2014 Holy Week St. Mark - Part 4 (Eve of Wednesday)


over symbols of the by now you guys are into the spirit of Pasco week I know
tuesdays kinda hard day to get into for a couple reasons number one is it
doesn't necessarily have the signature events like Monday we know is the victory right and then Wednesday we knows the betrayal
of Judas and also we have the woman alabaster flask course Thursday and
Friday your are very clear and very distinct other
thing that stuff about it is that the readings are a little bit harsh and we want to do
today is go a little bit deeper and find out why the readings are so tough so what are we
doing during Holy Week were actually following the Savior
step-by-step okay we're following him in his passion
in his last week on earth were following him step by step if
anybody year has ever had a loved one or someone close to them heavy terminal illness if you've ever seen somebody on their
death by before its it's a very difficult experience I had I've seen it a couple times and what happens is someone has cancer
something like that some kinda terminal disease in the doctor say you know what there's nothing else we can do the only
thing we want to do is make them comfortable always make them
comfortable if you have a loved one in that kind of
position what do you want to do you wanna be with them every single
minute want to enjoy every last minute with them you want to do anything to ease their
burden to ease your pain if you want to if you need to rub her
back if you need to get them a drink if you want to read them something if
you just wanna hold your hand whatever they want you're willing to do and I hope at some point this weekend
every time we steered his picture and we think about the passion of our
Lord we can ask the same question Lord what can I do to ease your
suffering know some was me think that alright Lord already died two thousand
years ago what suffering can I ease but that's not correct because when he
took upon him the sins the world he took upon him past present and future
so this is what we face or so for this week hopefully we can ask the question
lord what is it that I can do to ease your
suffering so in order for us to see why he's suffering so much let us go into the heart of Jesus let's
go a little deeper into the readings today so today on Tuesday the war went
into the temple for the last time me talk for the last time today so we
spoke a lot about the end he spoke about the kingdom of God he spoke about the end times and he
spoke about the judgment the world so if you want to understand the heart
of God you can see most clearly in the
prophecies so this morning the first our this morning very first
property that's right us from exodus 19 answers now therefore if you will indeed obey my voice and
keep my covenant then you shall be a special treasure to me above all people for all the earth is mine and you shall
be a king be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy
nation so we see here the plan that God has for us a special treasure above all people a kingdom of priests in hollywood all
the nation and pretty much after that the readings take a turn for
the worse everything is downhill after that you see here also in the first hour you see from Jose it says hear the word
of the Lord to children Israel for the Lord brings a charge against the
inhabitants of the land there is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land
by swearing in line killing in stealing in committing
adultery the break all restraint with bloodshed upon bloodshed this prophecy was said by Jose a about twenty seven hundred years ago
twenty seven hundred years later do you think this still has relevance to
us we find truth in this agent %uh relativism where nobody once accept anything where
he says hey what works for me works me or she
works for you we have the knowledge of God these days was atheism the largest thing on the rise
now you can even mention the name of God in our schools in our public places
anywhere without a lawsuit this age political
correctness swearing lying killing in stealing we live in a
violent world in a do you ever remember a few years the
hearing about the persecution of Christians we hear about today do you see the violence in our schools
and universities you guys know that it's been 15 years
since Columbine High School you realize been 15 years anybody
remembers that incident did you ever think you'd see that again
your lifetime but now it's something regular right
happens every year every other year you after sending a cap in a couple
years ago I thought that's it america's gonna wake up nothing changed just last week there was another
incident schools right so we live in a violent world to become
desensitized to violence even the kids the games are kids play
violent our kids don't know the difference between was faking what's
real adultery you can include in their all
the pornography and sexual immorality in the world have you ever heard of kids five years
old being addicted to pornography for have you ever ever heard of junior
high kids and a large coke it sexting each other we live in an evil world and we ask now why are the reading so harsh wise Lord
so upset I think it's clear twenty seven hundred
years the wounds are still there let's go to the six-hour from the book
by Zia answers a lesson from that the six hour
this morning alas information people for sins evil seed lawless
children you have for seeking the Lord and provoke the Holy One Israel why should you be smitten anymore
transgressing more and more the whole head is pain & the whole
hearted said he's speaking about the condition of the people Israel from head to toe from the fee to
the head there is no sound is in them either wrong or bruise nor festering
also healed is not possible to apply a plaster no
oil or bandages it is not possible to put a band-aid on
any of these wounds we hear about this one here the whole
head is pain & the whole heart is sad from the fee to the head there's no
soundness in them what do you think up during Holy Week exactly you ever ask the question why
did the Lord have to suffer the way he suffered with the whips necessary was the crown
of thorns necessary it was necessary you know why because he
took from head to toe the state all mankind he had to take all that on him in order
to heal you know why because it was not possible to apply a patch a
plaster no oil no bandages it's not possible to put a bandaid on a
wounded that deep right the law and the prophets
was just a band-aid it couldn't save the Lord Jesus Christ
had to take flesh and had steak on all over wounds all
over transgressions in order to be healed that's why it's as
