to carry across what what are responsive in honestly and when you start what it was like for
someone to hang on the cross where people cursed the day they were born he told them that well what do you tell
us he says please just focus on just a little more attention to me i mean this crisis really wanting to be
that devoted i mean listen mark i'd married a wife i buy a cow are that way hands sound bites and their parable which he says in the gospel of luke right before this
passage about people following him and being
devoted he says i know you've got excuses i'm tired of excuses what i want are sincere wholehearted
followers of christ ask the people that you just right now
what it's like to be a warm hearted follower where they're carrying a crohn's i'm sure the crowd that i heard this
sermon two thousand years ago many of them said i don't know if i could be a follower of
christ i don't know i mean how devoted his quest for miss at least fifty one percent at least fifty one percent he wants just a majority of your heart by one percent or seventy-five or ninety nine percent action he says i want you to be one hundred-percent for me and all for me when you read the book of caution cautions is a fantastic amazing block
and there's a verse or talks about christ who's the head of
the body being the first quarter of the creation it says he is preeminent does anyone know preeminence i don't either so i look at another version i said what does preeminent mean in the
amplified version i love the of labor jed says so huge alone this is the word
preeminence okies alone in everything and every respect my
occupy the chief place stand first preeminent i mean i read that again because i
really think that's what prices asking us so that he along in that everything anionic every respect might occupy the chief place that he might steen first i guess i wanna ask and i guess christ will ask if he were to come back to her he even said this in the gospel of luke if the son of man were to come back what
he truly find faith pond when he finds faith in cards the kind of treatment you really looking
for by wonder after counting the cost would any of us be able to stay with
saint paul buys suffered the loss of all things but
i count them as rubbish so that find my gene who writes for the affluence of the knowledge of
christ i'm willing to suffer anything you see at that time they were asked to follow christ under these conditions of caring across the denying themselves without having seen the crucifixion and the resurrection again if i was at that time i would have
had a very difficult time making that decision but in hindsight i've seen and understand the beauty of
incarnation i've understand that beauty of the crossed the glory of the
resurrection the ascension to heaven his sitting at the right hand of the father
inner-city for us find no he's given us forgiveness of
sins i know that he's given strength over said i gather you give us abundant
life he talks about the riches of the glory of their inheritance he says no i
have seen know what your heard nor entered in the heart of me at put dot is
prepared for us having known all of that how do you care of the costs i ask you what is the cost of your complete devotion compared to you the complete devotion of christ to you i pray that you will see the cost has very little i pray that you would see this as the
best deal ever forget black friday we have great friday with their cars has been reduced completely it has all been paid for all we have to
do is fight as those of us who are brave enough to go into the stores on black
friday and respond to the grief that was given uh... s how devoted army and are we really willing to follow it would send me for christ the lord at arms and say salt is good i'm afraid the salt in america may have lost its flavor i don't think it would be able to bear
that seeing the same day that this gospel as
red we read about the church in first one i can were let me read what it says to you
about the church in fast for micah we give thanks to your brother's it is
fitting because your faces growing exceedingly and all other everyone of
you a balanced towards each each other he says your patience and faith in all
of persecutions and tribulations that u_n_ door what is he asking for as he says be
devoted be devoted so how so how well thank god they gave us the a pistol
and second in in the first of his love peter today which is a great chapter chapter four is
wonderful but he says that the end of things as a
hand three says this is what i want to be more devoted he says be serious and watchful in your prayers the end of all things that he in as if like we could be persecuted for what we
believe difficult times are coming in that situation says be serious and watch
for in your prayers because you don't know how long you have he says just be devote if you only had a
week to live how devoted would you be you'd be one hundred ten percent devoted
he says that that's really what i want from you be
serious and watch for your prayers because but above all things he says warm love for each other that's not the translations as very warm up rick knows this have ferment love for each other i want you to have blazing hot firing beloved forty each other he says above all things be very
seriously and devoting your prayers but the very hot blazing lobbying christians above all things and wonder if christ were to come back today what would your response be my prayer i'm sure the priest prayers and your
prayers for each other is that you would use designer more of god music but i want to have more of you and
i want to be more for you but your god there are some things that
are binding my heart right now in this prayer when we're standing before the alter and
we're seeing the one who gave himself completely for us i want you to think it
has a bona breaks the body into pieces and you understand the
devotion of christ to u i'd want us with sincere hearts to pray this prayer your god and you may not be all for you
right now but i need your help because i want to
be who and devoted follower to you till my last brown i thank you for the greatest deal every
given to me don't lose out on it today buddy embraces and respond to this offer may god be glorified in all of our lives now until all of our last breast revver name says