The Body Of Christ Leading To Eternal Life

"A sermon given on the gospel of Saint John:6:35-45"


and that means of the father and son and
the police business and mourning crisis risen truly he is risen i wonder what that were really means a
lot of us i know the word prices resent oftentimes
signifies that it means we get to gorge on a lot of good super fifty days and oftentimes the eating the food
continues but the greeting of christ is risen stops after a week or so we still rejoice in
the food but oftentimes we forget really what it means to say that christ is
risen we search for the food that does not
satisfy which our lord talks about today but what does it mean to say christ is
risen it really means your life to say that christ is risen is
everything in our life without it we have to say that we are the most
beautiful people but in saying that he is truly risen
from the dead you are saying he his life through whom i have a life and there's no doubt that today there's a theme which you're gonna see
throughout the entire holy fifty days it's not some new revelation but you will read throughout this time that the theme of this time it is if you look at the readings from today
and first john chapter five eleven twelve it is and
this is the testimony that god has given us eternal life and this light is his son he who has the sign has life view does
not have the sun does not have life so here at life is equated to you jesus christ himself an axe twenty we redistribute take us who when they gathered on the first day
of the week which is the day uh... the breaking of the bread kind of like this today after hearing the preaching and having
fallen from the third floor to his death same colors and images don't worry his life is in him and then we hear this in the gospel by and they're better life my father gives you true bread from
heaven their brad a dot is he group comes down
from heaven and he is to the world would have thought i was going to talk
about was the eucharist in the liturgy which is something you guys talk about
very much here now you have a beautiful series an orthodox sermons uh... but what is reading as today i
found something interesting this gospel talks about the breadth of the father gives is the son later in that same chapter it says christ says the bread that ided is mine body and blood so today the father saying i'm giving you my son i'm giving you live and then as deep as this is it's very interesting
but at the gym says he talks about a mystery it talks about a mystery and in saint paul says and it is my privileged to speak to you
about the un's searchable riches of christ which is the fellowship of this mystery which is priced is our life if you look at all the readings that are from the
gospel of john last night i decided to look up the
world life and the gospel of john so there's a web site called bible
gateway dot com you can low-carb a word in a single
bullet just to see how many times it occurs in the twenty one chapters of john the world life and living not just as a random word but as a
meaningful word comes up about sixty times and you're going to come very familiar
with these in the next few weeks christ says by end of the resurrection and the life which is against the and the
resurrection and will give you life is i'm the resurrection and alright amn he says u search the scriptures in these
you think you will have eternal life these are they wish testified of me may says and you are not willing to come
to me that you may have and when you listen to that part again you're not willing to come to me that you may have a life because today to discuss ways as you
comes to me i will in no way cast al god gave us his son for us to have a life not just the kind of life for the heart
continues to be and the breeding continues on but it's abundant life work prices to be our life overthrows
assay with saint paul for me to live is price we are learning about christ as the bread of
lightning and we are to feed on christ as life we are to be sustained
as bread sustains s on price we are to have our hope in christ so here we have an invitation today christ says he who comes to me
will never hunger and you come from you want things for me will never thirst but there's a very similar invitation is
a a fifty-five in the beginning i love this i'd love the sanitation this is a
very unique imitation it's as though everyone who thurs come to the waters and you who have no money come by and eat yes combine wine in milk without money and without price why do you spend money for what is not
read and your wages for what does not satisfy christ told us today you're laboring for
the food that does not lead to eternal life
you're looking for the food that does not satisfy at eyes a sieve listen
carefully to me and eat what is good and let your soul delight itself n abundance the abundant life which are lower
desires to give he says incline your gear and come to me here's a very special invitation says com come by wind and this is how much does
it cost says you have no money come by cousins without money and as without price because the price
has already been paid so it doesn't cost you anything the
price has been paid here's an invitation life what a beautiful invitation it doesn't cost you anything it is a
free gift of god so here's the question you were told today and you'll hear over and over priced is
our life you have been invited to this life r_u_ feeding on this about of life is christ satisfying you is christ sufficient for you or do you feel like you still have to
labor for the food which parishes we always talk about the laboring for the food that parishes but let's talk about feeding on christ why would we ever switch uphold that leads to internalize for a food that parishes on ask you is christ inadequate as christ insufficient for us does he lacked something that you are satisfied would you say that his love wasn't announced to satisfy you and his coming to this very for of his dying on the cross and the
forgiveness of sins is that not enough for you is it the is lacking in mercy because we read opinions about the
riches of his mercy and gave it says that he crowns us with lovingkindness and mercy everyday it's renewed towards you everyday is
that not satisfying enough is his or to shore to stretch out and to
help us it's his power not enough because we learn that he is able to do abundant
exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or imagine he has a mighty power
so what is it in christ that we are not able to say the lord is my shepherd and i'm completely satisfied eyes shall not want anything else what is it about christ that is missing what is it about price that is
disappointing us that we are not having abundant life and
we're going to search for the food that nurses it's interesting you guys were offered to read a book the way of
the program during the holy week i wonder how did you write it but it's a
fascinating fascinating book you'll look at how someone was satisfied what is it that this pilgrim hat this program had a backpack with a few blocks some dry bread and the name of jesus christ and when you go back and you read that
book and it says he would be sitting at dinner and he would feel the desire to leave
the food that parishes to go into a room tuesday did use is prayer like that was the yearning of his heart and that would
be what satisfied his desires it says there were times are you can walk forty
