The Blessing of God

 Gospel Sermon on the feeding of the five thousand, looking at how God blessing makes it a great miracle.


today is that the gospel of eating as
well listened to it this is that heating of the month of june they really what that this is all about and when we speak and so it would be seen a load of this
is all about in our lives we have would have had a good example d_c_-ten people who is lol always this is that you could dance floors the small place benefited energy and he is still a responsible for the
service use the word responsible for all-white as a whole so this was a little waiting for the messiah and combo dot com beat the eighteen who would free them the roman empire and it wouldn't it be have seen it is
ability to in there about twenty thousand of them france for the men with their wives amp
tubes student each family out that i spoke to them he told them out there and he he did that there six people who came candid induce you investors he had hoped nationally on them because people some sense and that it would use it but it is to go and eat and say nice things though wood which is sufficient for twenty
seven people insiders are really cool and even if he had you cannot read with their own wouldn't
subject what would you sell them when m_c_a_ he just i think with me of what's happening in our daily life what's happening in egypt what's happening here by sending at least melissa what's happening and every family held up with thoughts and everything is this you could be as the weather as we have seen he complicity so every going to if you put dented equal is the heart so everyone might not know how to find something but the lord that well so much that there is a need to be for release and and this is when he cast that disciples to arrange it the multitudes into groups want humble and that would be so bad the medic in his book only because he
had with the twenty thousand the meredith is what time was needed to
feed a twenty-seven worldwide was the for the decided that the city's food to
twenty thousand histoire of the road guards misapplied this has basic f this is a little an hour artist i will see except that it's silly deadliest this fall entity abilities we cannot do much have we process final appeal henry process flight the congregation adequately help would we can do is say begins to let it be in any really sufficient to get all your bread for those this is memoriam all that you will this is the human mind obliterated
overtook this is a human wine although it shows this is a worldwide all women like he he the litigation in a golf course like this is a good to be sufficient in our homes that we see it everybody is so busy i have some commons of one's life is it going to be sufficient for raising my children for comedian was my spouse dvds mine too your dvds the lord what did you just social unrest i cannot the disciples began vivendi instead weekends we don't have enough i don't have enough time adult animal and looked out enough qualified float still have this plan is going to be
around have is the family in that church is going to be around with what the difficulty is that i
wanted the whole world so many problems and sold me much for in what is going on paradise as is always is that's is the open what's he's very help with that was invited the senate whitewater alert offended by what children insults animal were invited and society is the land who could bless there's a hearts defended us alert to the by his boat possible blessing so we could survive through the edward t and the beach howard fineman distribution this is his feeding them off the cheerleaders is an example for those who are what it looked like whatever where it's the only into the suspicion whatever about beatings about homes
about children abuts food about billy what jobs warring the lord is seeing to the following me but one they would do it just do you're wants according sqft stared at what u here rodeo energy deadbeat two seven buffalo state too much will fall he can do because he can do a lot he respected of the barriers and
difficult since then options it he he christianity nieces along the east ages heritage deal with twelve the site to please the lord will over the wall his love actually a dozen these plugs what you
want owners of these he can't do it he did it was a lot of us just one of us in that one was unable to to google maps i think that's i don't know what's school-based aggressive in this congregation what part for me i can do all related u_k_ and very well i don't have much in you lives there there is the only rs for harris fight who've born and bread and who smoked fish his beloved there and the looters stealing don't worry even in my hands enable bless you and you will see miraculously peril and going to do the job this is the oval we have to stop complaining all are what are you doing this because it is not the wanted who did the heads of the lord useful locks already is i sold it let's see who you saw one who's leaving carolinas credit here was bull kinds of infidelities he needs only when anything with you there he'll only one whether that crisis tool is the whole system to bless the whole goal mitigation just one our allies always the sea the inability is the insufficiency back problems disasters because our audience obtained at to see orderly the limited and stating that would be bold will be