an isaiah also by His stripes we are healed there's no soundness in them denies they
also say there's no beauty you know communism him because he took on our state this is %um
here the picture of Christ the bridegroom also this
morning we had in the ninth hour this morning we had a
very long prophecy from Genesis six to nine and also today our Lord and
the readings tonight he made reference to it he said but as
the days up Noah were so also with the will the
coming of the Son of man be for as in the days before the flood they
were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that no entered the Ark
and did not know until the flood came and took them all away so also with the coming of the Son of
man be what does this mean eating and drinking marrying and giving
marriage was at me user everybody was in their own world
despite all the warnings life was going on know what do you think
do we have the same issue now or not people are in la la land and so was as
believers are also lower land going about a regular lives as if
nothing happened but despite all that despite all the
evil in this world there's still an invitation for us and
tonight you see that invitation in the first hour of tonight in the
invitation to the marriage feast okay we're invited all to the marriage
feast in the bridegroom's waiting for us but in order to get us ready the church
also point for us another parable it's the parable of the ten virgins
which we all know very well right even the exposures in six hours at the
same thing they're all the same from the outside they're all virgins they're all watching
they're all in the right place they all had their lamps but the one
thing the deferred was work the oil and what is the oil the oil or the Church Fathers teaches it
was mentioned you it is good deeds of mercy compassion and
giving to the poor that is the oil the bridegroom's looking
for that's the oil that's gonna prepares for
the marriage feast is it difficult to do maybe sometimes
here in America a little bit spoiled I think I think we lost compassion for the poor is it difficult to do sometimes we think
it is we think it's difficult when we think
about it in the context that I mentioned earlier it's an evil world there's no hope right that's what we think but there's a
really nice saying that I i read recently it says instead of cursing the candle X cursing
the darkness light a candle instead of cursing the
darkness and saying this is an evil world is nothing I can do what should I do light a candle I can't save the world it's not my job
to save the world I didn't ask me to see the world that's
his job he's the savior of the world you know my job is to be a light to the
world got asked me to be a light to the world
my being a light to the world can you be a light someone's darkness
not you give someone a smile can you give
them an encouraging word on a night like tonight would you think
about others and maybe give up your parking spot for somebody who's coming late maybe an
old person I can't lock well maybe a mother that has young
children just driving through the rain do we have the mind of Christ not do you know someone who's sick you know
someone who's lonely I remember something happening about 10
years ago at work something that I witnessed that I'll never forget to
this day I remember it like it was yesterday was in the cafeteria and there was a
severely handicapped man there minimal use of hands and feet minimal
use of speech to be honest with you have no idea how he gets to work you know the good thing about my office
I'm equal opportunity employer they actually give a great deal jobs to people that would
never get jobs anywhere else I see mentally retarded people
delivering in office mail I see people with Down syndrome in the
Copy Center nobody would ever give these people a chance I remember seeing this man the cafeteria
he has one of these motorized wheelchairs and I remember to
be honest I don't know how he even got his lunch how he sat at
the table but then I remember the custodial person coming and and sitting down next to him at the
lunch table and he took his plate any started to
take his his food and cut it into little tiny pieces for
just like a mother does with the young child then he got up gave them in forty got up
and went back his business said while you a better person I would
have never thought to do anything like that I don't know if their friends on Nov
every day he comes and does that for this man or not heal the man %um you take the sickness no but the eases burden yes he did and that's what the Lord Jesus Christ
wants us to do he wants is to ease the burden for others that's how easy his burden anyone ever heard the show called
Undercover Boss I I don't watch that much TV but I came
across the show a couple years ago and I love the primes the show basically
it's when they take a CEO really big company to take like this
million-dollar CEO and he goes undercover any work says like a low
person in in the the company's CEO so for
example I watched the episode where the guy was the CEO subway subway the fast food chain so this guy
the CEO's Marino CEO who deals with executives all day he goes undercover the you know changes
appearance maybe he grows a beard shave his head or whatever so now we recognize them and he has to
base legal and work as a sandwich artist KS to get behind the counter and yes to
make sandwiches for people so imagine this person a CEO taking
office suit and tie and going to work with these people and
the cool thing about the shows that as he gets to know the workers you find other everybody has a story you
know he starts working with the lady and she has like two or three kids she's a
single mother and she's barely you know making ends
meet any find another person who was supposed
to finish college but they had to plan a catastrophe and you know there's no money left to
could afford to finish college and you always find at the end basic the
CEO's going there so he can make his place a better place to work evenings company
better place to work you always find at the end this like nice to you ending so as the CEO gets know these people at
the end because I'm into his office what does he
do he reveals himself to them said you know what I worked with you and
I saw how free for your new job and I I was so touched by your story
that you can't you know feed your kids that more you
have a a tough time you're gonna do we're gonna set up a
scholarship fund for your children and you wanted to finish college we're
gonna send you to cart on behalf of the company it's always this nice ending night