miles a day and he would feel that there were times
where he was called that saying the named kept him walk when he was feeling
sick he found strength it's amazing but he had one thing and he could say that this name was life again what is lacking in the one from
whom life close so what's the problem what's the problem is a christ clearly the problem is in christ the problem is in us there is this concept indian medicine for anyone who
has diabetes or his her today begins the problem is they keep each sugar but without insulin they can't get the
sugar inside the cell so what they say is those cells are
starving in the midst of plenty starving in the midst of plenty i want you to imagine someone starving to death uh... boy from some third world
countries and right next to him the boys wasting away their right next
to him you say why is the leading life running
out of you when all you need is offered to you
right in front of you and there's bread and food right around
him you say why is it that you're allowing
the life to be sought from you and you yourself are not being that
which will sustain you this might sound ridiculous but what if the boys said yap i've heard that this bread might
help but i'm gonna try and get a new car and see that helps i heard that brett might work but i
might remodel my kitchen first and see and see if that and that might help or maybe some
pornography see if that helps me i'm gonna try more
television or more internet or more technology unless you've all how and
what happens the boring continues to wasteful way
because in him right in front of him is that we can give him a life but he's laboring for something that
won't sustain him his sad to see many souls christians so actor knowing about the red of life that they're invited to come and partake in are starving they're looking for things that just
won't satisfying and they're refusing the imitation for that thing which does some in trying to practical here because it bothers me thank you for talking
except what we do so maybe three things first thing is assessment i want everyone to assess you have price that is life that is a bill to sustain i want you to examine what is missing in
christ goal look and find out what is it that
you need that christ is unable to fulfill what
does that you're not getting and why and i want you to go to christ and you tell christ i'm not finding this
in you that i want you to go to a spiritual
father will help you find out why you are not receiving from christ
what you mean i want you to assess what is missing or lacking in the one product
inflows internally the promise that i can't find anything
like it so then the second part of the assassin
is this what is it that you are wearing for what is it that you truly labor for and the way you can evaluate this ask yourself this what is it that i spend my time doing a large majority of my time and my laboring for that which leads to eternal life or for that which parishes the plans that i'm making in my life are they to lead me eternal life are they for that which does not satisfy the money i stand and those things which consume what my
stops your time europe lands your money your thoughts what are those spent on water you labor in four with those
things or are you applying those things your time your money your plans and your thoughts on that which will satisfied second saying i want you to begin to labor for that
food which leads to life you know where it is you know that it is in christ if i were to say feed on the word the word of god i don't mean to read it if you look and jeremiah juror prophet jeremiah says i've found
your words anike eight them has one who is starving example how much ice cream you be in the last
two weeks as you mean i screamed compare that to how much of the word of
god when you find ice cream some of us are
talented enough to finish the whole carton you just want more and more how many of us when it comes the word of
god take the smallest of bytes and say that's too much for me but how many of us when we find it u_s_ have a great battle city going on
is the book of a fusion my favorite book but i want you guys to judge reid
phoenicians feast and feed on this block jesus prayer i want you to labor with the jesus christ's a great story but it doesn't do anything for you if
you never practice how often do we typically in america ok we'll get rid of all the snacks typically three premiums what-if you labored with the jesus prayer in the morning at lunchtime and that night amam was a todos for those of us who
have fingers most of us have them for those who don't
we have toes but he taught us you can count that uses
prayer on your fingers by these creases he says just what you're walking labor by controlling your mind and concentrating on the name of price with the guidance of your spiritual
father spend time in the morning and maybe you can do
it thirty times savages for thirty times in the morning thirty times at lunch thirty times at night feasting feeding in labor and summer missing you know that you just for didn't come
in me like aided in the way the program but don't forget he labored he prayed at three thousand times a day six thousand times a day twelve thousand times a day but after he acquired it he put it regretted for a moment there's some fathers that worked their
whole life to acquire the jesus prayer and some getting in two years it's a grace given by god but the one that receives this
grace finds that when prices out of them will spring i've
found two never turn a life they find that out of them as spring
forth christ i want you to choose to labor this week for that which do you dislike whether be attending a liturgy special prayer feeding not middling on the word but
feeding on the word is for one week in the last thing so we're gonna acess was missing why do we think rice won't sustain us number two we're gonna labor for the food that does number three we're gonna clean out her refrigerators we're gonna get red of something in that
food which is sucking away our life it's interesting someone put a comic on
face book and i know some people like this book and how to
read it too much but it was very fascinating a person goes the doctor he says i don't wanna exercise one of
our data doctor says it's your choice you the exercise one hour a day where
you could be dead twenty four hours a day mary interesting are reaches into labor for something or continue in the ways that are leading
to two missing health on a food or a habit or practice or problem that is sucking the life added u out of your family out of your marriage out of your kids and say i'm no longer than a labor for this by the grace of god replace the food that parishes with the
food that needs to turn a life one asking is there a time in your life where you
did really drink from the life of god i'm sure all of us have at one point
said it was amazing line would you ever turn away you should be saying to everyone taste and see the lowered is good food hyper and we will be able to see what
david the lord is my shepherd and i have nothing else because i have
my life in him tune for us to say with same paul for me to live is christ don't forget your life in these fifteen
days it's so much more rich in the fifty days then in the lens we actually do it joyfully so you can smile well finding may god or is it and life into everyone
of us now always