Demon Possession

 A sermon about the demon possessed man brought to Our Lord Jesus. What does it mean to be demon possessed and what is the solution for it?


closest deem line and the museum in the Arabic translation system is demons is Matt man some what we need to understand that actions teams inside this is being manner there's no thing and does not see and does not speak the book going into these medical that the Lord the ones to reveal for us that demons saint in makes us not to think not to see nope to speak but the most important thing today is to think together ham can saved in makes us not thing not to see moms p this man as usual can magid is completely lost his integrity his life his his socialization and see didn't that brings think he will lose do with us is disciplinary purse from God Super
Troopers room the Holy Spirit separators from the church separate those around
good company so that care overcome our little I work whose I were in line and makes us really his be his sir makes us released leggings for him they'd be good them happen when they group doesn't matter them he in how did he hear him is just a constant I with the team and once that the Lord that gusted I would the moon he was able to then it was able to see was able those p it's some single it did but this
strange that demons that can make us physically this able physically DC and that is through that this through we will see today that Seton Iranian louver who humanity sends the pool them and the even get those the power from this world in Hastings under it authority and it to stay it like that saving time is raining mover bus till our mood Jesus Christ has come and the
way on the cross and on but gross that newer defeated Satan defeated see I'm you when Satan to Ryan to come 23 this'll this third overruled Jesus guys thinking he is a normal man he could not but some singles happen enlisted of Satan interesting the school remover the mood this to Satan himself and that is 1 I'm grown the cross their be in defeated see Jim their been a bold and booze mood believe in the Lord and get baptized they have the same 32 insane when we hire all being the children of God Department losers he gave up authority 30 to trample home servants and score all the children of
God when they art but times they get that authority I'm but then with that mean that saved them within fight against us anymore no it will it will it will never
stop he will never did give her he will scheme to dry gusted the last breath and I won't lie I will give you some examples of how say to them can make service to be man not to think do you remember never gone on to netbook owners are is a great game he is someone who'll bill buckingham and when the bill but the lawn he stood one day and said isn't did great Babylon that I am have bill their for my all in good mood
ring and buying my own and balloon to give
him one year to repent long and he did and the what happened to the
netbook winners a he was lipton like can I'm because he didn't
begin good movie to go he threw see to made him to think that it is fooled
by his form problem and not to polluted by the new and big game like and and im they couldn't to keep him in
the palace they casted him I'm his day it's seven
years seven years in the wilderness to the plant built in service he came back to the sins and that when
he came back to his senses and mooted by the new the Bible them since he became back to I'm a and he came back to the
palace and came back to be that can go again
can you imagine that's a can do that us another great
man was header became whose much I Wayne to him and the of course as a came couldn't to gluten look for a charger so he sent to my job I and set them when
you're finding come back than me where he is these her victory King one day he was talking to people and people who screamed and
said this is %uh police over got not a man and the Wendys said so what should the kinks a isn't really the voice of God does he consider himself gotta say made him feels so is a very good told us big boobs he didn't give grueling go because he didn't give Lori good what happened to him he actuated were worms which you came upon him and had the victim allied don't know whether it was subcommittee
years Williams which with him yeah I'm not able to Russian them away but it must to be some scenes very nice that you be dime he died only because it didn't get
promoted to go only because he sure but he's a god one day when we then the celebration for CIR media who London who is a famous surrounds Blanc to and we are very growl him have been these great success love the game and internationally as
well and the Wednesday where really raising him he stood in all mom and said don't prysmian you should brace at team I'm were with because we aren't
waiting as a team and you should as world berets dunno who gave me that ballad that success and he and he said I'm never have done I'm a single operation without praying to them and upfront 31 he really crews them be your reporter game all these skin amber Miller and see tennis world does not only got up to our minds but he makes us look to see not to seem not to be blind and physically burnt not to have inside does school bus by then needy people and turn a blind I with them when I was in Egypt and I see people person goodbye bickers what is a common sentences
saying to them got will give you and the buses for God will give you good good subway God has given you some money
god-given has given you some money to get the
medium me she gives you and do you say to the needy gotham as if be is RHS man really praised for them of course not but then go blind I those irony is lines then got line for lose food the truth you see the room and you don't want to
commend you see others in danger I'm you don't want to warn them that
might build believes us if you see someone who is doing
something wrong and you don't warn him what would happen people die in his sin but his blood
would be taken from Europe on I'm you will be responsible I only the breeze I leave the breeze he did not bring Abhisit children right the new they refused to him because he didn't
bring his eight children up right in but it is we had enlightened we had these inside inside this but see doing rise tum be and tool make good the hard in enlisted being line so safe and makes us not to think say them makes us not to
see and see being says no spin moved us the not to witness to him how many times you might be in in situations that you
could have witness the Lord and you didn't how many
times did some people I'm no use and you became I'm getting and do you
should very very bad at didn't you not witnessing to delude to love your enemy where is
looking good nm how many times did you get angry and you didn't really shoe that image of the blue people who
viewed family how many times didn't we have the charms to see a good word about some person and enlisted ok that we current on ghosts have been gathered him
or up see can be accessed to see the truth and to waste word us the chances to with his Google but when some Peter and Saint wrong where arrested and the day to look at them and pulled
them not to speak and the name love the food again and give threatened them david Wayne our once is a quaint I would they get to
speaking about the mood again so they have arrested them again and
said the to them didn't do it didn't you not to speak and that name anymore under what did you think they said look
to your cell should we move a you the rulers or got weekend home and they said them no matter what you will do we cosmonauts global talking get by with
him you can get like but we can to stop
talking about them did the last min this is a witness to this is a witness to Bulls and moved on to witness to the
moon is when you see this in and do is say no when you have a bad food and use gave from when you see
people synonym and you doing warm them sin is almost a common thing we mean our Damian Lillard and say to is playing with us with our minds our in science and with our inner feelings are we people today not to surrender I was so to see Satan wouldn't that be
able to likes you to do something unless you
agree unless you give him sell big green I'll leaves bettys today the mood is ruling us if you agree with C in and you I will allow him to come into you like then who were dribbling you like you
with this through you like you to return dude future everything look who many drug Adams and the world look how many drinkers in the world how many addictions different addictions in the world same to him is whooping so are