because they were so touched by these people these people were faithful were such hard workers and they all had
circumstances my friends or undercover bosses with us
all the time okay and what are we doing in our jobs
and our work when no one is looking undercover bosses
they're he's there all the time will he tell us
that you were faithful I'm not talking about being free for a
new job okay I know most of us are free for jobs most but i'm talking about. are you like
to the world you like to the world that your job but we mix in like everybody else there
was one other reading this morning can remember which one it was but talked about silver being mixed with 10
in bronze and let it was all mixed together am afraid that someone says Christians
same thing you can tell us apart from anybody else
we say the same jokes is everyone else we hear the same Gaza we
say the same to us if I need to trample somebody to move
ahead I'm gonna do it whatever it takes where am i different my different person
at work at school wherever I am I'm scared that because it is vers here
because lawlessness will abound the love many will grow called there's
lawlessness in the air okay us as Christians I feel
like I love has gone cold yesterday we talked about leaves I think it's enough leads already enough
leaves how pathetic are we as Christians when
are we gonna take a right is place in this world where we let them take their name of God over
schools now we let them take the name of God out of public places now if the ten
commandments written anywhere it's like a big to be scandal people wanna get them
removed now on the money because it says In God We Trust or we can see the name a guardian more
shame on us c'mon this is Christian that we reach
the state it's really really sad preservers today from from see rock from
this morning that is fight to the death for truth and Lord
God will fight for you how many of us are willing to fight for
the truth if we want to ease the burden of our
Savior if you want to just remove form just remove one at the whips move something let us do good to others let me share in his suffering by
learning to hold my tongue when somebody who owns me can I hold my
tongue it's like a thorn you know why because it hurts it pierces its quick can I do that can I take 14 from him in
taking myself to question you have to ask Holy Week is not about emotional spiritual high
which to many was taking us every year it's the same thing we come
for a week we sing said tunes may be losing to to
go with it the top of our lungs and then we go back
to regular lives that's not correct if you wanna live a
change life this week carry your cross carrier burden carry
the burden of others imagine Lord Jesus Christ on his back
this week is carrying olive arsons all over burns all over
transgressions imagine someone that has a backpack on okay in every single one of us has a a
little rock okay which is our burden our
transgressions our sins or whatever and I put that rock in the backpack and
the Lord Jesus Christ has to carry that that rock has my name on it some rocks
are better than others right what can I do to ease the burden work I
do the light load what should I do first should remove my
stone right my rock whatever it is how many
unnecessary rock says the Lord carrying around how many grudges how many bitterness how
much anger how much foolishness how much and then what should I do after that I
see rock with somebody else's name on it Lord let me help you carry this rock let
me help you carry the burden of somebody else if you want to prepare for the kingdom
and live with your bike bridegroom you have to have his mind in his heart
you couples that have been married for a while you know how they use a complete each
other's sentences you know exactly what the other one likes don't have to ask for something cuz they
know exactly what they like but in the beginning it's not like that it's not like them you know marriage but
when do things change when each submit to each other and one
beer is their own ego and learns to give himself for the
other that's when the two become one that's
when they start at the same mind in same thinking this morning in the eleventh hour we
chanted the the well known him a pic Thrones only eight words buts about it eighteen
ninety minute him says your throne of God is for ever and ever and just for the
sake of time we can finish the rest the song but you
know the rest with us on this morning says blessed is the man who thinks on the
poor and needy the Lord shall deliver him evil day you
want the kingdom of God have the mind of Christ minor crisis not
thinking about himself during this week or or any other week for that matter but
he's thinking about others he's thinking about the poor he's
thinking about the lonely he's thinking about the sick this is the mind of Jesus Christ so you
wanna be united with the bridegroom we have the best opportunity this week
especially Thursday you know why so special bout Thursday
because you're going to be united with the bridegroom you can partake of his holy body
impressions work you're going to be the last supper it's not a it's not a player recreation
or a drama or anything like that no this is true this orthodox leave we're at the Last Supper you know
the best thing is before you partake of the Last Supper is that the Lord Jesus Christ himself
will come and wash your feet the priest is not gonna wash your feet
but the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as washing your fee so that's the time I hope this week that
we can all come the past whatever's in the past is in the past let's start a new life this week all the
sins all the transgressions all myself is all my Eagle Lord I ask you to cleanse me wash me make me wider than snow make me a new
person the perfect opportunity this week so I'll conclude with wanna the parables
that was read to us this morning can I don't think it needs any
clarification whatsoever then the king will say to those on his
right hand come you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepare for you from
the foundation the world for I was hungry and you gave me food I
was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you took me in I
was naked and you clothed me I was sick and you visited me I was in
prison and you came to me in the righteous will answer him saying
Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you drink when did
we see you a stranger and take you in or naked and clothe you when did we see
you sick or in prison and come to you in the king will answer and say to them
sure the ACTU in as much as you did it to one of the
least of these my brethren he did to me in glory be to God forever