on the the unlimited their limitations on our senses and see everybody understand what i'm saying bulk singing ltd of your lol our lord is solely she s our surely is so inefficient or lauren too whatever we cannot do because you promised i worked on my father was looking anyway looks strong blessing and working every when wants to live everyplace fifty or sixty years ago help me coptic christians will remain in beauty and how we are now helmets airs put there and how many are now we must love logo upon any settlements irrespective or used for villages because every seven minutes and everyone of us is benefited pollard we gotta are not ltd and even brought is so hearing at pros which started at feelings you would for some of the photos this rules the communion call me a leading get the multitudes you
would with his fallen which is mentioned in the seems sheta genesis the gospel stencil he's able to get himself to millions and millions at the same time everyday he could get rid of all of whom you
suggesting he could get from his qualities to everybody he could get himself his glory to anyone if you don't was part of your body he can use the and the blaze that s boasting over you have been abilities bottles walking about utilities wed dear member there seem to have a multi they caught him every part of him the arms of the legs and audited
midnight or so and it would take is very hot for a while if you this is the solemn the doctors farms and took his legs and left her in the corner and of those schools and he would be sent to you thank you
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probably be shipped city we hear tomorrow there s we say could swallow also lina because something about subtitle date when deep breath so a m political tool reno celeste anyways to be a total of going to go through it
and make it but will you know feeding the multitudes what are you a shift everybody would
think uh... you molested if you are blessed fit him anyways were received and if you are blessed went up to bless others drug dealers drug dealers s duties to bless others with his desire to get us what about the every wife this is not husbands and everett muslim businesses want and appearance businesses why don't we are uh... this the big d god you know that this is the god bless you all don't miss it all mrs why don't you don't use it that world and believed in it what everywhere will walked asks us what the best thing
in the general for the church looking every lol beat households organising blessed of don't get worse general goff always august being mean go when you get either osx and the comes he would not leave at these com as the one that he's kidding about every bought the
blogging home projects cries is very cannon about reading all of us white-haired adults polled from alertness without his permission dont think too much hope what's
happening in egypt because he is the and he has blessed the churches at individual ed what body when it is
not for a while if you don't through negotiate with their churches
yet yesterday we had said it would be will
be meetings for the anti cat people and meetings for the people who are being who he now nothing no money daughter carers abn amro the bottles a'bad ends the lord killers above the lives of
every three he blesses their parents he listened to a year he blessed everything into steamboats
going get i think she would support him and if you will see is getting you list the move w forget tuesday who continue to bless me his bases are for the record that i says ed for listeners he is not of the blessing we see a color laurels for this this is a warning annual restore this is gorgeous to bless this shows gesture immediately when you get it just
shows whatever you have towards ten days by my warriors blessing and he would miss it and he would feed when you're going to get out dead uses abuses in your heart as a side of his blessing warning about anything overlords is results it's not the football league in a few seats said but whatever anything what it means would you be what you were about the money just said we're missing don't worry about the world please don't worry about tomorrow six-year parable what it looked too long is just for this in your mind and in my mind death mike reality is to be with the lord who blesses everything c ferris seats that's what's been put as a
priority in your life view our lord jesus christ to be products just life as much as you get and all of these would be a good to you debating would be an issue he will do it k you into inouye which is still kept basis india citizens have had a great hepatocytes he could make it to be able to clinton soulmate and everybody would be blessed and everybody would gold soul rejoicing the receivable tronster beheaded of the lord who will still be issues trust him and see he can do in your life with ed harris without farm your matters european anointing your money if you're looking to the lord flaky always listened to all of you geeky adults affiant new split bread and then it was silent the looks of bread beating swords and and media is below
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boathouse katie doug would help every spectrum upgrades please practice asking him tourists every detail of your life and you see one of those because he is the old all wondrous and hope to date who receives this e week enjoyed his blessings in our minds costs in all fairness he will bless and one of the service because the place abuse for no difference uh... myself i think you four